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The Offspring – Come Out And Play / 1994

I’ll never forget the day I bought Smash. It was a the Warehouse Music that used to be on Westwood Blvd. in L.A. It was the first CD I ever bought and I’d like to pat myself on the back for kicking things off with such impeccable taste but the full truth is that I also bought Jerky Boys 2 that day. Oh well. Anyway, the point is that that Biffy Clyro album got me hankering for some good ol’ fashioned guitar rock and stumbling on Smash in my iTunes led me to crank it up as I made a big batch of granola yesterday. Holy shit. The surf-rock hook of “Come Out And Play” instantly brought me right back that summer of ’94 and before I knew it I was singing along to epic songs I hadn’t heard in at least 10 years. There is nothing quite like belting out “Something’s odd, feel like I’m God, you stupid dumb shit goddamn mother-fucker!” while chopping raw almonds (“Bad Habit,” below). But then again, there is nothing quite like this album, either. “Nitro”? “Self Esteem”? “Killboy Powerhead”? “What Happened To You”? Classic jams for miiiiiiles! I stayed with them through Americana but have lost touch since then. Let’s face it, “Pretty Fly For A White Guy,” is not their proudest moment and the single I heard a few years ago was kinda disappointing, too. If you have ever been a fan of these guys then their Wikipedia history is an interesting read. I’d also like to remind people that front-man Dexter Holland‘s hair looked like this when Smash came out. The 90s were different times, man. But seriously, moral of the story is that this is one of my favorite, and most formative, albums of my youth.

The Offspring – Bad Habit / 1994

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  • J Rich

    fuck yeah. this album is a classic and haven't heard it in so long. good call.

  • Suhnton

    You make me feel old mate. I was 23 when this album came out.:(

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  • Brandon @ TBE

    Listen to the whole thing through. It's even better than you remember it :)

  • Brandon @ TBE

    Haha, nice. Put on the album and it will take you right back there :)