SUMMER ROLLS ON /// A Summer Mix, Vol 2

The summer continues! This mix is a bit mellower while stil maintaining some upbeat summer vibes. Kinda the perfect soundtrack for a long summer bike ride in speedos and a pedo ‘stache with a bike basket full of brews and your tank top. Enjoy and don’t forget about Volume 1.

1. ♫ Javelin – Vibrationz

2. ♫ Sean Bones – Easy Street

3. ♫ Annuals – Eyes in the Darkness

4. ♫ Lee Fields – Ladies

5. ♫ Graffiti 6 – Stare Into The Sun

6. ♫ Wave Machines – I Go I Go I Go

7. ♫ Latin Bitman – Help Me

8. ♫ Solid Gold – Matter Of Time (Tanlines Remix)

9. ♫ Shazam – Pool Party 2009

10. ♫ FM Belfast – Par Avion

11. ♫ Kisses – Bermuda

12. ♫ ceo – come with me

13. ♫ Tanlines – Real Life

14. ♫ Dave Wrangler – Roc Boys (Jay-Z vs Javelin)

zip file —> Due to limited internet on this vacation there is no zip for now. Sorry!

  • j.ziegler

    Hi Brandon. I hope you don't mind, but i've done some “secretary” work.

    (everything is legal right?)

  • Brandon @ TBE

    Whaaaa! J, thats freakin awesome! thanks man! And yeah, everything is legal (at least until someone tells me otherwise. but seriously, everything should be fine.)


  • Dan Santaana

    Hey Brandon, great part 2, and J, may you go to secretary heaven, thanks!
    If you get to a part 3 I´d have to vote for the Alan Wilkis Remix of Phantograms Mouthful of Diamonds, it´s popping my speakers right now.

  • candace

    thank you! (for powering my sister and me on our Great Summer Roadtrip) :) c

  • Brandon @ TBE

    Thanks Dan!
    Hmmm, yeah, that remix is waaay more summery than I remembered. I think I've already got the mix mapped out though…

  • Brandon @ TBE

    The pleasure is mine! Have fun!!

  • jonathan_uk

    I have a lot of posts to catch up with again… better get started! :)

  • Brandon @ TBE

    Caught up yet? My extended vacation should have made it a bit easier this time :)

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  • Coby

    I love this site, I found it yesterday. thank you!

  • Brandon @ TBE

    Thanks Coby, glad to hear it! I’d love to hear what songs you are digging most!