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[VIDEO] Cultfever – “Knewyouwell”

Back in October of last year we first posted about the super duo Cultfever and their upcoming EP. The EP release came, it rocked, and now they present you with the video magic. I’m weirded out. But I’m also intrigued. The internet works in mysterious ways..

[MP3] Manor – “Afghan Hound”

it’s alright ♫ Manor – Afghan Hound Who: Caitlin & Nathaniel What: Hypnotic rock, like Wye Oak Where: Australia + Facebook When: N/A Why: The first time we came across Manor was when the duo released “Rhodesia” back in January. Now, Cait and Nate (can I call you Nate?) bestow upon us their second release, “Afghan Hound”. […]

[MP3] Chameo – “Hey!”

hey! ♫ Chameo – Hey! Who: Chameo What: Electro house, like Dada Life Where: Copenhagen + Facebook When: Free downloads at the Soundcloud? Why: I know what you’re thinking; Taylor? Writing on TBE again? It can’t be true. What’s that? You had no idea I left? I love you too. Anyway, I digress. Here we have a […]

[STREAM/MP3] Reptar – “Orifice Origami”

something’s not alright here Who: Five awesome folks from Athens, GA What: “Disco dust”, like The Naked & Famous, Y LUV Where: Athens, GA + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon When: Debut album out on May 1st! Why: Mix in some piano with funky guitars, a little dash of doo-wop, along with a good chunk of awesomeness, and […]

[STREAM] A Beta Movement – “Colour Mixing System”

smooth the colors Who: Marcela, Pedro, and Secundino What: Airy, languid pop, like Best Coast and Crystal Castles had a glorious one night stand together Where: Porto, Portugal + Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp When: Blossom Age EP releasing later this year Why: I’m mesmerized. Currently, I’m on my seventh repeat of the song, and I have made literally this much progress […]

[MP3] Jonathan Sibha – “Gentlemen”

a gentleman came to my house ♫ Jonathan Sibha – Gentlemen Who: Four cool dudes; Dylan, Keith, Brian, and James What: Quirky indie rock, like Peter Bjorn and John, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs Where: Minneapolis, MN + Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp When: Self-titled album out now Why: After a cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast, only […]

[MP3] Dave Edwards & Silver Medallion – “American Girl”

you’re the one you’re my american girl ♫ Dave Edwards & Silver Medallion – American Girl Who: Silver Medallion and Brooklyn producer Dave Edwards What: Upbeat house music, like DWNTWN Where: Brooklyn, New York + Facebook / Soundcloud When: Singles released often on Soundcloud! Why: You know, this song hits on all fronts that are of interest […]

[MP3] Great Elk – “Two Weeks”

if the strings i strum were gold, could i convince you to love me ’til we’re old ♫ Great Elk – Two Weeks Who: Paul, Patrick, Bryan, Tommy, and Adam What: Chill indie rock, like Ace Reporter, Brown Shoe Where: Brooklyn, New York + Facebook / Bandcamp When: Debut LP Autogeography arriving May 22nd Why: After a looooong Monday […]

[MP3] Kroktopus – “DANGER!!!”

danger ♫ Kroktopus – DANGER!!! Who: William Henchy What: Alarm sounding electro, like Adventure Club Where: Boston, MA + Soundcloud When: More releases soon? Why: When a song entitled “DANGER!!!” hits my inbox it better be packing. Thankfully Kroktopus (what a name right?) brought the heat, with some extra hot sauce for good measure. Yum.

[MP3] iamsleepless – “Ciel Étoilé”

♫ iamsleepless – Ciel Étoilé Who: Dylan Bailey What: Pulsating electronica, like The 14th Minute, Amtrac Where: Yulee, Florida + Facebook / Bandcamp When: Holding Up the Sky out now Why: Making music in your bedroom is a funny thing. Speaking from personal experience, and coincidentally beginning the same endeavor around the same time Dylan did in 2007, […]

[MP3] Big Deal – “Talk”

all i wanna do is talk, but seeing you fucks me up ♫ Big Deal – Talk Who: Alvis Costelloe & Grouchy Wonderwall What: Youthful love rock, like Anoraak, Hospitality Where: London + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon When: Lights Out available now Why: Simple advice for the next time you are in an argument with your lover; get […]

[MP3] Joywave – “True Grit”

you should have loved me all the time ♫ Joywave – True Grit Who: The one, the only, Joywave What: Synth laden goodness, like Monarchy, M83 Where: Rochester, New York + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon When: Koda Vista EP releasing hopefully in March Why: What is there really to say about these guys. If you’ve been around […]

[MP3] Gabrielle Wortman – “Ghost”

thought the only love that i had was, mine ♫ Gabrielle Wortman – Ghost Who: That’s tricky, pretty sure it’s Gabrielle Wortman What: Alternative rock, like Florence and the Machine, Bohème Where: Los Angeles + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon When: The Voodoo EP is out now Why: The piano. The minimalistic synths. The sparse drum track. Oh, and the […]