Purity Ring - Shrines

[MP3] Purity Ring – “Fineshrine”

get a little closer let it fold, cut open my sternum and pull my little ribs around you

♫ Purity Ring – Fineshrine

I trading jams with a girl the other day when I asked if she knew Purity Ring she said she didn’t but that it was a horrible name for a band. She insisted it was. Fair enough on never hearing of them but that kind of disparaging talk about these freak-groove masters just didn’t sit well with me. Sure, she was just uninformed. She didn’t know. But people need to know.

  • J Rich

    could this be the best purity ring jam yet? that is pretty tough competition, but it is right up there at the top. and the album (yeah it leaked but this band is awesome so go buy it when it comes out even though it leaked) is great.

    purity ring is destined for great things, no matter what random people who hate their name think.

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  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    I dunno if this tops “Ungirthed”… We’ll see once I dig into the whole album which ones stand out more.

  • J Rich

    it’s hard to tell since they came out a year apart, but for me both are awesome jams. actually on the album now “Saltkin” is the track i keep coming back to. could be because i’ve already had half the album on repeat as singles over the last year, but that is the standout new track for me.