Gavin Turek - REMEMBER

Gavin Turek – “Remember”

[soundcloud id=’131606659′]

Life isn’t easy for Gavin Turek. A name like that sets a pretty high bar for being a general badass. Luckily for her, “Remember” high fives that  bar mid disco leap. With slightly spooky two-step production by TBE fave Harlan, Gavin has nailed our favorite song of hers yet.

Mystery Skulls - Ghost

[VIDEO] Mystery Skulls – “Ghost”

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After simmering under the radar for far too long, L.A.’s Mystery Skulls is finally dropping major league heat! “Ghost” is the debut single of his forthcoming Warner Brothers records album and I’m sure glad they gave him some budget for this killer video. Hold on tight and watch to the end. I’ll even watch with you!

SPEAK - Be Reasonable, Diane

SPEAK – “Be Reasonable, Diane”

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TBE Homies Speak just announced a tour with RAC so you know half the country just checked their calendars (don’t be in the wrong half!). To celebrate they released a new jam “Be Reasonable, Diane” and it couldn’t be sweeter. These guys from Austin craft some of the finest soulful yet party worthy tracks around. First a killer Los Angeles residency at The Bootleg and now this? 2014 is going to a be big year for Speak.


Breton – “S Four”

[soundcloud id=’130662194′]

Recent TBE faves Breton tone things down a bit with this brooding spazz jammer that intermittently hiccups big things. I can only hope they get the recognition they deserve in 2014. Listen to their whole new LP War Stories below.


SKOGSRÅ – “Now You See Me”

[soundcloud id=’126149345′]
Oh man, Sweden again with the win! Skogsra’s debut track is all hot sheets and scuffed dance floor. Sexy to the max. Nearly seven minutes of ups, down, and twirls as he takes you on a beautifully funky ride.


[PREMIERE] Germany Germany – “On Your Own” + “1978”

I can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year then with new Germany Germany! The dancey, spacey, synthy, and magical sounds of Vancouver’s Drew Harris have been longtime favorites of mine so it’s an honor to premiere “On Your Own.” This jam opens Germany Germany’s new album Reconnect which comes out tomorrow. “On Your Own” is a gorgeous belnd of elastic throwback synthesizers and grinding guitar licks that whip up a groove perfect for partying, driving, dancing, or just reflecting on that last year. However you spend New Year’s Eve, spend it with some Germany Germany.

BONUS: I just got word I can include the dance party monster “1978” here too. For part of the night after the ball drop when everyone is 3 sheets and ready to get weird! Get weird!


Kid Cadaver – KID CADAVER EP

So it’s Monday and your feet are cold and you are staring at your second cup of coffee wondering if you’ve just become immune. You need some Kid Cadaver in your head! These LA live show-favorites have been on TBE before but I feel strongly that their self-titled EP deserves its own post. 6  tracks of instantly energizing and infectious indie rock jams. EP closer “Stick Around” has been my favorite lately. But I don’t ever skip a track to get there. Enjoy the ride! 

Memoryy - Nostalgia Remix EP

[PREMIERE] Memoryy – NOSTALGIA REMIX EP w/ Brothertiger remix

Thank goodness its Friday. Thank goodness Memoryy no longer go by Kitten Berry Crunch. And thank goodness we have this sweet as hunk of fun to get us through the weekend. If Memoryy’s jam “Nostalgia” is the anchor for this remix EP, then the Brothertiger remix is the sea it floats in. Soft, soothing, and with just the right rhythmic lapping at the hull of my brain. I’ll let you all figure out what other nautical items the other tracks are because I’m already drifting out to sea…