[LP] MOTHER MOTHER are THE band that makes it hard not to STAND up and dance

alright it’s vodka on ice, but then there’s women on bikes

♫ Mother Mother – The Stand

Why is nobody talking about Mother Mother? The Canadian band just put out their third album, Eureka, and it’s a solid batch of upbeat-good-time-fun-party music. “The Stand” plays with some boy/girl vocal sparring and some catchy hooks for a jam that instantly gets stuck in your head. “Baby Don’t Dance” showcases the band’s indie-dance side with it’s big synths and even bigger grooves. Mother Mother’s tenderer side shines through on the sunset drive of “Simply Simple.” While Eureka isn’t redefining a genre, sometimes it’s nice to just have a genre done well. Stream the whole thing below and grab a fun highlight from their last album.

♫ Mother Mother – O My Heart / O My Heart, 2008

EUREKA by Mother Mother

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  • Max

    Yes! Mother Mother is amazing! Thanks for getting them out there to some people who otherwise wouldn’t know about them :D

  • TKoI

    if people were talking about them then they wouldn’t be featured here, would they?

  • Brandon @ TBE

    Thanks Max, just doin’ my job!

  • Brandon @ TBE

    I know what you mean but not always. I sometimes write about established bands just cause I feel the need to throw my two cents in (see recent Britney Spears post). But still, these guys have been around for a while now. Time they got out there more!

  • Austin

    Well now that I’ve heard them, I will start talking about them. And possibly put some stuff on my mixtape madness playlist that I send some of my friends.

  • Brandon @ TBE

    That’s what I’m talkin about!

  • Lionhunter6058

    Why has nobody heard of them? I think they have put their primary emphasis on Canadian audiences and not in the US. They have done very little touring in the US outside of the coasts
    and border cities. I also think the record company or their distributor has done a poor job of
    distributing the CDs to smaller college and community stations in the US. I work at a community
    station and although we did get Touch Up, we never received O My Heart and have not received
    Eureka yet. Can’t be heard by audiences if the radio stations are not getting the CDs. …

  • Brandon @ TBE

    I hate to see a great band with poor management or representation. A damn shame.