Entries by Brandon

SWMRS – “Figuring It Out”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: SHOK-1 [via] SWMRS may claim to be “figuring it out” but they have laid down some pretty clear instructions for each day of the week. So grab a pencil and dive in. Just be prepared to sing along. 

VHVL – “lthrgy”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Gonzalo García Calvo [via] Just when you thought you threw that dumb idea out and went to bed… it pulled itself up by it’s paper bootstraps and set off on a mission to invade your dreams and make sure you understood its potential. And when you awake to the feeling […]

Matoma – “Knives” w/ FRENSHIP

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Emily Blincoe [via] Guys, don’t think too hard. Its Matoma and Frenship. Together. At long last…Just sit back in your convertible Jeep and let the oversized jungle foliage gently slap at your face as you duck around the bumpy turns. 

SKYES – “Dry”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Lek Chan [via] No better way of telling someone you don’t miss them than writing a song so haunting gorgeous its sure to be stuck deep in their brain through many a restless sleep. They may not miss you either but they will sure start missing their sanity soon. 

MAINLAND – “A Bit Out Of Time”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Aykut Aydogdu [via] This new one from Mainland is about as effortlessly infectious as it it gets. As deceptively loose as it is catchy. Just the right kind of melancholy guitar groove for the impending Winter creeping around the corner. Get into it. 

Emily King – “Good Friend”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Pastel [via] Something so delightfully raw, organic, and infectious about this brief but beautiful groover from Emily King. I clearly have some catching up to do with her stuff. 

St. Tropez – “Son Of God”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Glenn Brown [via] With St Tropez on the loose, you are gonna have to do more than save yourself. You should think about saving your pets, your clean underwear, and any deities that aren’t nailed down. “Son Of God” means business and doesn’t have the patience to wait around […]

Golden Vessel – “Can’t Stay” (ft. Allthingslost)

Pardon me for a second. I’ve just listened to “Can’t Stay” at full volume twice now and I’m gonna need a minute to relocate some departed members of my sanity. It all started smoothly enough but before long I could see the horizon rattling off its hinges and start doing the worm beneath the red sky. So […]

Elohim – “Bridge and the Wall”

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Troy Brooks [via] Elohim has had enough of your shit. She’s heard it all. Especially coming from you. So just be glad that this stellar new jam is all she has unleashed against you.