Dell Ultrabook

Dell XPS Ultrabook Review

Laptops are getting smaller, lighter, thinner, and shedding outdated components to get there. If you can do without a bunch of peripherals and a disk drive you can tote around a pretty lightweight piece of hardware that still packs a punch. Dell is one of the heavy hitters in the current “ultrabook” game and they sent me one of their XPS 13″ to try out. Off the bat this thing just looks cool. The carbon fiber material used on the bottom has a great tactile feel that I wish my MacBook Pro had. When you open it up it looks sleek and modern without feeling too aggressive. You can get nitty gritty with a ton of pro reviews here and here but for me it was all about the music. How does the XPS sound!? In such a small package its hard to imagine anything quality coming out of those speakers but I guess we are living in the future cause this guy is loud AND crisp, easily kicking out enough tuneage that external speakers wouldn’t be needed to fill a room with jams. Any laptop that can eliminate something I need to pack when travelling gets a thumbs up in my book.

Ultrabooks obviously aren’t for everyone but if you are in the markket for something straightforward and efficient then this is your jam. And starting at $999 its easy on the wallet. Not to mention CNET has called the XPS 13 ‘the most important Ultrabook of 2012’ and ‘Dell’s best laptop design to date.” Computer World also agrees saying ‘of the Ultrabooks I’ve tested so far, it’s the one to beat.”.