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[LIVE] Frank + Derol, DWNTWN, Wildcat! Wildcat!, & Magic Hands @ The Echo, August 27, 2012

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♫ Frank + Derol – Barely Love You Too

I was apprehensive about how these newcomers would pull off their delicate grooves but they absolutely impressed. Solid musicianship cracked up to “rock.” Songs I heard for first time sounded like instant favorites. Plus a Smashing Pumpkins cover never hurts. Catch them on tour with Wolf Gang this fall!

♫ DWNTWN – Alamo Square

I’ve seen DWNTWN a bunch this past year and this crowd was definitely the biggest dance party I’ve seen rocking out. (Well, aside from their TBE SXSW shows…) Awesome as always.

I was very unfamiliar with Wildcat! Wildcat, having only grazed through a few jams on their Facebook, but had heard good things about their residency. Damn I wish I had come out to see them earlier! These guys kill it live! Their relative laid back sound on record is exploded ten-fold in a live setting. These guys believe in their music and it didn’t take long for me to believe in it too. Look out for a proper post soon.

♫ Magic Wands – Black Magic

“Black Magic” graced the pages of TBE almost 3 years ago and Magic Wands are finally emerging! Their debut LP came out earlier this year and I was naturally excited to see their live show and how they progressed off “Black Magic.” Time to track down that Aloha Moon LP…

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  • http://www.facebook.com/charles.doole Charles Doole

    Jealous! Would have loved to have gone!

  • J Rich

    sounds like a fun show. and hooked on Black Magic from the 1st second of that jam. now gotta track down the album as well.

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