Mr. Sanka – “Gallon” + “Flight Mode” // David Booth

Mr. Sanka make music for feeling good, feeling great, and then all the feelings that come the morning when you are sure your feelings are sideways. Get twisted up in their web of colors and emotions with “Gallon” and “Flight Mode”. Get into their respective EPs here.

Inspired & the Sleep – “Polaroid Season” // Dan Levin

“Polaroid Season” is 3rd installment from Inspired & The Sleep’s AVO series and is a perfect soundtrack for skipping through tripped out dreamscapes on your way to a taco truck.

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Memoryy – “Running” // Bo Bartlett

Memoryy continues the tease to his forthcoming SKELETONS LP (April 11th) with this synthed up jammer tailor made for 80s movie montages about escaping bullies or building robots or other cool things that we don’t think about enough these days.

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Krrum – “Moon” // Collin van der Sluijs

Krrum delivers another jams that makes me feel dirty and confused and inspired in all the right ways.

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Lizzy Land – “Sweet Melodies” (Schier Remix) + (SUNNY + BARE remix) // Saki Souda

I hear a remix playing in my head like wooo-ooooh-oooh!

And then I hear it again and again because Lizzy Land has dropped 4 remixes to hier killer debut jam “Sweet Melodies” and until we get another single I’ll just be over here spinning my 2 favorites of the remixes.

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The Outer Vibe – “Sweet to the Rind” + “Pink Moon” // Luke Pearson

There is a party going on in my head and you should really join! These two new jams from The Outer Vibe have got me so pumped for hopefully seeing them live again soon. Ever since I missed them at SXSW I’ve been consoling myself with mini dance parties of “Sweet To The Rind” and “Pink Moon”. It’s a fine back to back playlist combo.

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Glassio – “Morning House (feat. Charles Fauna)” // Manon Wertenbroek

Let Glassio’s beats pull you out of your Monday shell and Charles Fauna’s silky voice calm your nerves as you face the week ahead. “Morning House” is a groover to keep on repeat until its infectious grooves have you sufficiently pumped!

Be sure to also get into the killer Charles Fauna (FKA Paideia) jam “Restless Child” on VINYL MOON Vol 014: From The Window

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[DEBUT] The Aces – “Stuck” // Diego Gravinese

“Stuck” is only the first track from The Aces but I get the strong feeling there is a bigger beast simmering under these waters and we’ll eventually have plenty more jams to sink our teeth into.

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Coucheron – “LOUD” // PIRU

One of the highlights of my SXSW was finally seeing Coucheron live (at our own showcase!) and watching him rip through his eclectic mix of jams and bangers. A generally sweaty good time all around! Be sure to catch him live if you can. And in the meantime kick back to “Loud”!

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Jake McMullen – “Falling” // Eiko Ojala

Get ready for some feelings, because “Falling” is full of them. Jake McMullen feeding right into my wavelength on this one. More of this tender groovy magic please!

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Stevie Talks – “Someday” // Alex Proba

Sit in the sun a bit with Stevie Talks. He’ll bring the stories, you bring the beers. An hour or two later and you’ll both feel better. I sure do.

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Slow Dancer – “Don’t Believe” // Josephin Ritschel

Slow Dancer is back with the endlessly fantastic “Don’t Believe” which you are going to want to enjoy in both pure audio and video form right here. Its a song that makes any day’s troubles just a little bit lighter. Dive in.

Also check out Slow Dancer’s great track “Took The Floor Out” on VINYL MOON Vol 006: Space & Sound

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Donnie Castle – “Oooh” // Narciso Espiritu

I can totally imagine driving fast through the countryside with Donnie Castle on blast through the windows! Well… until the car breaks down on the side of a dark back woods road… and then the sky starts doing things it isn’t supposed to.

Listen to the track on Spotify. Just don’t rely on cell reception to stream it…

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Jazz Morley – “Ruin Me” // Julie Cockburn

There is lots to love about Jazz Morely, and her honesty here on “Ruin Me” only adds to the list. Bliss out to this new track as you absorb her story behind it here.

Ruin Me about finding yourself in a bad place in life, feeling like you’re only just holding it together, and being vulnerable to another’s influence- be it good or bad. Sometimes when the world seems grey and hopeless, and you’re craving anything that isn’t mundane normality, meeting somebody new can be both exciting and dangerous.

Be sure to catch Jazz’s fantastic track “Bad Love” on Vinyl Moon Vol 016: Breathing Shadows.

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Tamu Massif – “Iron Lights” // Fumiha Tanaka

Tamu Massif always succeeds in taking me to a different place. Something like right here. But not. Its hard to explain. But I’ve got a few more spins of the beautiful “Iron Lights” to figure it out before get plopped back at my desk.

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