Jake McMullen – “Falling” // Eiko Ojala

Get ready for some feelings, because “Falling” is full of them. Jake McMullen feeding right into my wavelength on this one. More of this tender groovy magic please!

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Stevie Talks – “Someday” // Alex Proba

Sit in the sun a bit with Stevie Talks. He’ll bring the stories, you bring the beers. An hour or two later and you’ll both feel better. I sure do.

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Slow Dancer – “Don’t Believe” // Josephin Ritschel

Slow Dancer is back with the endlessly fantastic “Don’t Believe” which you are going to want to enjoy in both pure audio and video form right here. Its a song that makes any day’s troubles just a little bit lighter. Dive in.

Also check out Slow Dancer’s great track “Took The Floor Out” on VINYL MOON Vol 006: Space & Sound

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Donnie Castle – “Oooh” // Narciso Espiritu

I can totally imagine driving fast through the countryside with Donnie Castle on blast through the windows! Well… until the car breaks down on the side of a dark back woods road… and then the sky starts doing things it isn’t supposed to.

Listen to the track on Spotify. Just don’t rely on cell reception to stream it…

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Jazz Morley – “Ruin Me” // Julie Cockburn

There is lots to love about Jazz Morely, and her honesty here on “Ruin Me” only adds to the list. Bliss out to this new track as you absorb her story behind it here.

Ruin Me about finding yourself in a bad place in life, feeling like you’re only just holding it together, and being vulnerable to another’s influence- be it good or bad. Sometimes when the world seems grey and hopeless, and you’re craving anything that isn’t mundane normality, meeting somebody new can be both exciting and dangerous.

Be sure to catch Jazz’s fantastic track “Bad Love” on Vinyl Moon Vol 016: Breathing Shadows.

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Tamu Massif – “Iron Lights” // Fumiha Tanaka

Tamu Massif always succeeds in taking me to a different place. Something like right here. But not. Its hard to explain. But I’ve got a few more spins of the beautiful “Iron Lights” to figure it out before get plopped back at my desk.

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Mattis – “Loverboy” // David Catá

Chop yourself up and serve the pieces on a silver platter and you still can’t make them love you. Thankfully Mattis can help us ease the pain. He has been there.

Yoke Lore – “World Wings” // Kailey Whitman

When the world feels like its out of my hands I’ve been cranking Yoke Lore’s amazing new track “World Wings” for some support! It’s an absolute anthem for the brighter days ahead. Cheers to Springtime!

Get into more Yoke Lore on Spotify.

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Salt Cathedral – “Run For The Money” ft. Assassin // Kim Salt

I’m still coming down from our epic SXSW showcase on Saturday night. Salt Cathedral closed down the outdoor stage and absolutely killed it. So much fun to see them live! For all of you who missed it, just crank “Run For The Money” loud and get sweaty jumping around and it will be like you were there.

Listen on Spotify. Salt Cathedral’s debut record Big Waves/ Small Waves will be out in 2017!!

Get Salt Cathedral’s fabulous groover “No Ordinary Man” on VINYL MOON Vol 012: still. life.

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JOHN.k – “Runnin” // Marco Mazzoni

I’ve been runnin’ for over a week at SXSW down in Austin and now sitting back with “Runnin” on repeat is just the kind of jolt I need to get back in the swing of things. Fresh, funky, and echoeing that bit of pain my body is currently recovering from…

JOHN.k tells the story of how “Runnin” was the beginning of things…

“Runnin” was the catalyst that sparked the entire project. When we first tracked it over unpolished production, the team and I felt like we had stumbled into something special. The hard part was not screwing it up. Anytime we would experiment and change things in the record, we would always end up going back to the way we originally recorded the idea. It was raw, troubled, connected, and dynamic. It just felt good there.

Find “Runnin” on Spotify here.

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DYAN – “What Fiction Is For” // Aydin Buyuktas

Stop what you are doing and dive into this brand new track from DYAN. “What Fiction Is For” is the first bit of new music we’ve had from them since their stellar debut LP Looking For Knives dropped last summer. It’s a dreamy, crunchy, and dancy jam that I’ll be spinning all week in anticipation of their set at our SXSW showcase on Saturday!

Plus, DYAN recently dropped a video for the smash title track from Looking For Knives. Its shot in an abandoned hotel and is a total visual treat.

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Aidan & the Wild – “Up From The Ashes” // Song Kang

Having “Up From The Ashes” on repeat has already made today’s bit of work a breeze. Aidan & The Wild singe of building a house and someday when I get to do that myself I will revisit  and make all that hard won sweat go over a bit smoother.

Dive into the whole Iliad EP.

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Adam Jensen – “Tombstone” // John Kviar

Adam Jensen kicks up his swagger and some back-country dust on “Tombstone”. The perfect jam to have on blast as I roll into Austin, TX, for SXSW this week!

Catch Adam’s killer track “Numb” on VINYL MOON V015: Taking Shapes

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GIUNGLA – “Cold” // Kazuhiro Hori [LIVE @ SXSW]

Don’t let Giungla’s shy look fool you. 5 seconds into “Cold” and I know the Italian has a fierce side just under the surface. I’m so excited to see it live on Saturday when she plays our SXSW showcase! In the meantime I’ll be listening to “Cold” on repeat.

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DOUBLE DUTCH SXSW Showcase on Sat 3/18: Presented by The Burning Ear, Vinyl Moon, and Fancy PR

SXSW starts next week and we are back with another HUGE Official Showcase on Saturday March, 18th at The Sidewinder! DOUBLE DUTCH year two!


Lineup includes old TBE favorites like DYAN, St. Tropez, Magic Bronson, Klyne, Coucheron, Linying, Phoria, and Salt Cathedral, as well as some new faves like Yoke Lore, Giungla, Charlotte Cardin, The Shelters, and Chain Wallet.

I’m honored to be presenting the showcase in partnership with VINYL MOON and the awesome Fancy PR. Be sure to follow all the fun on Instagram and if you are in Austin come say Hi!

Until then, enjoy a playlist of all the bands!

Full Line Up:
7:45PM // Magic Bronson*
8PM // St. Tropez^
8:30PM // GIUNGLA*
8:55PM // Chain Wallet^
9:15PM // Linying*
9:55PM // YOKE LORE^
10:15PM // DYAN*
10:55PM // The Shelters^
11:15PM // Charlotte Cardin*
11:55PM // Coucheron^
12:15AM // Phoria*
12:55AM // Salt Cathedral^
1:15AM // Klyne*

* Inside Stage
^ Outside stage