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SIVIK – “U Got”

And now the latest in our continuing struggle of Friday night decisions sponsored by SIVIK. Last time we stayed in with the attic mice, but this time SIVIK seems to be whispering right in our ear with a hushed tone that just drips with anticipation for bright lights and bad decisions. Time to dust off the […]

Rationale – “Fast Lane”

I can definitely recommend that you turn up “Fast Lane” loud. I can also warn that you not close your eyes for too long lest your mind float away from your shoulders, casting off the anchor of your body and drifting off into the currents above. The end of this 2 and half minute ride […]

Espa. – “Fill Me In” (Craig David Cover)

Craig David is the man. If you didn’t know, now you know. Espa’s cover of David’s Y2K era groover “Fill Me In” is a dark and twisted take on things but for a song about suspecting that your lover is cheating perhaps some demented emotion is more appropriate than ever.

AMAN – “Low Hum”

Aman continues to weave smooth groove landscapes that invite the mind on a journey through memories of past loves, lives, and landscapes. Its a song that compresses time in a way that only dense emotions can do. The lyrics are about what he is willing to do in the future but clearly sung by a man that […]

Brain Tan – “Style” (Taylor Swift Cover)

How damn badass would it be if Taylor Swift’s next album sounded like this? Even an EP! I think she would kill it in the world of fuzzed out chill wave vibes. Or maybe we can just count on Brain Tan to continue covering her in their special upside down way. That would be rad […]

Hermitude – “Through The Roof” feat. Young Tapz

Sometimes getting prepared for a road trip, camping adventure, or weekend music festival can feel like literally moving mountains. We love our friends for their sense of humor and ability to comfort us in crisis, not their ability to get their shit together in a timely manner so we can hit the road on damn time. […]

Woolf and the Wondershow – “Cloaked”

“Cloaked” is one of those songs that grabs you and speaks right into your ear. Its for everyone in its own unique way. It’s a fighting song for people who would rather dance. A marching song for people armed with fun hats. A driving song for people with ice cream trucks converted into mobile discos. A lovers anthem […]

SAFIA – “Counting Sheep”

Look, even the best of bug-eyed cone-headed despots have sleepless nights turning their woes over in their enlarged domes, wondering about the fate of their abstract forrest kingdoms. And they need anthems like this to blast through their moss-castles as they pace the night away and devise plans for dominating the neighboring forests. Seriously though, SAFIA was […]

Made In Heights – “Forgiveness”

Some songs are so good its not enough to just tell your friends about them, you have to build a floating book spaceship to float around the city abducting people from their beds so you can play the music loud in a special sound chamber. Its just the best way to share a jam like […]

The Palms – “Revolution” + THE PALMS EP

If you want to talk about swagger then there is an argument to be made for its origins in punk music and leather jackets long before it emerged in hip hop culture. Since I’m not here to argue I’ll leave it to The Palms to combine both those vibes into beautifully infectious indie-swagger-hip-pop jams that I’ve had on repeat […]