Midi Matilda - Day Dreams

[MP3] Midi Matilda – “Day Dreams”

you’re my get up and go, i’ve got you figured, nobody else does

♫ Midi Matilda – Day Dreams

  • Who: Skyler Kilborn & Logan Grimé
  • What: Indie electro-pop, like Capital Cities, Penguin Prison, Wolf Gang.
  • Where: San Francisco + Facebook / Amazon
  • When: The “Red Light District” single is out now.
  • Why: Hazy indie pop with equal parts dance swagger and jazz riffing. The vocals are light but infectious, swinging between distant beats and rhythms. Perfect music for the ride home. Enough oomph to transition the mind down from high energies to mellow dream time. “Red Light District” is another name-your-price gem fits my ears so good. More Midi Matilda, please.