Black Light Dinner Party

[MP3/VIDEO] Black Light Dinner Party – “Older Together”

i’ve read the words on your face, they told me things i should have known

♫ Black Light Dinner Party – Older Together

  • Who: 4 producers from 3 cities.
  • What: Shimmering groove pop, like Passion Pit, Midi Matilda, Sphynx
  • Where: NYC(?) + Facebook
  • When: Just singles so far.
  • Why: “Older Together” is a song for lovers about falling in love. If you have never been in love then just watch the video below and if you squint a bit you will basically see what it feels like. Much like the song itself, the video is seriously beautiful and infectious and I can’t quite put my finger on what makes it so special. A lot like love.