THE SWEET SERENADES have an album called BALCONY CIGARETTES. Get it. Now.


those bedroom eyes don’t come for free

The Sweet Serenades – Mona Lee

Are you paying attention!? Do you need a personal invitation? Even more naked photos of these Swedes? What!? I already told you last month that The Sweet Serenades are the shit and you need to get up in their album like nobody’s business. Did you do it yet? Balcony Cigarettes is one of the tightest collections of jams I have heard all year and will be on my albums of the year list for sure. On their album, much like in their photo, The Sweet Serenades manage to brilliantly blend serious, rustic, and goofy. “Mona Lee” is all hand-claps, ooh-ooh-oooohs, and killer guitar work, while “Die Young” is the bongo-driven breakup song of new lovers destined to fail. When you get the album you will also get “I Can Never Die,” the kazoo-backed bring-it-on anthem that features a risqué masturbation practice. Yup, these dudes basically have it all. You can too. Don’t sleep.

The Sweet Serenades – Die Young

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  • jonathan_uk

    Hey – hope you had a great Christmas.

    Thanks for introducing me to this band – not sure about the 'artwork' though!!

  • Brandon @ TBE

    Thanks J, I did have a great Xmas. I hope you did too, although if you spent it with this album then I am sure you did. Hairy dudes aren't my thing but I appreciate the guys for pulling this press shot off so well. Somehow it just fits the music.

  • rob

    love this album. Thanks for recommending it. Slow Club as well…
    great blog, fits my music taste

  • Brandon @ TBE

    two of the best of the year. Glad you found em :)

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