Hilo Chen

Neon Indian – “Annie”

Neon Indian is back and sounding better than ever. I don’t know where he’s been hiding but it sounds like it may have involved a time machine fueled by warm beer and tanning lotion. Lets hope the whole upcoming album is just as delightfully sweaty.  Read more

Josh Keyes and Brin Levinson

Meeka Kates – “Closure”

Make yourself at home among the dimly lit streets and crusty creatures of your local metropolis with the smooth swagger of Meeka Kates in your ear. “Closure” is exactly the kind of multi-purpose jam you can use  to ramp up, get wild, or come down to. All slippery grooves and sultry whispers over a muted DMX (?) sample that keeps things moving on pace. Read more

Yago Hortal

Passport To Stockholm – “Chemistry”

Sometime “All At Once” is exactly how it happens. You are just sitting there with a knife full of butter waiting for the toast to be done and suddenly it hits you. The thoughts are bright colors rushing through your blood and you realize how foolish you have been to deny it. You have to text them right now! No, call! The toast can wait!  Read more

Steve Kim

The Palms – “Breaking (In The Summer)”

If you are doing it right, Summer should be full of hot days, long nights, jangly pop songs, and a bit of lusty heart break. Perhaps you are living own tale of sexual discovery under the ocean breeze? Foggier memories reveal even foggier motivations as you navigate the treacherous waters of the rest of your life.  Read more

Izziyana Suhaimi

Sjowgren – “Seventeen”

If you ever come across a girl as patient, understanding, and talented I suggest you don’t take more than the second she offers you to breathe because with songs this endlessly catchy under her belt she wont be waiting around for your indecisive ass very long. Blink to hard and she will be hanging out of a convertible ripping through corn fields on her way to a barbecue that will have the biggest bonfire ever. And you wont even have anything in the fridge to eat.  Read more

Ruben Sanchez

Story of the Running Wolf – “Electric”

The lords of lasers and late nights are finally back with a loooong awaited follow up to “Stratospheric”. Time to mount whatever fantastical steed your are riding these days and head for the clouds so you can catch glimpse of the glowing drum sticks and reflective spandex that make SOTRW’s live shows so epic. Then take the scenic route back to earth with “Electric” cranked high and your eyelids hanging low. Its been a good night.

“Electric” is the title track from the upcoming EP available 9.9.15  Read more

Boris Pelcer

[PREMIERE/DEBUT] Crooked Cobbles – “Tried”

It’s not until the milk soaks through your pants that it’s chill on your thigh makes you realize you are somewhere very far away. The silence of the morning has kidnapped your mind and there is nothing your cereal can do but wait patiently, soaking in liquid the way your thoughts are soaking in the deep expanses of the star-scapes above. Both of them expanding beyond their recommended capacity, only one to return safely to a recognizable form.  Read more

Olivia Knapp 3 - good planning amanda, 4/24/14, 4:52 PM, 16C, 10666x14213 (0+0), 133%, Custom,  1/40 s, R72.3, G50.4, B67.2

Hjaltalín – “We Will Live For Ages”

I don’t even know about the things I’ve said

I don’t even know how many times we’ve met

On those days when it feels like your mind is slipping out the back door like a dog with a stolen bit of burrito its comforting to know that Hjaltalín are barely hanging on too. And humbling to hear them set their mental uncertainty to such beautifully funky yet somewhat tense indie grooves.  Read more