Dornik – “Rebound” + “Drive”

Juan TraviesoLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Juan Travieso [via]

Life is all about perception and Dornik is about to change yours. “Rebound” is the kind of song that alters the way you see the world, putting everything through a bit of a magical filter and lifting the grey haze your mind tends to lay on things.Its a wink from your dog when you get home from work. Its a ray of sunshine illuminating that first drink of the weekend.

But when you are done winking back at your dog don’t forget to dive into the slinky sex of “Drive”.  Read more

Mura Masa – “Firefly” (ft. Nao)

KiSung KohLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: KiSung Koh [via]

As we all head into the weekend, its important to remember the power of the crew. The people that love us and support us. The fireflies that light the way through dark passages and blind corners. Give them love, keep them close, and dedicate this tripped out groover to them.  Read more

Scooter Island – “Breezy” ft. Zoe Penina

Amy HarrityLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Amy Harrity [via]

There are no cars allowed on Scooter Island. Even the 2 wheeled vehicles the place is named after are rarely used. There is nowhere to rush to. Any distance can be traveled with enough time and enough friends to sing and dance along the way. So welcome to Scooter Island. Life is easy, breezy, and you better take off those damn shoes.  Read more

Tribe Society – “Pain Told Love” (feat. Kiesza)

Lioba BrucknerLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Lioba Bruckner [via]

“Pain Told Love” is one of those songs so beautifully intimate that you feel like you have to be quiet while you are listening so you don’t interrupt the emotional conversation between these two. Tribe Society and Kiesza sing so earnestly to each other, we just get to be a little bird listening in. And when things build so much they feel like they may burst we feel lucky that we can just flutter to a higher branch and let these two do their dance in the forest clearing below.  Read more

Oslo Parks – “Slipping Away”

James R. EadsLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: James R. Eads [via]

Oslo Parks are back with another gem of a jam that lets a bit of Foals slip into their sunset indie rock grooves. “Slipping Away” is a swirling ride perfect for easing you into the weekend our out of a hangover. Either way you are slipping away from something and doing it at the hands of the best.  Read more

CRUISR – “Throw Shade” + “Moving To Neptune”

Salavat FidaiLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Salavat Fidai [via]

Open wide, take a deep breath, tie your shoes, stretch those hamstrings, and do whatever else you do to prepare yourself because Cruisr just dropped a double dose of their signature indie singalong gold. It is no time to be a slouch! There are volume knobs to turn up! Air guitars to shred! Sweat to break! And ex-lovers to throw shade at! Read more

ROMN – “Collide”

Scott ListfieldLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Scott Listfield [via]

I wonder if giant aliens on a collision course with our planet make playlists for their upcoming activities? I certainly would. Destroying whole civilizations has got to be exhausting and a jam like “Collide” is sure to keep some pep in the old tentacle as its levels and terrorizes.  Read more

Quilici – “Big Glass House”

Aimee Bee BrooksLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Aimee Bee Brooks [via]

Quilici is kind of obsessed with forever. But when you got such a good thing going on, who is going to argue? First it was the pool of love that went on for infinity. Now he wants Summer to last forever. I solidly support both of those things being stretched until the end of time. Stretched so tight that they make an eternal trampoline we can jump on while cranking Quilici jams loud.  Read more

Fine Print – “About You”

James RekaLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: James Reka [via]

Fine Print want you to know that they are thinking about you. And they want you to have sexy thoughts about it. How do I know? Listen to the sax solo at 2:45 and tell me otherwise! “About You” drips of smooth vibrations and nighttime undulations.  Read more