Nightlife - Radio EP

[MP3] Nightlife – “On the Run”

don’t want to be here forever, i know what i’ve got to do

♫ Nightlife – On the Run

  • Who: Darin & Caroline
  • What: Dreamy pop, like Stepdad
  • Where: Ann Arbor, Michigan + Facebook / Bandcamp
  • When: Radio EP out now
  • Why: When great bands turn you on to other great bands it’s always one of those wonderful and enlightening moments in life. Well, we can thank Stepdad and Nathan K. (as well as reaffirmation from TBE faithful Joyce!) for the unearthing of the gem that is “On the Run”. In music, sometimes simple is better and less is more. This is mo’ betta for sure.
  • Christopher Norman

    I just heard of these guys this past week too! “On The Run” and “Radio” are my favorites on that EP – such great pop music!

  • dave @ TAYF

    great track, Taylor! You should check out Gemini Club’s new single “By Surprise”. you can download it for free at and you can get the artwork for the single off their Facebook page. Cheers!

  • Taylor @ TBE

    @335b1b5ba702249835b8c45bb6d83a5a:disqus : What a jam; it deserves the post treatment. @04e6c61809a1c9d310a452f9394d57a2:disqus : How curious, someone else I know named Christopher Norman makes quite the pop music as well ;)

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  • Ares Music Download

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  • Red2Black

    Its really  great collection of music. I would like to see your more updates.Keep in touch with us in future too.