Wildlife Control – “Gizelle Pt.1” // Jem Creswell

“Giselle Pt.1” comes from the soundtrack of More Than T, a film focused on the lives of seven transgendered and gender nonconforming people. Even without the visual component it was composed for, “Gizelle Pt.1” is grand, sweeping, and full of hope. Just what I would expect from TBE faves Wildlife Control.

More Than T premieres on Showtime this Friday 6/23 at 7pm ET/PT. You can listen to the rest of the soundtrack below:

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Melis – “Flower” // Justyna Wołodkiewicz

Much like the botanical namesake, the latest from Melis is a lovely thing with delicacy that belies an inner strength that comes to the forefront in the final chorus.

“don’t stop now
it’s just a bump in the road with distance to go
so just don’t think about it”

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Taj Ralph – “Night Catcher” // Christian Brillo

If my math is right, Taj Ralph is 16 years old, and he’s already got more pop-savvy than the vast majority of soundcloud’s bottomless well of vocalists. Get your cool points by becoming a die-hard now.

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Dienst&Schulter – “Bring Me Night” // Xaviera Altena

Despite what you might initially think, my feeling is this is a track best enjoyed in the late afternoon on a porch, ice cold drink in hand, a long day’s work completed and nothing on the agenda but to relax and see what the day. True to its improvisationally-focused spoken sample, it’s time to go with the flow, whether that means stretching out in a hammock or hitting the town with friends. But first, I’ll just hit ‘repeat’ one more time…

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HUMANS – “Boys & Girls” // Milo Targett

HUMANS don’t care whether you’re a devout acid house ‘head or you don’t know the difference between an 808 and a 303 – you’re gonna move your feet to “Boys & Girls”. If you’re running low on dance moves, feel free to cop a few from the characters in the 360 VR music video below – don’t worry, we won’t tell.

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Golden Vessel – “Shoulders (ft. Elkkle & Mallrat)” // Luisa Rivera

Sometimes you get a collaboration that you didn’t even know you could dream for. Producer extraordinaire Golden Vessel teams up with Elkkle and the razor-sharp Mallrat on a song about longing, the shifting nature of friendships and relationships, and tangled webs of feelings. It’s remarkable how much this small team accomplishes over the course of three-and-a-half minutes, from the percussive workouts and subtle synth programming to Mallrat’s impressive wordplay that manages to stay honest and relatable. All of it’s anchored by the main vocal, who knows what the object of his affection needs but doesn’t know how to give it to her. Remarkably mature and well-executed, this one’s worth any heartache it might bring to the surface.

Get more Mallrat with “For Real” on VINYL MOON Volume 014: From The Window.

Dive into Golden Vessel with “Can’t Stay (ft. Abraham Tilbury)” on VINYL MOON Volume 012: Still. Life.

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Bear Worship – “Art In The Artifice” // Margherita Morotti

Just when I thought I had this track figured out, a can’t-keep-this-groove-to-myself synth bassline comes in, and suddenly I’m waving my head around and signing along with Bear Worship’s one-man choir. Take it in as your pleasant surprise for the day.

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Alessandra – “Your River” // David De La Mano

Alessandra’s voice is one of those that makes you stop and pay attention immediately. The production is clean and tight, but it’s all in service of those pipes – trust me, you’re gonna want to buckle up for that 3:00 mark.

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Lapré – “Gone Away” // Sam Rodriguez

I’m not sure what’s in the water in Cape Town, but it seems to have some very real side-effects of awesome basslines, dreamy vocals, and really cool synth programming. Lapré seems to have contracted all of these symptoms, but if anyone even thinks of sending them to the doctor’s, I’ll be very upset.

Drift away with their newest track “I Am Only Trying”

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Sam Frankl – “Gold Rush” // Fabrice Monteiro

Effective protest songs have to also be great songs on their own, and Sam Frankl’s latest is definitely that. Written about the gentrification of his London neighborhood, “Gold Rush” gives you a beat to march to, whether that cause is social justice or merely getting to work on time.

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Psymon Spine – “Lines and Lines and Lines End” // Casey Weldon

Rarely do you hear a song leap from afrobeat to indie folk to jangly garage rock in its first minute alone, but Psymon Spine have them all on display with “Lines and Lines and Lines End”. What’s more, it all comes back together in the sing-along breakdown before one last technicolor, mosh-worthy chorus. Roll down your windows and crank the volume for this one.

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School of X – “Words” // Elia Mervi

With juuuuuust the right amount of noise-freakout and tense darkness, School of X gets foreboding with “Words”. Perfect for murky walks home when you’re feeling a little not-so-nice. Go with the flow and get down with your bad self.

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Night Click – “The Drug Store Ceiling” // Paulina Bartnik

Night Click has made the only song I ever want to hear playing from dive bar jukeboxes. Now recruiting personnel to travel through America and replace the contents of every music-making machine we can find at the dingiest watering holes known to man. Requirements: must love the sound of Fender Twin guitar amps and  lush backing vocals.

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NoMBe – “Signs” // Dan Rawlings

Rollicking, subby, and fun, NoMBe reproaches the female subject of his latest release with a wink and a smile. It might be a warning to the self-absorbed, but the main guitar lick and shuffling groove mean the rest of us will be wrapped up in moving our hips. Another great entry into his They Might’ve Even Loved Me album, released song-by-song every month.

Can’t wait for July to get your fix of NoMBe? Check out “Seminole” as featured on VINYL MOON Volume 003: Halftone.

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Mayaenova – “The Pain Inside Your Head” // Matthew Pettit

This song takes me back to high school, trapper keepers, seeing my crush in the hallway between English and History – and having her totally ignore me. So I’d do exactly what I’m doing right now: putting on my headphones, cranking up the volume, and bobbing along to Mayaenova’s catchy, buzzy synths.

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