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Bobby Uzöma – “Holy Grails”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Sasha Berg [via] Some songs make you dance. Some songs make you think. And some songs even do the thinking for you. “Holy Grails” is the kind of track that cuts to the front of your mind and grabs your hand for a journey to the mountains at the back […]

Annabel Jones – “IOU”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: NAME [via] You nearly went mad so I cut your ass loose I can’t tell if Annabel is more sad her ex is gone or more sad she will have to dispose of the body at the end of the night. Viciousness and innocence collide in “IOU”, a jam […]

Freedom Fry – “The Words”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Thomas Danthony [via] Come back to my place I need your voice to break the silence Freedom Fry return with a lovely invitation to join them for a few minutes of dancing and laughter as you close your eyes and swirl along to the beautifully bouncy groove that is “The […]

[DEBUT] EAT – “Byker Drone”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist:Mitja Ficko and Marko Jakše [via] There is no excuse for the shivers with “Byker Drone”‘s scuzz riffs blasting through your ears. If you are not on your feet and putting dents in the floor/bed/sofa then you’re not really living right. Just make sure to stretch before you hit repeat… 

Dreamers – “Drugs”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Ryan Heshka [via] Chicks and trips. Trips and chicks. Plus the occasional burrito. That’s how I imagine the NYC lives of TBE faves Dreamers. Now I’ve got to get myself to another one of their live show to sing along to “Drugs” with a room full of rowdies. That […]

Soulwanderer – “Vermont” + “Mighty Flow”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Henrietta Harris [via] If I was the type of person to set a song to wake me up instead of my horrifying iPhone alarm, then Soulwanderer would me my morning composer of choice. These slippery instrumental soul beats carry just enough pep to bump me out of bed but […]

Alohaha – “Nausea”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Stéfan Nandancée [via] If its been a while since you updated your “Wandering Around Aimlessly While Tapping My Thing and Making Guitar Noises” playlist then its time to give it a refresh and add some Alohaha. 

LANY – “I Don’t Care” (Flor Remix)

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Maxwell McMaster [via] It’s a magical moment when you fully realize that you truly don’t care about them anymore. Sometimes more exhilarating than falling for them in the first place. Add this LANYxFlor tag team gem to the infinite possibilities ahead and put a rose colored spin on the rest of […]

Postaal – “Burnin'”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Etam Cru [via] Keep those fires burnin’ baby Don’t you ever stop girl When it all falls down only you can pick yourself up and rise above. Remember, above every black cloud is blue sky. 

Hans Island – “Break Free”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Angela Glajcar [via] They say not to stare into the sun because it will make your whole world go bright and you won’t be able to see the things around you anymore. With Hans Island in my ears that doesn’t really sound so bad…