TBE Best of 2011-Party Songs

The Best Party Songs of 2011

Yes! In time for NYE! This is my favorite year-end list to make because its obviously the most fun. And I give it the least amount of stress. Read on for all my favorite party/dance jams split into three increasingly heated sections. Almost all these tracks could fit into the last one but I had to split them up somehow! There is not much organization here, just grooves for miles. So polish those dancing shoes and get limber because I wanna see you bounce!

Note that the list ends with a very appropriate title (and song) for New Years Eve. (Also note that the 3 songs before that make a great combo title.) So hit play on the whole 3-part playlist at 21:31:30 if you want perfect new years eve timing!

♫ = Click to play & right-click to download

Pt. 1 – Welcome To The Party   [zip]

♫ DVA – Tatanc

♫ M+A – Liko Lene Lisa

♫ Architecture In Helsinki – Contact High

♫ Rocky Business – Rocky’s Theme

♫ DWNTWN – Hungry Hearts*

♫ Hercules & Love Affair – Painted Eyes (Radio Edit)

♫ Holy Ghost! – Wait & See

♫ Weatherhouse – Diamonds

♫ Doctor Rosen Rosen – SEX-ED (feat. Anjulie)

♫ Yuksek – Off The Wall

♫ Frogs in Socks – It Don’t Mean A Thing

♫ Sam Padrul – All I Do

Pt. 2 – Get on The Dance Floor  [zip]

♫ Verona – Hero

♫ Things I Never Told You – Neighbour (Started Loving James)

♫ Angermund – I Want You Back

♫ Portasound – Messerschmitt

♫ Eight Bit Tiger – Numbers

♫ Kraak & Smaak – Squeeze Me

♫ Bastian – Mixed Messages

♫ Ghosthouse – 9.2.5

♫ D4D – Love Is Dangerous

♫ MNEK – If Truth Be Told

♫ Strange Talk – Sexual Lifestyle

♫ Katy B – Lights On Ft. Ms Dynamite*

Pt. 3 – Hands In The Air! [zip]

♫ Azealia Banks – 212

♫ The Young Professionals – D.I.S.C.O (Radio Edit)

♫ Jhameel – Shut Up

♫ Is Tropical – Lies

♫ Smith & Royal – JORDAN STOMP*

♫ Jay Z & Kanye West – Ni**as In Paris*

♫ Das Racist – Girl

♫ Amtrac – Overtime

♫ Civil Civic – Airspray*

♫ Digitalism – 2 Hearts

♫ Bastille – Bumpin

♫ Britney Spears – Till The World Ends

♫ Beyonce – Countdown*

— Artwork by Jacob Youngblood Ziegler —

* First time on TBE as an MP3. Enjoy!

Be sure to catch all the 2011 “BEST OF” lists!

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  • http://twitter.com/macabria Odessa Frost

    Your picks are always stellar!  Thanks for making my party planning easier (and I always give you props, by the way!). 

  • thinkfeel

    if i get control of the tunes on NYE i will be slamming my fist to this list!!!   you know it !!

  • JimmyconGH

    Hey it’s Jimmy from Ghosthouse! You are the MAN! Thanks for including us on this list!

  • Justin Raabe

    How do you download stuff if you aren’t on Facebook? D:

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Thanks! And you already know this but you have the coolest name ever.

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    DO IT!

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Jimmy! An honor to have your comment here! Thanks for the jam and keep up the goodness.

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Right click on any mp3 to download. Party on!

  • Ryan

    Awesome list Brandon.  Party time!!

  • Justin Raabe

    I kinda meant the .zips, but I grabbed the files anyhow.  Thanks mate!

  • Portasound

    Thanks for adding us on the list! Happy new year one and all, big love from Portasound xx

  • Karyskoo

    looovely <3 this website is a dream come true

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Thanks Ryan!

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    If you really dont have FB shoot me an email and I can hook you up with the zips. I know they can make life easier

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Thanks for rocking! Lets get an album out in 2012! We have been waiting long enough!

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Thanks! Welcome to the living dream!

  • http://www.the-canvas-art-shop.co.uk/ canvas print

    Really awesome list and the headings make it, love it!

  • Bastille

    Cheers for including us.  We’re gonna hit you up with our new single by the end of this month hopefully.  There’s a minute preview here.


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  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Thanks. Yeah Ziegler really killed it with the artwork!

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Sweeeeet. Lets meet up in LA soon. Dance party event?

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  • http://twitter.com/Wthrhs Weatherhouse

    Thanks for including us, Brandon! You’re in LA? We should meet up sometime. BTW, we just released a new EP: http://soundcloud.com/weatherhouse/sets/weatherhouse-twenty-twelve-ep/

    <3 TBE

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Please do! That’s awesome!

    Thumbed from my iPhone.

  • http://forwhenifeellikesharing.tumblr.com/ Bear

    Great picks. Hadn’t heard a lot of them. Definitely including the Bastian song in a Prince mix I’m working on. Great song.

  • Nifty3001

    ALOTTA gems on here, thanks,….stupid question, what does the asterix next to particular trax signify?

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Thanks Nifty! At the bottom of the post is the note that those songs are being posted on TBE for the first time as mp3s.

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Awesome! I’m downloading now.

    Lets definitely meet up. Holler at my TBE email.

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Nice choice. Glad you found some new jams!

  • Bastille

    (310) 463-3992, I’m in town until the 23rd

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  • Ian Chagunda

    How do us non-facebook users download the zip file?

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Email me and I’ll hook you up. Or you can still download the tracks individually.

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  • http://twitter.com/BretCutts Bret Cutts

    you collection is awesome. thanks for wonderful tracks.

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Thanks Brett!

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Thanks Brett!