Entries by Brandon

Ben Khan – “1000”

An over-caffeinated Ben Khan returns with this jitter jumper of  a synth and drum pad groover. Our silk-voiced boy got the girl and now he is taking her out for a night on the damn town. Get on board or get out of the way.


Is it weird to think that a song about a girl can also be a song about the band singing the song about the girl? Don’t think too hard on that one, it was just my very real experience watching AVAN LAVA tear the roof off our showcase at SXSW. OOO EEE is about all […]

Total Giovanni – “Paradise”

I have yet to visit, but when I make it to Australia I imagine my trip will involve attending a Total Giovanni show on a beach, my face looking just like that piece above, and totally blissing out to their tropical disco vibes while I bury my toes in the sand over and over.

Waterstrider – “Nowhere Now”

In the hurricane of love and hate I still remain “Nowhere Now” is the title track of Waterstrider’s upcoming album to be released on April 6th. You can pre-order the album on Bandcamp and get this song along with three others upon purchase.

The Teen Age – “Low Cunning”

Go, man, go!  You thought you were so smart ordering pizzas before we got home and now the pizza guy is gonna get home before we do and I’m hungry as shit and my teen angst is flaring up and I need sustenance, man! The Teen Age hold a special spot in The Burning Ear […]