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Mating Ritual – “Second Chance” + “Drunk” + Album Release Show 6/24 w/ DYAN & Inspired and The Sleep

After years of waiting and teasing, we are finally getting a full Mating Ritual album! The record is called How You Gonna Stop It? and I couldn’t be more stoked. If you haven’t got into Mating Ritual yet then here is your “Second Chance”! (Sorry…) But seriously, I’ve selfishly had the raucous heartbreak jams “Second Chance” on […]

North Downs – “Plastic Clouds” // Vincent Mahe

Visual art above by Vincent Mahe [via] Is this new North Downs jam the soundtrack to a futuristic sci-fi voyage, or a dusty western standoff? Why not both? Soak up the cosmic blues with North Downs as the temperature starts to rise. Pro-tip: the cowboy hat goes on after the astronaut helmet.

Catching Flies – “Daymarks” // Marni Manning

Visual art above by Marni Manning [via] I’m counting “Daymarks” as my exercise for the day, since I’m doing so much head-bobbing that my neck is sore. But the song is so soothing that I’m keeping it on loop anyways. Download the track for free here – that’s way cheaper than a gym membership.  

BOA – “Steal It” // Kari Simonsen

Visual art above by Kari Simonsen [via] It doesn’t really matter what the calendar says – as long as “Steal It” is playing on my speakers, it’s the summer. Highly recommended for pool parties or when you wish you could be at one. Which is pretty much all the time.  

Ephemerals – “astraea” // Mike Meyers

Visual art above by Mike Meyers [via] Ephemerals create some odd and gorgeous groove here on “Astraea”, a song that is full of both heartache and freedom. I’ve been playing it on repeat to get through the unseasonably cold weather when I’m at today. Dive into the music video below which follows the lyrics’ advice of […]

Private Island – “Aisle 7” // Robin F. Williams

Visual art above by Robin F. Williams [via] Private Island strike again with another sun kissed jam ready to clean the dirt from your ears. Bathe in that bass line as you pick up some color for Spring. “Sunbreak (B-Sides)” now available on Spotify & Apple Music. Be sure to get into their jam “Drugs” which was […]

Mr. Sanka – “Gallon” + “Flight Mode” // David Booth

Visual art above by David Booth [via] Mr. Sanka make music for feeling good, feeling great, and then all the feelings that come the morning when you are sure your feelings are sideways. Get twisted up in their web of colors and emotions with “Gallon” and “Flight Mode”. Get into their respective EPs here.

Memoryy – “Running” // Bo Bartlett

Visual art above by Bo Bartlett [via] Memoryy continues the tease to his forthcoming SKELETONS LP (April 11th) with this synthed up jammer tailor made for 80s movie montages about escaping bullies or building robots or other cool things that we don’t think about enough these days.