[MP3] Jelly Jells – “Beautiful” & “It Is What It Is”

you wanna make me suffer, well bring it on motherf**ker, i can handle, i can handle it

♫ Jelly Jells – Beautiful

YES! I think we can close polls on Best New Artist Name of like ever. Jelly Jells wears his music on his moniker with slippery beats and an over-cranked funk delivery that is like a hot soul injection. “Beautiful” is a perfect kiss off to the fakes and losers who hold awesome dudes like Jells back. Don’t you get it!? You cant hold back the Jelly Jells! You too can be unstoppable with that jam pumping out your speakers! Feel it.

Jelly Jells- IT IS WHAT IT IS by jellyjells

 “It Is What It Is” kicks the party with a summer-vibe tale of Jells’ crazy life. To recap (via his Tumbler):

Jelly Jells is the half African American, half Italian son of a prostitute. He is a musician, magician, inventor, aesthete, dreamer, doer and believer!

They forgot to mention he is also the raddest. I can’t wait for more.

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[MP3] Class Actress – “Weekend”

you make me late for work, you make me late for church, so hard to leave

♫ Class Actress – Weekend

Class Actress has been buzzing around the blogosphere for over a year now and I’ve tried to get down with her jams before but even an impressive performance at last years Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival didn’t quite blip the highly selective TBE posting radar. Then I heard “Weekend.” Nice. More grit. More funk. More energy. More sex. More of that steamy throwback synth groove that her earlier work hinted at. The full length debut Rapprocher is out Oct 18th and just in time to heat up these Autumn nights. Other Rapprocher freebie “Keep You” is sounding pretty good too.

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[MP3] Just Polaroid – My Body

wrapped between these four walls our time just fades away

♫ Just Polaroid – My Body

Much like an actual Polaroid picture, Bristol UK’s Just Polaroid are a bit rough around the edges and lack the crisp clarity of their higher-budget counterparts but there is still something inexplicably charming about them. “My Body” takes a straightforward indie jam and trades boy/girl verses on top to create a feeling deeper than the catchy surface lets on. A great track for just losing yourself in the flow as well as the recesses of your own mind.

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[MP3] Gung Ho – “Twin Rays”

white waves, white light, i don’t know if this is right, calling you up in the middle of the night

♫ Gung Ho – Twin Rays

So sadly summer is over. However you enjoyed it I can’t imagine anyone is exactly happy to see it go. Thankfully there is Australia’s Gung Ho to keep the sunny sparkle alive with tracks like “Twin Rays.” That classic surf guitar sound ebbs and flows under throwback vocals that transport me farther back than just the month ago that was summer. With other songs titled “Weekend Mothers” and “Vacation” it’s comforting to think that Gung Ho will stay reliable in their dedication to the aural vacation. [via The Recommender]

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[EXCLUSIVE RMX] Sunday Girl – “Love U More” (RAC Mix)

you can turn wine into water, turn sadness into laughter, but you know…

♫ Sunday Girl – Love U More (Sunscreem cover) (RAC Mix)

Sunday Girl may sing, DJ, and model but none of that means much in comparison to any musician’s true honor: being remixed by RAC. The indie styled gloss-pop songstress can be quite sugary on her original tracks so it’s a breath of fresh air to hear the sparse funk treatment RAC has woven into these delicate bones. Her voice pops so much more, it’s silky waves sharper as they deliver the harsh reality of the lyrics. Such bitter news has never sounded so sweet.

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Sunday Girl – Love U More (RAC Mix) by Sunday Girl

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[LP] Arrange – PLANTATION (w/ “Tiny Little Boy” & “When’d You Find Me”)

goddamn these thoughts and goddamn these people that remind me of you 

♫ Arrange – Tiny Little Boy

Sad is not always beautiful and beautiful is not always sad but when the two come together it is a whole greater than it’s parts. Today, the music of Florida’s Arrange is just that. Malcom Lacey is the man behind the music and his debut album Plantation is soaked in the raw emotion of a broken heart that is only more impressive when you consider his brief 18 years. The songs are fragile and tender, floating on their own air, an existence so delicate that you may not feel them until a few listens in. Here are my two favorites but you can listen/download the whole album free at his Bandcamp.

♫ Arrange – When’d You Find Me?

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