Jelly Jells - Beautiful

[MP3] Jelly Jells – “Beautiful” & “It Is What It Is”

you wanna make me suffer, well bring it on motherf**ker, i can handle, i can handle it

♫ Jelly Jells – Beautiful

YES! I think we can close polls on Best New Artist Name of like ever. Jelly Jells wears his music on his moniker with slippery beats and an over-cranked funk delivery that is like a hot soul injection. “Beautiful” is a perfect kiss off to the fakes and losers who hold awesome dudes like Jells back. Don’t you get it!? You cant hold back the Jelly Jells! You too can be unstoppable with that jam pumping out your speakers! Feel it.

Jelly Jells- IT IS WHAT IT IS by jellyjells

 “It Is What It Is” kicks the party with a summer-vibe tale of Jells’ crazy life. To recap (via his Tumbler):

Jelly Jells is the half African American, half Italian son of a prostitute. He is a musician, magician, inventor, aesthete, dreamer, doer and believer!

They forgot to mention he is also the raddest. I can’t wait for more.

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