Why? - Sod In The Seed EP

[MP3] Why? – “Sod In The Seed”

so what if a man blinks in morse code while he sings if he sings his heart out

♫ Why? – Sod in the Seed

  • Who: Yoni & Josiah Wolf with Doug McDiarmid.
  • What: Oddball indie poet rock, like Seye, The Neighbourhood,
  • Where: Cincinnati, OH + Facebook
  • When: The Sod in the Seed EP will be out August 14th.
  • Why: Its been almost 3 years since Why? got up in these pages with their 2009 slow burn jam “The Blackest Purse”. Thank goodness these alt-rap rockers are back because there isn’t anyone else out their making music like this. Whether you dance along, sing along, or just clap along, you gott do something to the bounce machine that is “Sod in the Seed.”