Ghosts - Gabrielle Wortman

[MP3] Gabrielle Wortman – “Ghost”

thought the only love that i had was, mine

♫ Gabrielle Wortman – Ghost

  • Who: That’s tricky, pretty sure it’s Gabrielle Wortman
  • What: Alternative rock, like Florence and the MachineBohème
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook / SoundcloudAmazon
  • When: The Voodoo EP is out now
  • Why: The piano. The minimalistic synths. The sparse drum track. Oh, and the voice: It’s powerful. It’s haunting. It’s passionate. It’s astonishing. Simply put there is nothing I can’t tout to the highest of touts with this song. So while I sit here and tout to the utmost of my ability, press play.
  • Gz

    Haha, I went to highschool with her, I’ve been following her for a while. 

  • Guest

    this may be one of the most beautiful and awesome songs posted on this blog…

  • Taylor @ TBE

    You lucky soul!

  • Taylor @ TBE

    Guest; you’re the sweetest.