Music Video Roundup – 04.10.2013 [Yacht, Wavves, Poolside, A$AP Rocky, Yeah Yeah Yeahs]

Music-Video-RoundupGAAAAHHH!!! Hot damn, its been too long! These server issues keeping TBE down is like being held under wtaer. I cant share music means I can’t breathe. And the hits don’t stop coming! SO many videos to share. Stay tuned over the next few days.

Yacht – “Second Summer”

Never got, or got into, these guys but this track and it’s accompanying visual mind bender are a Read more

[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 03.26.13 [Capital Cities, Biffy Clyro, Rihanna, Wake Owl, The Leisure Scoiety]

Music-Video-RoundupYeah yeah, its been a while. SXSW got the best of me down in Austin and Ive been buried ever since. Some of these are a few weeks old but if you haven’t wrapped your eyeballs around em yet then wait no longer. Some TBE faves up in this mix!

Capital Cities – “Safe and Sound”

The video we’ve waited almost 2 years for is finally here! Capital Cities bring that goofy live party vibe to video! Love Read more

Cherub - Jazzercise 95

[Video Premiere] Cherub – “Jazzercise ’95”

Cherub - Jazzercise 95

Quick, what are the first words that come to you head when you think of Cherub? If you said sexy, fun, and sweaty. Then you hit the nail on the head and win the prize of first look at their hott new video for “Jazzercise ’95.” The track is out now and the 100 Bottles EP comes out next week (3/5). Until then feast your eyes on this flesh and spandex extravaganza. Can we get an outtakes clip, please?

[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 02.27.13 [Haim, The 1975, Woodkid, Asbjørn, Matt & Kim]

Music-Video-RoundupI hope you guys are keeping up with these. I know I’ve been dropping feature length video roundups on the regular lately but its not my damn fault. I dont make these things! I just eat my breakfast to them! And then spread them around, sharing the love and magic. Because goodness knows we dont need another indie band live performance video or pop song shot in “du club.” Creativity will always be Read more

[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 02.23.13 [Humans, Black Light Dinner Party, Clubfeet, Dems, Local Natives]

Music-Video-RoundupI said I would and now I am! More music video madness for y’all to dive your eyes & ears into. As I think we all do, I watch a lot of boring, stale, and unimaginative music videos these days. Yet I am continually refreshed by the sheer number of quality videos that are also being produced. From simple low budget stomach turners like Humans’ latest to years-in0the-making animated mind benders like Black Light Dinner Party’s new one. Dems go rough with their special effects and Clubfeet go seamless and both kept me engaged for every second. And Local Natives went all beautifully oddball on us. The only unifying aspect of these videos is there are no performance shots. No band members playing any instruments. Who needs that!?

HUMANS – “Wicked Games” ft. Tristan Orchard

Don’t look away. And please, dont Read more

[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 2.04.13


The website is still giving me (and thus the world!) some troubles. Turns out it may be related to traffic from dumb sites like Beemp3. I didn’t think anyone actually cared about mp3s anymore… Anyway, so while I keep tinkering under the hood you guys kick back with some great music videos that have come through the pipeline! Read more


[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 01.24.13

Music-Video-RoundupPeel those eyelids back for this weeks collection of great music videos. Last weeks selection took a couple weeks to collect but this one came together in 1 night! I guess that’s what happens when you go on vacation and the vids pile up. Either way, I had a blast watching these and thing you will too.

Sun City – “High”

Australia’s Sun City set a high standard for the year with kids doing Read more

Hunter Hunted

[STREAM/VIDEO] Hunter Hunted – “The End Of The World”

the end is coming but we already know

  • Who: Mike & Dan from Lady Danville
  • What: Big indie piano rock, like Frida Sundemo, On An On, Trails & Ways
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
  • When: Their single dropped today.
  • Why: From the ashes of the recently evolved (and even more recently disbanded) Lady Danville was born Hunter Hunted. “The End Of The World” has a timely release today as a massive pop jam for singing “oooh ooohs” too as you bob aggressively to the funked out synth grooves. And then there is the video! A beautiful example of what no budget, big creativity, and some elbow grease can get you. Sure, its sad that Lady Danville is no more, but as we will all learn tomorrow, with every “end” comes a beautiful new beginning. Take that, Mayans!
Frida Sundemo

[MP3] Frida Sundemo – “Indigo”

oh, please don’t let it go, oh, don’t you let it go to waste

  • Who: Frida
  • What: Synth girl-pop, like RobynIcona Pop,
  • Where: Gothenburg, Sweden + Facebook
  • When: The “Indigo” single is out next year.
  • Why: “Indigo” is one of those jams that seemed alright enough at first listen. The groove was good, the vocals catchy, the video engaging enough (with a twist!). But then I listened again. And again. And before I knew it this damned song was bouncing through my mind at all hours of the day. I only hope she is referring to Read more
Kate Boy

[STREAM/VIDEO] Kate Boy – “Northern Lights” + “In Your Eyes”

pick me up slam me down cuz my heart is hitting every beat

  • Who: 3 guys and that girl
  • What: Indie dance pop, like Icona Pop, Kitten, The Knife
  • Where: Sweden (I think) + Facebook
  • When: Just 2 songs for now.
  • Why: “Northern Lights” is one of those songs that stopped me dead the first time I heard it. That heavy hitting bass line. Those tweaky sounds The Knife made popular. Those oversized vocals. And the video is an equally gorgeous piece of minimal and beautiful art. Its the kind of song that had me Read more