Peter and Kerry EP

[EP] PETER AND KERRY make me yearn for THE SUMMER so i can get out of the HOUSE and sing this SONG on my KNEES

maybe sending just one x is my new goodbye for life text

Peter and Kerry – The Summer House Song

I’m coming to realize that the xylophone may be the perfect winter instrument. There have a been a few jams using it brilliantly in the past few weeks and Peter and Kerry are no exception. Add on the loose handclaps and cozy vocals and this song is like a blanket, warm and comforting. “The Summer Song” is surprisingly not featured on P&K’s upcoming EP Clothes, Friends, Photos (March 21st), but it’s a good contrast to the heavier mood of EP highlight “Knees.” Nostalgia is replaced with heartbreak on this painful and delicate piano-led piece. The oooohhs and light percussion slide right under your my skin and seem to slow time as I feel the stark reality of the unfolding story.

Peter and Kerry – Knees

Peter and Kerry’s backstory is almost as compelling as their music. A chance meeting led to collaboration led to moving to London led to this EP. Sometimes it’s those tenuous chains of events that end up being so right it’s hard to imagine that they almost never happened. When songs like these are coupled with the rest of Clothes, Friends, Photos’s tale’s of youth and love it’s clear that this was definitely meant to happen. Cheers to the Universe for that.

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