Crooked Colours – “Flow” // Tor Brandt

Appropriately enough, this song makes me think of the slow drip of water growing into a full, rushing river. Also appropriately, I tend to get swept up in the groove, only surfacing for air four-minutes-and-fifty-seconds later. Test your lung capacity with “Flow”.

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Vasser – “Little Things” // Seamus Conley

Vasser’s done too good of a job channeling pure pathos on this one. You’ll want to dim the lights and pour some wine for “Little Things” – but keep tissues and something huggable nearby.

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[PREMIERE] Van Bobbi – “Cruel Intentions”

From the first obscured keyboard chords to the distorted vocal sample sprinkled throughout the track, “Cruel Intentions” has more happening than first meets the eye. Van Bobbi, previously known as Collage, sings about a manipulative, controlling lover that he can’t get enough of. Along the way, underwater synths and electronic drum fills that would make Phil Collins blush drive the whole thing forward to an inevitable conclusion we never discover in the song, but that we all know is coming. But then again, the chorus says “We’ve got cruel intentions” – maybe Van Bobbi has a few surprises up his sleeve. We’ll know more when his debut album is released via Lights & Music Collective later this year.

Vinyl Moon members can hear Van Bobbi on”Perfect Lover” from Volume 011: Night Eyes –  currently ONLY available on vinyl!

Lens Mozer – “All My Friends” // Kito Fujio

Complete with jangly, washy guitars and a reliable stomp of a beat, Lens Mozer is here with a song for those summer days that are too hot to do much except sink into some great new music. Ideal for hammocks and fresh-brewed sun tea.

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Shoffy – “Motions” // Marco Argüello

It’s road trip season, and “Motions” is tailor-made for such an occasion. Finger-picked guitar and easy-to-sing lyrics keep it a crowd-pleaser, but it’s that persistent beat that will help you tear down the open road to your destination.

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The Drury Brothers – “Day In Day Out” // Glennray Tutor

The Drury Brothers are here to celebrate the best that nightlife has to offer, they’re bringing you along, and they won’t take no for an answer. They’re even buying the first round. Bring some cash for late night pizza.

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Wages – “Rattlesnake” // Simon Hennessey

That’s not venom rushing through your veins – it’s the infectious rhythm of a new song from Wages. The lead guitar’s got fangs, but it scales back during the verses for a dynamic tune that slithers right into your heart. Snake puns!

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Vera – “In And Out Of Love” // Kelsey Beckett

Vera’s got your newest fix for a sexy sax solo on “In and Out of Love”. Heartbeat-kicks and heavy grooves give lots of opportunity for hip-shaking and making eyes from across the room. This one belongs in a lot of smokey lounges.

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Private Island – “Turbulence” // Uriginal

Private Island gives you a lot to believe in on their new song about the disillusionment of a toxic relationship. “Turbulence” is a hazy yet determined march, punctuated by ethereal keys and guitar chords, and rooted by deeeeeeeeep bass with groove to spare. Like that slightly intoxicated moment when you realize that you’re in over your head, Private Island’s newest sweeps you up in its eddies until the drum beat fades out.

For another bump of Private Island, check out “Drugs” on VINYL MOON Volume 013: Meanwhile…

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Only Girl – “HEIGHTS” // Juan Miguel Palacios

Only Girl sings “I can only reach those heights with you,” but based on her vocal range in this song, I’m not sure I believe her. She seems to be doing remarkably well on her own. That being said, I’m sure she could be a part of one hell of a duet…

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