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Earth Rides Along – “Cheap Shots And Two Dollar Beers”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Tomer Hanuka and Asaf Hanuka [via] Things get a bit weird when you hang out with Earth Moves Along. Well, to be fair, they start out pretty weird, but get even weirder too. Crumbling cars give way to crippled bikes. Stray dogs become wingmen at the bar. Dial up […]

FROM KID – “Come In”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Andrew Brandou [via] “Come In” is the kind of song so good it gets in your blood and makes you want to be friends with everything. So infectiously funky, upbeat, and tender all at once. It makes sense when you hear it was created in an old farmhouse in Switzerland […]

Equal – “Shakedown” (feat. Seja)

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Millo [via] The weekend is here and its time to lay claim to what is yours! To get out into the world, with a horn fueled soundtrack in your ears, and dominate downtown with a strut and shake that will be felt across the river. Shakedown” is a silly […]

Zak Abel – “Say Sumthin”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Erica Ostrowski [via] Here’s a hot tip, when you need someone to say something, don’t hit hit them with a mega groove body mover. Nobody wants to talk when their limbs are getting elastic on the dance floor. So while Zak gets ever more frustrated at his baby’s silence, […]

Death In The Afternoon – “’82”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Sasha Baranovskaya [via] I don’t care what your friends say, Summer is not over! Put away that jacket and get back out there! Death In The Afternoon have some seriously blissed out sun warming music for your ears. Get to it! 

[PREMIERE] Avid Walker – “Sun In Eyes”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: John Clayton Lee [via] Take a step back from the hullabaloo and bask in the light of the Summer with the calming sounds of Avid Walker massaging your Thursday nerves. “Sun In Eyes” is the perfect song for the calmer side of these hot months. Basking solo by the pool. […]


Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: ONEQ [via] Don’t mistake “HRTBAQ” as a whimper. Sure, MARZxLEON wants her “heart back” but she isn’t lamenting its loss so much as flexing a threat if it doesn’t return. I pity the one who has it, for they may not be able to return and the forceful and sinister groove […]

Controller – “Midnight Man”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Oscar Grønner [via] Longtime TBE faves Controller have always been equal opportunity sock-rockers and their latest party ripper goes out to all the club creeps who lock eyes too long as you can practically hear their dirty thoughts grind away. I’d like to think this is the jam they crank […]

Fort Lean – “Might’ve Misheard”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: JAZ [via] Nothing like a good misunderstanding to make the blood boil and make you want to rip the limbs off of land and sea creatures alike. Fort Lean knows how you feel and have the perfect outlet for that thrashing frustration. Just turn “Might’ve Misheard” up as loud as you […]

CHINAH – “We Go Back”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Thomas Cian [via] I’ve been pretty into guitar solos in my synth music lately, but the synth solo towards the end of “We Go Back” is so damn crunchy that it satisfies my needs nicely. But wait! There is an actual guitar solo hot on its heels, screaming fire […]