Dubstep Roundup Vol. 26 – 11.25.2011 [George Michael, Justin Timberlake, The Killabits, Midnight Conspiracy and more…]

Quick post today my Nurd Lords.  I think you’ll enjoy this one, as it is full of Bass-Guts.

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George Michael – Careless Whisper (Ditta & Dumont Remix) / I can tell you this, you may never think of George Michael the same ever again.

♫ Coldplay – Paradise (Dub Scenario)

♫ Justin Timberlake – SexyBack (Cry Wolf Remix)

♫ Eddy – Need (Bullwack Remix)

♫ The Killabits – The Streets (10K)

♫ Big Boi – Shutterbug (Unlimited Gravity Remix)

♫ Wiz Khalifa – When I’m Gone (Red Mob Drumstep Remix)

♫ Kaskade – Eyes (Mistermike Remix)

♫ MitiS – Written Emotions

♫ Skrillex – Voltage (Barron Remix)

♫ Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (Tolgar Remix)

♫ Feed Me – What You Know Feed Me (Two Door Cinema Club cover)

♫ Stinkahbell – Something In Your Eyes (MistaJam VIP Remix)

♫ Wolfgang Gartner – The Champ (Bassex Remix)

♫ Karin Park – Tiger Dreams (Photek R Edit)

ZIP FILE—>>> Dubstep Roundup Vol. 26

  • Jimmie

    Dubstep here, Dubstep there, Dubstep frickin everywhere. You used to post good stuff here, enough.

  •!/joelalbers Joel @ TBE

    To each his own.  At least provide a couple of Roundups that you’re referring to.

  • Naekole

    Can’t wait for the zip file! So excited! <3

  • Naekole

    Can’t wait for the zip file! So excited! <3

  • Whazdaa

    If you like dubstep, check (some of) these internet radios:,Drum%27n%27Bass

  • Rusty

    Stellar line up as always, I think Jimmie needs to swap out his laptop speakers for something a little more powerful ;)

  •!/joelalbers Joel @ TBE

    Thanks Rusty, glad to have you here.

  • Qpido

    Couple a good ones on here, i know some up & coming kids that you might want to check out, lemme no if ur interested. Been slow on the populair dubstep artists side, tough harvest for people like Joel give him a break. All the good ones are touring xD

  •!/joelalbers Joel @ TBE

    Lets not take anything away from the Artist that are doing their thing though.  Yeah, go ahead and send them my way.  My email is

  • Jacob Sanders

    good shit here man, keep up te good work

  • Kristian

    “up shortly”…?

  •!/joelalbers Joel @ TBE

    Its coming.  Thank you for your patience.  

  •!/joelalbers Joel @ TBE

    I promise. lol

  • Fredyfatal

    Fucking sick Joel. <3

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  •!/joelalbers Joel @ TBE

    Thanks botha

  • karnkarn

    zip joel!!!! love TBE btw

  •!/joelalbers Joel @ TBE

    The zip is up