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[MASHUP] Friends – I’m Jay’s Girl (Jay-Z “Encore” mashup)

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this man is made! he’s killin all y’all jive turkeys,
do y’all want more of the jigga man?

♫ Friends – I’m Jay’s Girl (Jay-Zs Encore mashup)

Friends’ “I’m His Girl” is basically a song about owning your relationship cause you know how great and healthy it is. It’s basically about swagger. So who better to mash it up with? Brilliant.

Brandon is obsessed with popcorn, sandwiches, and new music.

  • An

    What Blue Collar Prophet said… I was anticipating this track because I love Friends and I love Jay-Z, but… link no worky.

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    And I love a guy who gives a heads up on a broken file. Fixed!

  • http://forwhenifeellikesharing.tumblr.com/ Barrett

    Love both songs. Great pairing.

  • http://www.TheBurningEar.com/ Brandon @ TBE

    Yeah, but weird that I cant figure out who did it. I think Friends might have themselves.