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[MP3] Reverend And The Makers – “MDMAZING (ft. Howard Marks) “

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and if i sink to my knees i ought to get me some hope and such

♫ Reverend And The Makers – MDMAZING (ft. Howard Marks)

  • Who: Jon McClure with Ed, Laura, Joe, Ryan, and another Joe
  • What: Raucous bloke rock, like The CourteenersMona, The View
  • Where: Sheffield, UK + Facebook
  • When: 3rd album @Reverend_Makers is out now and bundled with the Mixtape Vol. 1
  • Why: I’ve always love the Reverend and the Makers classic “Bandits” but never heard anything else since. Apparently they just dropped a Mixtape with a bunch of tracks to accompany their new album. “MDMAZING” is a pumped up electro version of the Reverend’s swagger that will kick off a night out with energy to spare. The LP’s first proper single “The Wrestler” is more traditional bar rock Reverend. Straight pint drinking music.

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