CANVAS – “Growing Up”

Pawel MildnerArtist: Pawel Mildner [via]

Listen close and you will hear the story of a kid who thinks about growing up with alternating fear and excitement. Little does he know, that complicated relationship with aging, responsibility, etc, is one that stays. One that allows us to appreciate more expensive footwear while at the same time dipping back into angular UK indie guitar music like this. As this is Canvas’ debut song, I’m excited to see them grow up.

Growing Up

Noonie Bao – “I’m In Love”

Ines LongevialArtist: Ines Longevial [via]

Whether you are in love with a person, an album, or just Fridays, you can relate to this arm-out giddy celebrate of our most cherished emotion. The one that often sneaks up on you when you least expect it, causing an inner burst of joy that Noonie Bao has put to music here. Sing it!

I'm In Love

Kin Cayo – “Shot The Sun Down”

If you are not into Kin Cayo by now, then I just don’t think you will ever fully appreciate hashtags like #islandvibes or #indiecoconut or #steeldrumsforpresident.

Forget the money, we got the honey
We’re bound to no land, starting our own dance

Shot The Sun Down

MONAKR – “Calling Out”

Kieth NegleyArtist: Kieth Negley [via]

On the heel of “Diamond”, Monakr are following up with second single “Calling Out”. The faint background chant of Oh Synthia has me thinking of the amazing Miike Snow‘s “Sylvia” and wishing their last album wasn’t such a bore and sounded a bit more like this but then I’m not so bummed because we have MONAKR right here and now and that is the moment that matters. The past is just a constructed illusion meant to keep us from reaching the future. I’m gonna write a sci-fi movie about that right now just so I can have “Calling Out” soundtrack the montage where the hero’s spaceship is hurtling towards the doomed planet where he has to rescue the girl and save the world.

“Calling Out” will be available 6/16 on M O N A K R ‘ S debut EP.

Calling Out

Elijah Ocean – “New York City Coffee” + Bring It All In”

Thomas LamadieuArtist: Thomas Lamadieu [via]

Drinking hot coffee is a precarious endeavor when sitting still, but something about constant motion of the big city calls you to move and drink at the same time. Its not easy but it must be done. Burn your lips and keep moving, you got things to do! But when you get where you are going take a second to kick your feet up and enjoy the caffeine buzz with the soothing strumming and mouth harp of Elijah Ocean and his timeless grooves.

New York City Coffee

[LIVE] Dust & Chrome w/ Vincent Coleman 4/22 @ The Spare Room

Dust & Chrome at Spare Room

Tomorrow night at The Spare Room we have a special night of music and fun with TBE faves Dust & Chrome with special guest Vincent Coleman and DJ sets by Dirty Dave. In honor of the show Dust & Chrome made a special installment of their Rotator mixes. Dive into the jams above and their brand new track gritty crooner “Made Of Gold” below. Then come get giddy and groovy with us tomorrow night;

Thursday 4/22. 10p-2a @ The Spare Room. Full details HERE.

Kentaur – “Matter & Stone”

Luca TomboliniArtist: Luca Tombolini [via]

When you have a voice like this you don’t need much more than few instruments quietly shuffling their support behind the deep emotion pouring forth. This debut song from Denmark’s Kentaur is the kind of song that can stop you in your tracks when it comes on shuffle. Just lock up your mind with thoughts of and open your heart to feelings. Just go with it.

Kentaur - Matter & Stone

Aeble – “Better By Your Side” ft. Tom Aspaul

Nicolas MartinArtist: Nicolas Martin [via]

Sometimes things get dark and stormy and the only thing to do is abandon ship. And sometimes you can take a moment to step back from the storm and realize that the fight is worth fighting and this moment is just a blip in the grand scheme of being your better self with the person that makes you that way. Take a beautiful moment while listening to this debut jam from Aeble to appreciate the things, people, pets, that make you better.

Better By Your Side ft. Tom Aspaul

A-L-X – “Tried Love”

Fabio EspositoArtist: Fabio Esposito [via]

The man says he has tried love. And by the soul in A-L-X’s voice I believe him. I believe he opened up and gave his heart. And then, like we all do, got burned. Pain mixed in with the joy and the whole thing became a mess too complex to bear. So they cut ties and this beautiful song is the diamond born from that struggle. If only I had songs like this to show for my heartbreaks.

Tried Love

Tep No – “Karma, You Got Owned”

Veronika RichterovaArtist: Veronika Richterova [via]

In case you have been living under a rock, the seasons are changing and the weather is warming and its time to give the middle finger to winter and break out the aloe vera lotion and patio furniture. Sunbathe accordingly.

Karma, You Got Owned