Entries by Brandon

COLLAJ – “Tropical Vacation”

The party machine formerly known as 8th Grader is not known to mince words. Collaj is a man on a mission and right now that mission is to make sure all these bathing suits fit into his carry-on so nobody has to wait at baggage claim and he can get straight to the beach for a “biological […]

SAUVAGE. – “Vendredi”

Sauvage are a delicious blend of sunset grooves and Frence mystery. Like the soundtrack to that dream you once had about dancing naked in the woods, bare feet pounding the pine needles on the ground, lost in your own movements with only a vague sense that someone may be watching but not caring enough to look up. […]

KIll J – “Cold Stone”

When its a holiday weekend you can bet money on people acting like fools so prepare accordingly and load this kiss-off dance grover so you can blast it at anyone who is messing up your good times with their childish antics. Kill J will be right there with you to commiserate on those dummies.

Tim Guy – “St Petersburg”

Just when I feel like I have my finger on the pulse of music I run across a musician like Melbourne’s Tim Guy. “St Petersburg” is the only song on his Soundcloud but dig a little deeper and you will se that it comes from his upcoming 5th album! FIVE albums? How behind am I? How behind are […]

LOLO – “I Don’t Wanna Have To Lie”

I really like songs that bare their soul and I really like songs with a story. And I really like Lolo’s sould and story behind this one. Read it below and then dive into some of her earlier work if you aren’t familiar with her killer pipes. 

Will Joseph Cook – “Beach”

The sun is shining and people are smiling. Its the kind of climate for falling in love and starting the rest of your life with someone who will bring you eternal rays of happiness. Will Joseph Cook knows all about it. 

Painted Palms – “Disintegrate”

This new track from painted Palms is all about taking a moment to reflect on your past and then turning around and punching it in the damn face before continuing on with your bright future. There is enough grit and steam for the punching and enough synthy groove for the swaggeriffic walk away. Nice.