Tep No – “Is It Too Much That Im Asking For” // Kelsey Beckett

Tep No continues his domination of the sad/sexy jam genre with a fantastic new one that is perfect for winter wooing. Make sure you are up to speed on all his jams, especially “The Last Ones Standing” which was featured on the highly sought after VINYL MOON Volume 002.

Midnight Mystery Club – “Run” + Album Preview // George Greaves

The wonderfully named Midnight Mystery Club has teased us with a preview of their debut album (below) which is if you are like me and already love the sunset groover “Run” (above) and previously posted “Richest Man In The World” then you are already excited for it. Turn down the lights and turn up the music!

Make sure to check out Midnight Mystery Club on VINYL MOON Volume 017 as well!

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[MP3] Ghost Hours – “Head” // Xabier Sagasta

Haunted by an ex-lover but actually wish you were more haunted? Ghost Hours has all your ex-lover haunting needs covered.

Download ‘HEAD’ mp3 for free here and then get into Ghost Hours’ “Can’t Stop Moving” on VINYL MOON Volume 003.

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Goldroger – “Unter Nelken” // Matt Williams

If you’ve never got into German hip hop then Goldroger is the perfect dude to invite you behind the beaded curtain. I don’t even speak German but have had “Unter Nelken” on repeat the past few weeks and its been slowly loosening up my brain in all the right ways. I gotta be careful with what lyrics I drop at my local Biergarten…

Make sure to take a long gander at the beautiful cover art for the full LP Avrakadavra by the wonderful YAWN who did the artwork for Vinyl Moon Volume 004 (as well as the Vinyl Moon logo!)

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Freedom Fry – “Awake” + “Linger” (Cranberries cover) // Hueman

Freedom Fry have become one of the most sure fire ways to melt away your blues. Between the scrappy handclaps, bouncy grooves, string strumming, and perfect boy-girl vocals, these two have tapped into a musical joy that the world needs more of.

But just when you think it’s all fun and games with these two, they bust out the lighters and ignite some serious sing-along nostalgia with their cover of The Cranberries “Linger”. Beautiful.

Be sure to check out Freedom Fry’s killer (and off-kilter) cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit on Vinyl Moon Volume 015!

Shallou x RKCB – “Slow” // Ana Maria

This is the what dreams are made of. Two TBE heavyweights collaborate on a track and it melts right through my speakers. I could definitely get down with a whole EP of jams like this.

Vinyl lover rejoice because both RKCB and Shallou were featured on Vinyl Moon! Volume 001 and 002 respectively. Drool as necessary.

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EXES – “Like You” // Connor Willumsen

it stings
lookin’ at you lookin’ at me and i’m feeling something
your fingers
burnin’ on my skin but my touch is doing nothing

For a band called EXES it is no surprise that they nail modern heartache so perfectly. Every lyric stings because it feels so real. We have never been more connected by cheap airfare and fast internet but if the spark in the heart isn’t there it hurts like hell. Thank you EXES for putting that pain to song for all us hopeless romantics.

Get into more EXES here and check out their fantastic track “twentythousand” on VINYL MOON Volume 013. It’s an honor to feature them and I can’t wait to hear what they do next.

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Karl Kling: The VINYL MOON Interview

The Burning Ear and Karl Kling go waaaaaay back. As an integral member of RAC, Karl has been on our radar both through his remixes and contributions to the live show. Watching him branch out into solo stuff was exciting to say the least. Perhaps the only thing more exciting was being able to feature one of those tracks,  “I Will Wait”, on VINYL MOON. Karl has been playing on the RAC/Big Data tour and I recently caught up with him before a huge LA show.

Vinyl Moon: Volume 001
Artist: Karl Kling
Track: “I Will Wait”

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RKCB: The VINYL MOON Interview

For a band whose music is tailor made for nighttime activities it made sense that there wasn’t much revealed about them in the early days. No photos, no website, and no live show until pretty recently. For some bands that feels like a gimmick, but now that those things have emerged it is clear that Riley and Casey are simply all about the music. They weren’t going to put energy into anything that detracted from the songs. And it shows. Its been an honor to hear them evolve and reveal over this past year and I’m proud to present this Interview I recently had with them to celebrate the inclusion of “Baptize” on VINYL MOON Volume 1.

Vinyl Moon: Volume 001
Artist: RKCB
Track: “Baptize”  Read more