Y Luv at The Roxy

[LIVE] Y Luv @ The Roxy, Hollywood, CA – 6/23/12

♫ Y Luv – Earthquakes

Hey remember when you read an article about Guns N Roses or some other big 80s Hollywood band and they talked about how the LA scene revolved around The Roxy? Yeah that aint true anymore. Epic rockers Y Luv were invited to play a KROQ locals only show there on Saturday night and besides their awkward set time of 8:30, they were rushed with a 10 minute set up time. Not ideal. However they obviously killed it, rocking some new faces and pleasing some old ones. A couple new tracks debuted and I’m stoked to hear them recorded. Oh, and did I mention that bands should not play The Roxy in LA? And can someone please buy me a new concert camera already? I’m sick of looking at my crap iPhone pictures.