Julia Lopez

TEN FÉ – “In The Air”

It’s songs like this new one from Ten Fé that make me anxious for summer nights with the windows down and city lights flickering all around. Air drums on the steering wheel interrupted only by the singalong moments in the chorus. Headed somewhere important. Probably. Whatever. Turn it up and play it again.  Read more

Kirsty Mitchell

Wild & Free – “River Of Nile”

Nothing better than going on a woodland stroll with the crisp winter air filling your lungs and the steamy sounds of Wild & Free in your ears. Just keep those eyes peeled for any damsels in distress. You are going to want to keep that day bag full of a few snacks for the ensuing adventure…  Read more

Zachari Logan

Andre Tajchman – “Foe”

Sometimes the slack jawed tourists in the Times Square of one’s mind can get a bit to hectic to handle. Bumping into street posts and generally gumming up the works. Whether they were once invited or not, its time to kick them out. Time to spray down the streets and clean things up a bit. A new day is coming and we can’t have that kind of energy hanging about.  Read more

Gonzalo García Calvo

VHVL – “lthrgy”

Just when you thought you threw that dumb idea out and went to bed… it pulled itself up by it’s paper bootstraps and set off on a mission to invade your dreams and make sure you understood its potential. And when you awake to the feeling of heavy breaths on the back of your eyelids you understand what you were missing yesterday. And the creation continues. Read more

Lek Chan

SKYES – “Dry”

No better way of telling someone you don’t miss them than writing a song so haunting gorgeous its sure to be stuck deep in their brain through many a restless sleep. They may not miss you either but they will sure start missing their sanity soon.  Read more

Aykut Aydogdu

MAINLAND – “A Bit Out Of Time”

This new one from Mainland is about as effortlessly infectious as it it gets. As deceptively loose as it is catchy. Just the right kind of melancholy guitar groove for the impending Winter creeping around the corner. Get into it.  Read more

Glenn Brown

St. Tropez – “Son Of God”

With St Tropez on the loose, you are gonna have to do more than save yourself. You should think about saving your pets, your clean underwear, and any deities that aren’t nailed down. “Son Of God” means business and doesn’t have the patience to wait around for you.  Read more