Ghist Beach - Miracle

[MP3] Ghost Beach – “Miracle”

i never wanted to work for pieces of paper but i guess that’s all i get

♫ Ghost Beach – Miracle

Remember when Ghost Beach absolutely slayed at our SXSW show? I do. While cranking up “Miracle” won’t come close to recreating what I was lucky enough to witness, it will drastically improve whatever you are doing at the moment. Hello summer!

  • Ghost Beach are awesome. Any idea when any release is coming out?

  • Not sure yet. Just these sweet singles for now.

  • Love it. Feels like a more mature(?) sound than a lot of the more electro indie that’s going on right now. Evolved? Something… Feels more progressive by avoiding the flat out “easy” hook, but still managing to retain the charm.

  • Yeah, I hear ya. Some of their other jams do suffer from that so hopefully they keep doing magic like this one