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Fort Lean – “Easily” + “New Hobbies” (Video)

It’s a big week for Fort Lean! Their album Quiet Day is finally out in Europe! And they dropped a video for “New Hobbies” (below). AND they have 2 brand new tracks out! “Easily” is on heavy rotation around here with it’s laid back grind/groove fitting perfectly with this Summer sun sitting outside my window. […]

[PREMIERE] Skyes – “Dry” (Video)

Quarks EP Anyone paying attention knows I love me some Skyes and that their song “Dry” is my absolute jam. So its an honor to premiere their new video for it and all of it’s paranoid party vibe glory. The song is already beautifully haunting so its fitting that he video follows suit. Start your weekend […]

The Saxophones – “If You’re on the Water” // Ken Resen

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Ken Resen [via] The track was inspired by a summer week that saw suicide, the transition of a relationship, and Alexi and his Father’s near death experience in a boating accident. The album pays tribute to the currents of beauty, sorrow and regret that run through our lives. The […]

Laura Misch – “Flow” + “I Adore” // Gregory Block

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Gregory Block [via] If I was a shell caught in the ebb and flow of the tides washing along an endless shoreline then this is the song I’d want on repeat for those millennia. And when the waves stopped I would want to dry out to this one…  

Abraham Tilbury – “Morphine” // Patrik Andiné

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Patrik Andiné [via] When the world gets a bit too gray and cold to handle then hide under the blanket of Abraham Tilbury’s voice. The man formerly known as Allthingslost is as smooth and beautiful as ever on this new one. I am very proud to have had Abraham’s song “Deceit” on […]

[PREMIERE] AR Ferdinand – “Vespucci Beach” (Ft. Carlos Neda & Josh Oleo) // Isabella Nazzarri

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Isabella Nazzarri [via] “Me and my friend Diego Baraona (of 3 Piece Meal) got together one day for a bit of a jam with no real intentions in mind. Before long Diego came up with a guitar riff that I started working drums & bass to, and almost straight […]

The Academic – “Mixtape 2003” // Natalie Dombois

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Natalie Dombois [via] As if the mere idea of revisiting a personal mixtape from 2003 wasn’t enough to unleash some reserves of youthful energy, The Academic’s song about it has plenty of juice to spare as well. Pardon me while I rock the F out.

Marsicans – “Far Away (Saudade)” // Emma Haworth

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Emma Haworth [via] Marsican’s helpfully explain: “Saudade, n. portuguese – a feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia” Which helps this make more sense   So when you can’t convey Can’t find the words to say You’re feeling Saudade you know I’ll never be that far away. Or just crank […]

THEY. – “Deep End” // Endre Penovác

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Endre Penovác [via] They may take some cues from The Weeknd but while he spills his tears in the punch they are creeping through the dance floor with way more sinister things on their mind.

Rival Cavves – “Controlled” // Bailey Saliwanchik

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Bailey Saliwanchik [via] Rival Cavves know that even a fool with a heart of ice like yourself has some dance moves hidden away somewhere. Break em out with “Controlled”! Then recover (emotionally) with the healing powers of “Slow”.

Cats Hero – “Feel It” // Matthew Houston

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Matthew Houston [via] Long ago Cat’s Hero dropped one of my favorite remixes of 2010. Finally we have some original jams from the guy and I couldn’t be sweating more. Trying to make my body as elastic as this bass line is not easy! The ‘Son EP’ is available exclusively […]