[EP] MUMDANCE DON’T want to FORGET how to groove ME NOW that summer is over

so tell me is this worth living for? i want to feel love like i’ve felt it before

Mumdance – Don’t Forget Me Now (Feat. Esser)

Many of you may have already caught this jam from other blogs or from my tweet on it’s super fruity video (below) a while back. Either way it’s worth making sure you’ve got it cause Brighton’s Mumdance brings the stomping tropical beat and TBE alum Esser gets us all singing along. This would have fit in real nice in TBE’s summer mixtape series but now it does just fine as bouncing reminder of warm evenings gone by. The Mum Decent EP has two more odd-ball tracks to round out Mumdance’s first release. “Don’t Forget Me Now” is definitely the highlight but I’m curious to see where this guy takes his sound in the future.

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