Mariana Palma

[DEBUT] DYAN make me think that ST. JAMES must be the patron saint of melty guitar riffs

Take advantage of the opening grooves of “St James” to text your next appointment that you will be a bit late. It’s up to you if you want to mention that you will be delayed by extended stares into the potted plants on your window sill as your eyes are slowly caught in the infinite patterns of the wallpaper reaching up to the ceiling and into the back of your mind. Then that guitar solo will either break you from the trance or dig you even deeper. Putting you behind the wheel of your own wobbly buggy bouncing down that dusty road toward a happier tomorrow.

DYAN’s debut album Looking For Knives comes out July 29th. I have had it on repeat for the past few months. It is absolutely stunning in its diversity, depth, and power. Hold on for more DYAN soon…

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Great American Canyon Band – “Lost At Sea” + “Crash”

Like any of the grand earthly features they take their name from, there is more to Great American Canyon Band than their name suggests. Whichever way you find yourself getting into Great American Canyon Band, enjoy not getting out for a while. I certainly have.

“Lost At Sea” is from 2015’s Crash EP whose title track is also on the full length LP Only You Remain which comes out today.

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Eddy Stevens

Silences – “There’s A Wolf”

When you are all alone and deep in the dark woods and a the light catches a pair of eyes through the branches its time to decide between run or attack. And that decision will depend on which part of this Silences track you are listening to.

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Jorge Mayet

Hovvdy – “Problem”

A Hovvdy song is like a wave from a stranger as you sit on your porch with a rapidly warming beer. It’s a brief but pleasant moment that you hope happens again soon. Because there are just not enough waves from strangers anymore. And not enough Hovvdy songs either. But there is the full LP Taster out April 15.  Read more