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[MP3/VIDEO] Danny Brown – “Grown Up”

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burn up fire and drown drops of water, son, i told you i got them beans like goya

♫ Danny Brown – Grown Up

  • Who: Danny Brown
  • What: Yelpy hip hop, like Black Milk, Chiddy Bang, Hoodie Allen
  • Where: Detroit, MI + Facebook
  • When: Brown’s free mixtape XXX is out.
  • Why: Dany Brown has been blowing up lately but I just haven’t been able to get down with his music. Then this Scion A/V sponsored jam came out and the song/video combo had me smiling and bobbing like a damn fool. This is hip hop gold. And that kid is epic. Whenever you finish watching it on repeat catch Brown’s interview with the legend Nardwuar.

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