XO – “Flames of a Phoenix”

Ash ThorpLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Ash Thorp [via]

I imagine that if you an intergalactic alien bounty hunter you probably have a favorite playlist of jams you listen to while you are on the hunt. Something to keep your adrenaline high and mind sharp. Kinetic and pulsing, to link with your increased heartbeat, but not too busy that you might take a 2 foot talon to the neck from being distracted.  Read more


Meghan HowlandLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Meghan Howland [via]

When the one you love is far away sometimes all you can do is crank up some LANY, pull a scarf tight around your face, and let the fuzzy fabric stir up memories on the back of your eyelids.


Molly Moore – “Don’t Believe It” + LIVE Tonight @ The Spare Room

Maria Aparicio PuentesLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Maria Aparicio Puentes [via]

“The best world is the one you make” is some pretty damn good advice from Molly Moore on this highly infectious new pop jammer. Its a song for blasting through car windows so loud that the car next to you starts singing along too. Get on that today and then make your night all about Molly’s live show at The Spare Room. “Don’t Believe It” was co-written with  Read more

Lostboycrow – “C’est La Vie”

Horyon LeeArtist: Horyon Lee [via]

Lostboy continues to make the kind of music that seems to come from within my own mind. Like a slightly tipsy version of the angel on my shoulder, whispering stories in my ear about lost loves of his and how they were once with his grasp. Tales I always like to hear.  Read more

Wonderful Humans – “Don’t You”

Leonardo SantamariaArtist: Leonardo Santamaria [via]

If you are currently feeling sleepy I wouldn’t recommend listening to “Don’t You” as you fall asleep because dancing horns and come-on vocals will surely trigger lusty dreams of cloned island vixens that could possibly alter the fabric of your reality so that when you wake up you may actually be irresistible to ladies. And that just sounds like a lot of responsibility to wake up to.  Read more

POWERS – “Beat Of My Drum”

Aleksandra KingoArtist:Aleksandra Kingo [via]

Both hands on the wheel, gentlemen. Wouldn’t want those hairy knuckles veering you into uncharted territory and risking that pretty face. Best to admire from a distance and work on that one dance move you’ve peacocked with before. Works better than a yellow sports car anyway. She will notice, don’t worry. Practice to Powers‘ “Beat of My Drum” and you will be fine.

Then bring those moved to The Echo tonight for Read more

[PREMIERE] Third Eye Blind – “Mine” (Beyonce cover)

Leslie Ann OdellLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Leslie Ann O'Dell [via]

One of the most beautiful things about music, in all its shapes and forms, is its ability to dig deep into your soul and strum something real and raw. To elicit the kind of emotional response usually reserved for the first day of spring of a new crush. I’ll never forget my own first fall into love “love” and having the whole whirlwind of naive longing soundtracked by Third Eye Blind’s debut album. The wounds of that youthful relationship have long since faded and been replaced by the wisdom and additional wounds of growing older. But hearing Stephen Jenkins’ voice always sets my mind in a special state.

Being older and wiser is luckily no reason to not be deeply affected by music. As Jenkins states below, he had his own chemical reaction to hearing Beyonce’s “Mine” and I’m just honored to Read more

THØSS – “Swing”

Henrietta HarrisLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Henrietta Harris [via]

Sometimes thinking with your eyes open can be distracting. You need to drop your eyelids, take a seat in the grass, and really dig deep. Trace your thoughts past the back alleys and abandoned storefronts in your mind to find that dusty nugget of something you were looking for. When you find it you open your eyes again and suddenly its gone again. But you know you had it, for a fleeting second, in your mind. The only place that really matters.  Read more