Crystal Liu

Future Generations – “Coast” // Crystal Liu

Nothing like belting out some big “oooo OOOhh!”s and rocking along to some killer guitar riffage. Perfect for a summertime full of friends and flings.

Future Generations’ self-titled debut LP will be out July 29th, 2016 on Frenchkiss Records. Preorder the album now and get “Stars” and “Coast” immediately.

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Jason Freeny

Life – “Rare Boots” // Jason Feeny

I stare into space

I see nothing

I fell on my face

I felt nothing

Sounds like a recipe for some boot kicking angst to me. Fire it up! Punk like this brings me back. Until Life releases some more I’ll be over here moshing into my closet door and damaging my eardrums.  Read more

Osma Harvilahti

B R Ö D E T are always swapping tongues in ULTRA weird ways to you; their new and slightly confused FRIEND

“Ultra Friend” is the song that has always been way more adventurous than you but still lets you come along on all its cool adventure. It easts stuff off the forest floor that makes you nervous and tells you stories about reality being a butterfly’s dream that make you nervous. But you still keep coming back for more.  Read more