Rebeka - Stars

[MP3] Rebeka – “Stars”

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♫ Rebeka – Stars

  • Who: Iwona & Bartosz
  • What: Crisp electro soul, like Cookies, Saint Etienne
  • Where: Poznan, Poland + Facebook
  • When: Nothing concrete but they are signed to Discotexas.
  • Why: My connection to Poland runs deep as I have family there, started this website there, and lived there for 4 years, but I regular TBE readers will know that I didn’t find too many Polish bands to write about. Then Rebeka came a long a few weeks before I left and “Fail” let me know I may not have been looking hard enough. Their blend of diva soul and delicate electronic dance is the kind of blend that would have paired perfectly with a Warsaw summer night. Well whether I get to enjoy it in person or not, I’m just proud its happening in Poland.
  • Barrett

    I loved “Fail.” This is great too. I hope they keep it up.

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  • Brandon @ TBE

    Yeah, pretty excited to have these two repping Poland.

  • wnika6

    several years in Poznań and I hear it for the first time. I’m so ashamed. but no excuse for me. dzięki za tone muzy!

  • Brandon @ TBE

    Nie martw sie! Thats why you have me to find the good stuff!