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Mt. Joy – “Sheep” + “Astrovan” // Rob Sato

Visual art above by Rob Sato [via] As the world heads into some seriously uncertain times it is so nice to have songs like “Sheep” to comfort the soul. Great minds making great music for the great people of this planet. I’ve been listening on repeat all day and feel better with every spin. Everyone […]

Dabeull – “Do It” // Leonardo Santamaria

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Leonardo Santamaria [via] Sit down. Relax. It’s ok, rest is important. Sure, lay your head down at your desk. Or sure, on the carpet. Whatever gets you comfy. And if your head starts melting into the floor that’s just fine. That’s supposed to happen. Daebull invites you to get […]

Goldroger – “Unter Nelken” // Matt Williams

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Matt Williams [via] If you’ve never got into German hip hop then Goldroger is the perfect dude to invite you behind the beaded curtain. I don’t even speak German but have had “Unter Nelken” on repeat the past few weeks and its been slowly loosening up my brain in […]

Chick Quest – “Savant Garde” // Chris Jehly

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Chris Jehly [via] Need a little punk to get you out of that funk? Let the creeping riffage of Chick Quest raise your limbs and shake your ass. “Savant Garde” digs itself deeper into your brain with each listen. I recommend multiple.

Panther Martin – “Take Two” // Hua Tunan

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Hua Tunan [via] Panther Martin are the sonic equivalent of dressing the American Bald Eagle in a leather jacket, serving him too many light beers, and taking him to an air guitar competition. Utter domination. The full LP record, PILE, is out now.

Mondo Cozmo – “Higher” // Eric Bonhomme

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Eric Bonhomme [via] Mondo Cozmo knows what it means to dance his damn ass off and “Higher” shares that with us. A perfect soundtrack to plotting your own dance attack on unsuspecting fools down at the bar.

Polish Club – “Beeping” // Ben Venom

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Ben Venom [via] Grab this train quick and tight because it’s barely grabbing the rails as it takes this corner on the express track to downtown party town. Sweating much? Here use my sleeve. I can’t wait or more from Polish Club, the self-proclaimed “loudest goddamn soul outfit you’ve ever heard”. […]

Orange Drink – “Sleeve Of A Tweed Jacket” // Mister Mourão

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Mister Mourão [via] Orange Drink lulls you to sleep with a swirling loop of a groove that slowly emerges to be a bit more tense than you anticipated. Like dreaming that you are eating donuts but then realizing that the dream is a loop (donut symbolism!) and you have […]

Sun Airway – “All In” // Max Berry

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Max Berry [via] Cheers to finding the right song to ride an invisible horse into the sunset and then doing it again and again because invisible horses can be ridden forever. “All In” is from the forthcoming Sun Airway album, Heraldic Black Cherry, that you can Kickstart on vinyl […]

Jenny Broke The Window – “Skinny Dip” // Cody Berringer

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Cody Berringer [via] Aaaand Friday begins…… NOW! Time to shake off the week with a couple spins of Jenny Broke The Window. Between the guitar solos and the title, “Skinny Dip” will get your head set for the days ahead and more importantly, the nights that follow.

JW Ridley – “Everything (Deathless) – Part 1” // Xomatok

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Xomatok [via] No matter how ramshackle your life is feeling, things are about to come up rainbows and daisies for those hot stepping feet of yours. Crank JW Ridley’s debut jam in your ears and damn if the whole world doesn’t feel A-OK for a bit. Out on 10th Feb […]

Verge Collection – “Our Place” + “Class Of ’09” // James Rieck

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: James Rieck [via] Verge Collection are the kind of band that if you listen enough you’ll end up feeling like good friends. You’ll have shared a few beers, talked through some shit, danced through the night, and they even let you crash at theirs and eat some leftover rice. Makes […]