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Kid Froopy – “bb (four missed texts)” // Eric Louie

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Eric Louie [via] Nothing worse than trying to communicate in 2016. Nothing better than dancing naked to this jam. At least things are evening out… “When I was making the track I was thinking about miscommunication and the things that go unsaid in relationships. A bad situation that hurts […]

Nona – “Otherways” // Gustavo Barros Rocha

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Gustavo Barros Rocha [via] Until The Strokes get their act together and put out something enjoyable I’ll be blissing out to Nona’s scrappy jam “Otherways” as I float through the streets of NYC.

RALPH – “Something More” // Kevin Hong

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Kevin Hong [via] I gotta be careful hiking with Ralph because with “Something More” in my headphones I’d be liable to leave everything behind to follow her if she asked.

Tamu Massif – “OK” // Guillaume Kashima

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Guillaume Kashima [via] This one if for all my dudes feeling too odd to party this weekend. Tamu and I got your back if you sing this one and dance weird with us. (Tamu on Spotify / iTunes)

Slow Shiver – “In Blue (Drive By Delivery)” // Matthew Simmonds

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Matthew Simmonds [via] Sometimes life’s most special moments happen in strange places. Locations you are just passing through become the home for a beautiful memory. If only you could take those places with you. Put them in your pocket and revisit them at will. In the meantime, the stunning “In […]

Kauf – “Key to Life” // Loris Cecchini

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Loris Cecchini [via] Don’t zone out or you’ll miss the chance to step through the door and into Kauf’s world of sonic ripples and textures. Just relax and reach an arm through. He will be gentle, I promise. “Key To Life” is the 3rd cut from debut album Regrowth due […]

Ben Phipps – “I Don’t Think So” // Jordan Kasey

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Jordan Kasey [via] I’m not saying that a song can fix things and bring you closer but staring out the window in sullen silence sure didn’t work… Try a little more Ben Phipps in your life. The man hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Check out his fantastic track “Don’t Look […]