REDTRACK are PERFECTLY FINE for those not trying to get too INTELLECTUAL on their Brit-pop

trust me as far as you can throw me and i promise

Redtrack – Perfectly Fine Intellectual

Because today is a good day for some sharp and snotty Brit-pop. Redtrack are from Essex, England and these 4 Brits recently won some “battle of the bands” to appear on some teen (?) show called Hollyoaks. Never heard of it. But anyway, hopefully it got them some attention cause right now I am digging these  ripping guitars and popping drums. I could definitely do some driving to this jam right about now. So the crazy thing is that the bassist Phil (top left) almost lost his whole hand when he was randomly attacked by a dude with cleaver outside a bar. An “of-the-moment attention-grab” or just further proof that this world is nutso? You tell me. Anyway, the hand is healing and luckily Redtrack continue on!

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  • ukbands

    Check out the new single from REDTRACK on the NME website

    Released on the 21st of June, you can pre order on the Fandango site

  • Brandon @ TBE

    Yeah dude, that NME mention links straight back to this post. How's that for full circle!? ;)