Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Kwantus – “Honey”

When the underground movement of rebel bots figure out how to rebuild our bodies that were destroyed in the future-war with “the machines” I’m gonna want an appropriate song for my reconstruction montage and I’d like to call dibs on “Honey” here.  Read more


SKIES – “Feel Like It”

Nothing can be more draining and exhausting than the endless failure of others to meet your needs and standards so when the world’s inept have got you down you can refill your spirits with an epic anthem like Skies’ “Feel Like It” and find comfort in the similar frustration of others.  Read more

Jonathan Chapline

ULYSSE – “Witness”

Whatever kind of stalker-esque noir-ish activities you have scheduled for the wee hours of this weekend you are going to need an appropriate soundtrack. Something that sets the mood while also keeping your blood pumping to your lusty eyeballs. Queue Ulysse and turn your borderline illegal activities into a front-seat dance party!  Read more

Jocelyn Hobbie

Bee’s Knees – “Love Will Never Do” (Janet Jackson cover) Feat. Scavenger Hunt

There are a lot of things to love in the world. That boy across the street. That girl at the gym. Fresh popcorn. Artisanal honey from free range (and spirit) bees. So grab onto a thought of whichever strikes your fancy most and space out with these sweet sounds from two of TBE’s favorites in your ear.   Read more

Winnie Truong

GLADES – “Her (Loving You)”

Glades never said loving was easy. Sometimes every square inch of you isn’t enough to change the immovable force of another’s momentum. Two planets with orbits in sync are suddenly jarred from their groove, slowly cycling on different wavelengths. And as the darkness of empty space envelops the your vision you are left holding nobody but yourself. And this new Glades song. This wonderful new Glades song. “Her (Loving You” makes everything better today.  Read more

Casey Weldon

BUCK – “Underneath The Glow Of My Skin”

I recommend you listen to BUCK’s “Underneath The Glow Of My Skin” a lot. On repeat. But I don’t recommend you listen too much before bed or you will have that weird dream again.. the one where you have a twin and he convinces you to trade your shirts for a boat full of oversized hard candies and escape to the seas only to be spotted instantly by the oversized dental hygienist you stole from who is not pleased. But really you cant shake the question of why a dentist would promote hard candies…  Read more

Letha Wilson

Midnight Divide – “Torn”

Everyone enjoys a bit of tropical bliss but sometimes you need something a bit more heavy to push you through a tough day. Some concrete guitars and drums to swing around your head, clearing out all the cobwebs and dusty furniture. Ahh, yes. Better. Now we can keep moving forward.


Ruben Sanchez 1

The Zolas – “Molotov Girls” + “Fell in Love with New York”

The Zolas have always been kicking out grooves and keep the fun(k) coming with a new bundle of tunes perfect for keeping your step pepped as you navigate the Frogger-eque city life that stands between you and Monday greatness. Crank these up and keep moving!

Dive into a few more tracks from The Zolas’ upcoming full-length (2016 release date TBD).  Read more

Vanessa McKeown

[DEBUT] Coast Modern – “Hollow Life”

The best thing about the weekend is completely detaching your brain from anything that matters and just vegetating through your body’s basic functions. But that kind of existence only lasts so long before you want a little more kick from life. Coast Modern’s debut jam is the perfect anthem for peeling yourself off the couch and slowly stumbling into a more ambitious chapter. But lets just take it one step at a time for now. Its only Monday.  Read more