steel train is here

STEEL TRAIN have music for hitting the TURNPIKE and leaving that GHOST behind

my friends are gonna leave me if they don’t believe that they can save me

Steel Train – Turnpike Ghost

Steel Train’s last album, 2007’s Trampoline, is feisty soundtrack to sunshine and optimism with pounding piano and endless guitar hooks. “Turnpike Ghost” is the the latest jam from Steel Train and it seems not much has changed. The guys are still having a blast as they careen through this bouncy anthem, instrument barely keeping up with their energy. It’s the kind of meticulous mayhem that I love. Singing music. Dancing music. Driving music. “Turnpike Ghost” apparently comes from a tour-only EP and sadly I’ve got no word on a forthcoming album. In the meantime I’ll let you soak in these previous favorites of mine. The latter dates back to their first EP and that fantastic other voice is Scott Irby-Ranniar who is no longer in the band. I can’t say that their recent stuff makes me miss him though.

Steel Train – FirecrackerTrampoline, 2007

Steel Train – Blown Away / For You My Dear, 2003

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  • MA

    Couple of corrections for you – Turnpike Ghost is not included on the tour only EP. It will be on the new album, that comes out on June 15th. It will also be released as a 7″ w/ an exclusive b-side for Record Store Day on April 17th. A birdie.

  • Brandon @ TBE

    Thanks for the corrections, especially that there is going to be an album!

  • jonathan_uk

    Haven't heard of these guys before but I really like the tracks you've put up, thanks!

  • Brandon @ TBE

    Yeah, definitely looking forward to their new album. Grab Trampoline to tie you over :)

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