Dubstep Roundup Vol. 24 – 10.19.2011 [Silver Medallion, Calvin Harris, Feed Me, Britney Spears and more…]

Its always a special occasion when we drop a sick-nasty-wobbly-wobblefest on our TBE peeps.  Super-obvi today will be no exception.  Rest assured, your worldwide dub dealer has got your fix…  So, get that change of cloths and that extra pair of undies ready.  The BASS is back.

I figured this picture fit in nicely with Halloween steadily approaching.  Just don’t stare too long.  Side note: I like my bass swollen, not my women.

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♫ Fytch, Captain Crunch, Carmen Forbes – Raindrops / No explanation required for this level of choonage.

♫ Silver Medallion – All I Ask (Lazy Ants & Norihito Ogawa Remix) / Bass infused filth may send you into wet-robot convulsions.  I once new a wet-robot, his name was Steve.

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[MP3] Primary 1 – “Ready For The Good Life”

take me out, make me cry, shout it out

♫ Primary 1 – Ready For The Good Life

We all know and love Primary 1 from his own tracks as well as his guest spots and lucky for us the London artist is back with another project called Amateur Best. Well, project may be a misleading word, it is a comic book series to be exact. Every month Amateur Best will release a new issue that will come with a track to accompany the reading.

The comic tells the story of James Best- latent alcoholic, sometime London based DJ and lifelong amateur. Over the months that follow you can follow his misadventures through the mad old city he lives in.

Issue 1 is out now and “Ready For The Good Life” is the free track that accompanied it. As a former comic geek I couldn’t be more pleased with the merging of the two. I always love seeing a talented artist spreading their wings. And if the music is this good then even non-comic-geeks can’t argue!

Artist links: Website / Bandcamp

[MP3] Purity Ring – Belispeak

♫ Purity Ring – Belispeak

One of a few post that I’ve been meaning to get up for awhile.  Purity Ring seems to blow my mind every time.  They appear (so far) to be everything I could ask for in a band.  I will go as far to say they are on top of my list of up and coming bands to watch out for.  Stay tuned, I certainly will.


Purity Ring’s Facebook

[MP3] Karlsson & Winnberg – “The Dance (feat. Spank Rock)”

daddy look what i done, i’m moving to the drum

♫ Karlsson & Winnberg – The Dance (feat. Spank Rock)

Karlsson & Winnberg, a.k.a Bloodshy & Avant, a.k.a The guys in Miike Snow who twist all the knobs, a.k.a. the guys that produced Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” a.k.a F-ING geniuses, have a new single with that guy Spank Rock making whiney noises over their sweet bleeps and beats. Unfortunate vocals aside, I’m tripping on a new set of tweaky sounds from my favorite Swedes. Just do not try and synchronize any dance moves to this track! You will harm yourself. Seriously. I know.

Artist links: ??

[LP] The Airplane Boys – WHERE’VE YOU BEEN (w/ “Sleep” & “Escape”)

there’s pressure to just do it, yo i’m blooming in this music

♫ The Airplane Boys – Sleep

Toronto has had a huge hip hop renaissance with the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, and Dream Jefferson bringing serious heat from the Canadian city. Lets now add the seriously slept on duo of old frinds Beck Motley and Bon Voyage, a.k.a. The Airplane Boys. How these guys managed to fly under my radar for so long is an attrocity. They have been releasing jams like this for over a year and dropped their debut mixtape Where’ve You Been earlier this year. Their blend of electro beats, indie samples, and smooth verses make for some seriously fun listening. “Sleep” is the kind of slinky head bobber that makes me want to sing along way before I know the lyrics.

♫ The Airplane Boys – Escape


“Escape” brings more dance floor heat, cranking the grooves and beat up to 11 and energizing my blood stream with each pulse. The whole Where’ve You Been mixtape plays much more like a proper LP, sporting excellent production, a fully realized sound, and no two songs that feel the same. I’m guessing it’s the sampling of bands like Arcade Fire (“Born to Be”) and Radiohead (“Ice Age”) that made charging for the album impossible. Despite The Airplane Boys a strong indie ethic (producing all their music and videos with a hometown crew) they still toured with Snoop Dogg and opened up for J. Cole on the Canadian dates of his recent tour. It’s good to see people recognizing the talent. So stream Where’ve You Been below or download the whole thing here. Do it. Read more

[MP3] Newtimers – “Falling”

we might go long, we might end up in a world of our own

♫ Newtimers – Falling

Swedish Sex Sounds! Yes! Newtimers are a duo from Stockholm who have produced a whole album already but decided to shelve it for a while and instead focus on a looser approach to their perfectionist ways. “Falling” is the first product of that experiment, and subsequently the first Newtimers track to grace the public. I’ll let them explain it for those of you stupidly not listening already:

“Falling” is a sexy, swinging, messy, electronic track pop-track with edgy vocals with an rnb-twist. Make those walls shake with this one, pre-party, after-party, party of one and party of two, three, fou…yeah, i know you get where i’m going with this.

People with this track on their weekend seduction playlist: 1. People without it: 0. So arm yourselves accordingly, people. In the meantime I will try to mine some more gold from this Swedish treasure chest!

Artist links: Soundcloud

[LP] The Rapture – IN THE GRACE OF YOUR LOVE (w/ “Children”)

now you’re gone and all that’s left, a piece of you i can’t forget

♫ The Rapture – Children

Nobody can call The Rapture a band that doesn’t evolve. Nothing illustrates that clearer then when their latest album In The Grace Of Your Love (stream the whole thing below) plays through in my iTunes and then their debut 1999 release Mirrors follows it automatically (and alphabetically). To hear such a jarring shift in sounds reminds me that there was a time pre- 2006’s Pieces of The People We Love that I really couldn’t get into them. But then came Pieces and it’s abundance of cowbell and good times. In my mind that album is a party in plastic packaging which is funny because I revisited it today and was surprised to hear how many of the tracks are actually kinda unremarkable. Good, but not great. Apparently my selective memory just focused on “Don Gon Do It,” “Whoo Alright” and a few others, extrapolating their top-notch awesomeness to cover my memory of the whole album. Weird.

Ok, so I am rambling about their old album because it struck me as quite relevant to how I feel about their latest. I have been listening to In The Grace Of Your Love for a week now and generally enjoying it. Generally. But when I start digging into it track by track I am left with a similar feeling as Pieces: tracks like “Come Back To Me,” “Children” (above), “It Takes Time To Be A Man,” and previously posted first single “How Deep Is Your Love” stand out as stellar tracks but the rest don’t ever beg for a repeat.

So again, I’m not really sure what the hell I’m Read more

[MP3 & VIDEO] The Supermen Lovers ft. Herr Styler and Cristine

♫ The Supermen Lovers feat. Herr Styler and Cristine – C’est bon (Extended mix)

When it comes to a funky good time, it appears The Supermen Lovers could be your ticket.  TSL teamed up with Herr Styler and Cristine to create a single to launch their upcoming album with style.  Did it work?  Yes.  Together, they created a “we don’t give a F**k, come party with us” anthem, that will surely keep the dance floor moving.

The single will spearhead the album release, due November 7th.

(Small tip for the non-frenchies: C’est bon both means It’s good and Stop it, enough now man, get the f**k outta here. Kinda.)

Look for the official single release of “C’est bon” to drop Oct. 24th.  To send the message loud and clear they are including a radio edit and remixes from the likes of Punks Jump Up and several others.  For now, we have the official “C’est bon” extended mix and official video for you to peep.

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♫ Mariachi el Bronx – 48 Roses

No super jams like on debut LP but generally solid and fun vibes from my fave hardcore-band-goes-strict-mariachi. + reminds me of home. 5/10

[Quickies are mini-reviews that can fit into a 140 character tweet. They are of albums that people already know of but perhaps are curious about our take on it. What did you think of the disc?]

Artist links: Facebook


Solid but so was Lovers Holiday EP which is recycled here making LP feel stale. Why not just another EP? Tracks 2 & 11 are the new gems.6/10

[Quickies are mini-reviews that can fit into a 140 character tweet. They are of albums that people already know of but perhaps are curious about our take on it. What did you think of the disc?]

Theophilus London Ft. Holly Miranda – Love Is Real (Track 2)

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[MP3] Brown Shoe – “Colt Rider”

no need for worrying just yet, now is not the time

♫ Brown Shoe – Colt Rider

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll recognize Brown Shoe from our previous coverage of “Late Nights.” Consider this a small follow-up.

Now typically, I wouldn’t favor a band such as Shoe. They describe themselves as fitting alongside Band of Horses and The Magic Numbers, neither of which I have given much ear time to. But as I played through the album, the rambunctious airy feeling engulfed me, “Colt Rider” especially. The bands album The Gift Horse is releasing on October 18th, but head over to their Facebook to get a sneak peek.

Band links: Facebook

Remix Roundup Vol. 54 – 10.14.2011 [Justice, TEETH, Nirvana, PNAU, and more…]

After over a weeks vacation down in Austin, its good to be back in the flow.  Its also time to do a little catch up for all you scallywags out there.  Be like a bird and keep a look-out for two roundups next week.

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!  Follow @JoelAlbers on Twitter for updates on remixes, dubstep and all things Nurdy.

♫ College ft/ Electric Youth – A Real Hero (MegaMan & Panic City remix)

♫ Justice – D.A.N.C.E. (BLZR remix)

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[MP3 & VIDEO] Culttastic – I’m the Night

♫ Culttastic – I’m the Night

If you missed it, we recently premiered Culttastic’s mind altering “Teach Me How to Dougie” cover/rework which featured amazingly unique vocals.  I highly recommend you check that out.

This time we’ve got her debut music video for her debut single “I’m the Night”.  I can’t help but think of a less thrashy Crystal Castles…  A very intriguing Ladytron meets Crystal Castles sound.

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[EP] Doctor Rosen Rosen – GIRLS: VOLUME 1 (w/ “Sex-Ed” feat. Anjulie)

you’re my trick and i’m treat, my sticky and sweet

♫ Doctor Rosen Rosen – SEX-ED (feat. Anjulie)

Coming off his best-of-list-making Britney remix, Doctor Rosen is back with an EP of his own production with a harem of talented ladies providing the vocals. The appropriately titled EP, Girls Vol. 1, features the talents of Jessie & The Toy Boys, Kay, Meg Meyers, and my favorite, Anjulie. “Sex-Ed” is a sugary sweet polished pop nugget that wears it’s intentions pinned to it’s high rise panties. Sounds about perfect to me.  Dont think too much on these tracks, just enjoy. And perhaps include in a not-so-subtle mixtape for the pool boy…

Get the whole EP free, and admire the lovely ladies, here. And since it’s Friday why not extend the party with a stellar bonus Doctor Rosen Rosen remix of one of the Girls?

♫ Jessie and The Toy Boys – PUSH IT (Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix)

Band links: Soundcloud

[MP3] M+A – “Liko Lene Lisa”

♫ M+A – Liko Lene Lisa

If you are anything like me and have a weakness for spastic yet charming electronic beats that are blended with instruments like horns, strings, and xylophones then you are about to enter heaven. The young duo come from the unlikely place of Forli, Italy, and have been quoted as saying:

“We listen to music to understand what we do, and we do music to understand what we listen to.”

Brilliant. I only wish I could decipher their lyrics as easily as that quote. Their debut album Things.Yes is out November 8th and you can bet I’ll be all over it.

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud