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Morgxn – “Home” // SANER

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: SANER [via] You are not going to survive the Holiday season without a warrior anthem to bring you through. Nice to know Morgxn has you covered (and has your back).

The Lagoons – “California” // Jesse Kassel

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Jesse Kassel [via] Having grown up in California I will take all the odes to my home state I can get. Especially when they are as 100% smooth operating as this horn-filled gem from The Lagoons. It strikes all the right chords for a day at the beach racing […]

Sylo Nozra – “Two of Us” // Sam Octigan

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Sam Octigan [via] not much to gain from holding back these thoughts of you I can’t erase It can get pretty raw in those minds of ours. Calm the beast with some soothing Sylo Nozra. The man has the cure! Get into the whole this_era EP.

[MP3] Birocratic – “Overexpressed” // Caitlyn Murphy

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Caitlyn Murphy [via] Sure, I miss Summer. So do you! But songs like “Overexpressed” are the perfect segue into a rind-less winter. Enough melancholy to fit the mood but enough energy to keep the blood flowing. Perfect. Available for Free Download.

[PREMIERE] Noble Oak – “Another Way” // Aaron Fernandez

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Aaron Fernandez [via] “This is the culmination of a long drought of inspiration. It truly was about finding another way, emotionally and physically; it was the last gasp of a long journey ending.” – Noble Oak Noble Oak does his name justice by providing another solid jam to hold […]

Walkingshoe – “Can’t Sleep” // Bob Dob

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Bob Dob [via] There is only so much rebelliously sweaty behavior a guy can get into before he needs to take a breather and reflect. Cheers to Walkingshoe for a fantastic soundtrack to both! Stay tuned for more raucous jams from this guy…

Meeka Kates – “Wildfire” // Jeannie Phan

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Jeannie Phan [via] The latest Meeka Kates jam is another example of his fine ability to make jams that work perfectly well for both chilling out and dancing. I recommend alternating the two activities as you listen to “Wildfire ” on repeat this weekend. Taken from Meeka’s debut EP ‘Wildfire’ […]

G O O D W O O D A T O M S – “Dreaming About” + “Tech Know” // Jason Limon

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Jason Limon [via] Hold on tight because this dream is blasting off and taking you with it. Vancouver’s GOODWOODATOMS explode a swirling explosion of infectious riffs, grooves, and beats in “Dreaming About”. It is a weird and wonderful ride that any fan of early Everything Everything will enjoy. “Tech Know” […]

Luka Sol – “Stay” // Nimasprout

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Nimasprout [via] Cheers to Luka Sol for lifting us off the ground with this supremely sweet groover. Whatever world this jam takes you to, don’t expect to touch the ground sny time soon… Be sure to check out Luka Sol’s fantastic track “Unknown” on VINYL MOON Volume 011.

G.Smith – “Life Out” // Zedig

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Zedig [via] I’m currently loving just sitting here and letting G.Smith’s voice ebb and flow through my brain as I daydream about the holidays, the future, and spending time with a book this weekend. There are adventures ahead. “Life Out” is a great place to start them.