VAMPIRE WEEKEND’s new jams are more like COUSINS of their debut

you were born with ten fingers and you’re gonna use them all

Vampire Weekend – Cousins

Ok, so Contra has been out for a bit now and you have either heard it and formed your own opinion or you haven’t. I have been spinning quite a bit and trying to reconcile my own feelings towards it. The truth is that besides the aggressively hater-baiting opening track, “Horchata,” it is a pretty good album. It’s just not great. If you loved Vampire Weekend’s self-titled debut then you will like Contra. If you were never on board with VW then this isn’t their crossover album. I certainly enjoy bouncing along to the good ol’ Vampy vibe but nothing on Contra jumps out and screams “Im awesome!” if this were an EP released within a year of the debut just to tie us over I would be stoked. I guess I somehow expected more. Anyway, enough of my ramblings. It’s a good album, go get it if you haven’t. And then listen to “Giving Up The Gun” and tell me it isn’t the best thinly veiled firearm-as-phallus jam since Art Brut’s “Rusted Guns Of Milan.” Oh, and another thing, were Ezra’s vocals this eyebrow-raising on the first album? Or am I just being harsh cause he kicked my ass at ping pong when I ran into them in Berlin? At least I can grow a beard…

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