[LIVE] Flux Pavillion (secret show) @ Hangar 8, Santa Monica, CA – 11.13.12

Text/top-photo : Alexander Bogayevicz

This past Tuesday Flux Pavilion shook the foundations at Hangar 8, a real airplane hangar in the small Santa Monica Airport. The hangar was decked out with black lights, an impressive 4-sided visual display, and a great party vibe! Steady was up first and dropped dubstep jams while those inclined grooved out. Tokimonsta followed with what I called lounge-dub and then Flux came on to steal the show. I was never a zealous follower of Flux but he completely took me by surprise, dropping a balanced yet satisfyingly dirty set of dub, electro and moombahton. I was dancing my pants off while girls everywhere were climbing on guys shoulders. Despite Flux’s set being cut short I am now firmly sold on the magic of his fingers and would come back to watch him do his thing any time.


[LIVE] Two Door Cinema Club, Friends, St. Lucia @ The Palladium 10.25.12

Words: Danny Coviello || Pictures: Russ Ramos

♫ St. Lucia – We Got It Wrong

Thursday night at The Palladium was awesome. Three distinctly different acts yet three distinctly great sets. First to the stage was the ever so atmospheric St. Lucia lead by front man Jean-Philip Grobler. This was by far the biggest venue I’ve ever seen St. Lucia perform in yet there wasn’t an inch of space in the place that the their dreamy jams didn’t reach. From the opening piano note on “Before The Dive” to the outro chants on their new single “September”, St. Lucia was on point. While Read more

[LIVE] Carousel, Ghost Beach + Goldroom, Two Door Cinema Club DJ sets @ The Echoplex 10.25.12

♫ Ghost Beach – Tear Us Apart

Carousel opened up the night (below) and brought an awesome performance. They rocked the house. However, the softer nature of their jams do not lend themselves to face melting and thats exactly what Ghost Beach did when they took the stage (above). Having last seen them at the TBE SXSW showcases where technical difficulties were many but they still raged through it was fantastic to see them with all cylinders firing and working up a sweat for all in the room. New jam “Tear Us Apart” was a highlight with its Read more

[LP/LIVE] Dragonette – BODYPARTS + The El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, 09/25/12

Dragonete have done a lot of awesome things since they last dropped the solid Fixin To Thrill three years ago, becoming a unique crossover creature and “underground pop” gem. My feeling on Dragonette is that they always have 2-3 amazing songs per album and the rest fall flat. I kinda had that expectation again as I covered new single “Rocket Ship” but then I got into the album and am slowly realizing that Bodyparts is something else. Seeing songs like massive first single “Let It Go” live on Tuesday made me realize that these 3 Canadians are getting bigger and tighter with each pass.

Read more

[EVENT] Join The Burning Ear, Y Luv, Mind The Gap, Act As If & more to raise money for Charity Water

♫ Odd Us – Pray

♫ Mind The Gap – Find My Way

♫ Act As If – Oh My My

♫ Y LUV – Keep It Rollin

♫ Elevaters – Take Me Out

Do you love live music, good times, cold drinks, new people, any of the bands above, and helping a great cause? Of course you do! If you live anywhere near Los Angeles you can roll all that goodness into one night this Saturday to help us raise money for Charity Water! (& celebrate my birthday!) Charity: Water is a non-profit organization that brings clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. This charity is unique as 100% of all public donations directly fund water projects.

1 billion people on this planet do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s 1 in 8 of us. Tackling other issues like health, education, hunger, and civil rights is almost impossible in countries where something as fundamental as clean water is unavailable.

Your $20 admission to this event will provide clean water to another Read more

[LIVE] Frank + Derol, DWNTWN, Wildcat! Wildcat!, & Magic Hands @ The Echo, August 27, 2012

♫ Frank + Derol – Barely Love You Too

I was apprehensive about how these newcomers would pull off their delicate grooves but they absolutely impressed. Solid musicianship cracked up to “rock.” Songs I heard for first time sounded like instant favorites. Plus a Smashing Pumpkins cover never hurts. Catch them on tour with Wolf Gang this fall!

♫ DWNTWN – Alamo Square

I’ve seen DWNTWN a bunch this past year and this crowd was definitely the biggest dance party I’ve seen rocking out. (Well, aside from Read more

[LIVE/MP3] The Royal Concept @ The Troubadour, August 19, 2012 (w/ “Naked & Dumb”)

♫ The Royal Concept – Naked & Dumb

The band recently known as The Concept get a lot of flack for sounding so much like Phoenix but until those Frenchies release something new I’m more than pleased with their Swedish colleagues in epic hook-rock crime. These guys are already big back home but only have a handful of songs out Stateside. It’s just a matter of time. Their set rocked through TBE faves “D-D-Dance” & “Gimme Twice,” delivering precision, enthusiasm, and a stage presence that betrays their pro experience in other bands. Frontman David Larson’s stage banter was seven funny, open, and enjoyable. Weird…

Get all up in new jam “Naked & Dumb”, bask in the bouncy strings, and then catch these guys live. If only to be able to someday say you saw them back when. Or just cause you want one of the most fun rock shows ever.

Current US tour shows: HERE


[LIVE] Kitten & Charli XCX @ The Troubadour, August 17, 2012


Both Kitten and Charli XCX on the same lineup!? Each has one song I adore and neither played that song. Interestingly, that recipe for concert disaster turned out half OK. Kitten’s roaring set delivered so much else that I couldn’t help but be stoked about every second of it. Singer Chloe is 16 and performs like she has spent every one of those years preparing for it. A frantic barefoot motorized dervish, the stage is her playground and the music her fuel source. Every song is consumed by her body, only to be reborn bigger and more fierce through her Read more

[LIVE] Meg Myers @ The Bootleg, Los Angeles, Aug. 13, 2012


♫ Meg Myers – Adelaide

Army Navy opened. Tribes after that. The room was pretty full for both and people watched. Then Meg Myers came on and I realized that nobody had really been watching the previous bands because now they were really watching. Listening. Entranced. Myers’ diminutive frame held the audience through fantastic renditions of the songs off her great debut EP and a few others. With her on stage, her body taken hostage by the music and it’s emotions, its clear she is a talent here to stay. Well, not on stages this small but you know what I mean. Anyone in LA would be wise to catch her at one of her 2 remaining residency dates. They are free. Its a no brainer.

Upcoming shows:

  Aug 20 Bootleg Bar Los Angeles, CA
  Aug 27 Bootleg Bar Los Angeles, CA

[LP/LIVE] Alt-J – AN AWESOME WAVE (w/ “Fitzpleasure”) + Live @ The Echo 8/1/12

tall woman, pull the pylons down, and wrap them around the necks of all the feckless men that queue to be next

♫ Alt-J – Fitzpleasure

After falling hard for “Breezeblocks” a few weeks back it’s been pretty much non-stop Alt-J around TBE HQ. Their debut album An Awesome Wave is clocking highly regular rotation and few people escape close proximity to me without having something played for them. “Tesselate,” “Fitzpleasure” and now “Matilda” are all growing on me strong. Even the interludes are magical. Needless to say, I was excited for their show on Tuesday. Excited but Read more

[LIVE] The xx & Haim @ Henry Fonda Theater, Hollywood, CA – July 23, 2012

Walking into The Henry Fonda I was more than pleasantly surprised to see Haim on stage as a surprise replacement opening act. The 3 sisters ripped through the 3 songs we know and they were good. The real surprise was the electricity they blasted through their new stuff. They ended the stellar set with each of them on a drum kit pounding away in a rumbling group drum solo that had every eye and ear in the room locked in. Truly stunning.

An opening act this good would be a worry for any headliner and having never seen The xx before, I have to say I was a Read more

The Burning Ear Presents: Saint Motel @ The El Rey in Los Angeles, Saturday July 14

Click image to buy discount tickets

♫ Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces

Any regular reader of The Burning Ear should know Saint Motel and their infectious jams, stellar music videos, and ass kicking live shows. The Burning Ear couldn’t be prouder to be presenting 2 out of those 3 things next weekend at the beautiful El Rey theater in Los Angeles. Saint Motel releasing their debut album Voyeur by playing with fellow TBE alums Chasing Kings and Princeton so it’s sure to be a damn good show. Grab your tickets on the cheap here (you can even get the album+ticket bundle for a steal!) and then come for a night of rollicking fun! Also head here to grab their new single “Benny Goodman” for free!

Enter to WIN a pair of tickets here! 

[LIVE] Young Empires & Humans @ Bootleg, LA, CA – 7/5/2012

♫ Young Empires – Against The Wall (Demo)

When I booked Humans and Young Empires back-to-back at Day 1 of The Burning Ear SXSW parties I knew it would be a good pairing but never knew that the two bands would vibe so hard they would end up touring together. Thursday night I felt like a proud father. Two band’s from my motherland of Canada rocking socks in my hometown. Humans kicked off the fun with Robbie’s awesome vocals wrapping around the surging grooves as the room started moving. Young Empires followed up with a rocking set of their tropical “haute rock” that was about as tight as they come. These guys deliver the goods every time. Just watching Read more

[LIVE] Icona Pop & DWNTWN @ School Night, Hollywood, CA – 6/25/12

♫ Icona Pop – Nights Like This

What’s better that one of your favorite girl-fronted indie electro pop bands playing live right in front of you? Well, TWO of them! Last night Icona Pop brought that Swedish mega-pop magic to LA and got the whole room moving to epic jams “Manners,” Some new tracks, and of course the song of the summer “I Love It.” They didn’t play my other favorite “Nights Like This” so I’ll be cranking it up and continuing the dance party right now.

♫ DWNTWN – Alamo Square

DWNTWN followed and debuted a keyboard player who added some nice oomph to their live sound. The room kept dancing as they mixed older jams with newer stuff off their just released EP. I talked to at least 2 people who had never heard of either band before the night and is now a big fan of both. Sweetness.

[LIVE] Y Luv @ The Roxy, Hollywood, CA – 6/23/12

♫ Y Luv – Earthquakes

Hey remember when you read an article about Guns N Roses or some other big 80s Hollywood band and they talked about how the LA scene revolved around The Roxy? Yeah that aint true anymore. Epic rockers Y Luv were invited to play a KROQ locals only show there on Saturday night and besides their awkward set time of 8:30, they were rushed with a 10 minute set up time. Not ideal. However they obviously killed it, rocking some new faces and pleasing some old ones. A couple new tracks debuted and I’m stoked to hear them recorded. Oh, and did I mention that bands should not play The Roxy in LA? And can someone please buy me a new concert camera already? I’m sick of looking at my crap iPhone pictures.