Elephante – “Plans” (feat. Brandyn Burnette) // Alise Kra

Another example of Brandyn Burnette’s damn fine vocals on this jam that is perfect for giving thanks to good music, great friends, and loving family in all its forms. Whatever kind of holiday traffic you encounter this weekend, it will be made all the easier with “Plans” cranking at top volume.

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mAsis – “Covered” + “Knees” // Eric Louie

I can’t remember much but I know the sunset was blazing and the wind felt good on my neck. Trying to think too hard hurts right now but mAsis makes it feel a bit better. They usually do.

Get into more mAsis here and check out their fantastic jam “Good Life” on VINYL MOON Volume 012.

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gfbeats – “Maybe Tomorrow” + “Ask Your Friends” // Alec Thibodeau

Even the most sensitive stomachs can pig out on these jams and not feel bloated. The GF in his name stands for “gluten-free” which makes sense considering how well-rounded and healthy I feel after blissing out to “Maybe Tomorrow” while staring at the moon or “Ask Your Friends” while not staring at social media.  Its rather nice to spend some time in my head with just my thoughts and the gentle grooves of GFbeats. More please!

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EXES – “Like You” // Connor Willumsen

it stings
lookin’ at you lookin’ at me and i’m feeling something
your fingers
burnin’ on my skin but my touch is doing nothing

For a band called EXES it is no surprise that they nail modern heartache so perfectly. Every lyric stings because it feels so real. We have never been more connected by cheap airfare and fast internet but if the spark in the heart isn’t there it hurts like hell. Thank you EXES for putting that pain to song for all us hopeless romantics.

Get into more EXES here and check out their fantastic track “twentythousand” on VINYL MOON Volume 013. It’s an honor to feature them and I can’t wait to hear what they do next.

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Twin Wave – “Roll With It” + “Matador” // Jakub Rebelka

When the apocalypse comes sooner than you expect and half your team doesn’t make it through the first wave and your weapons are on the fritz sometimes you just have to turn up the Twin Wave in your cyborg earpiece and roll with it.

Brooklyn’s Twin Wave make the kind of gloom-rock grooves that are perfect for these ever-shorter days and colder nights. “Matador” (below) is perfect for dancing your way through some fresh heartbreak.

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Lyves – “No Love” // Ha Gyung Lee

As I sit here, finally listening to new Lyves, I realize that she waited so long because she needed winter to come. Listening to “No Love” would make so sense with sunshine on your face. As I sit here blowing warm air into chilled hands I feel just a little bit calmer. It is nice having Lyves back in my life.

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[DEBUT] Lannds – “Still” // Rafael Ochoa

When you are feeling lost, know that both Lannds and feel that way too sometimes. Turn up “Still” and sing along with your spirit animal. And then hope that Lannds puts out more songs soon because this debut is stunning.

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Failr – “Animal” feat. AVIVA // Molly Mendoza

Sometimes words can just wrap you in circles. Ditch the he-said/she-said shit and work it out the old fashioned way. Yeah, you know what I’m saying. Dance! ;)

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VAN BOBBI – “Morro Bay” // Stephanie Singleton

“young lovers down by the sea”

I take that lyric as instructions and will spend the weekend accordingly. Both Van Bobbi and I recommend you do the same.

I’ll also be diving into Van Bobbi’s track with Touch Tone on Vinyl Moon Volume 011.

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Kauf – “Pacify” + remix of Grapell’s “Arrow” // Eleni Kalorkoti

Friday with Kauf means either sinking deep into the water or floating up into the sky. Either way, say goodbye to solid ground for the next few minutes. You earned it.

“Pacify” is the 4th release and opening track from debut LP ‘Regrowth‘ due in early 2017.

Also dive into this killer Kauf remix of recent TBE fave from Grapell! So nice…

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Isle & Fever – “Keep On” + Bay Ledges remix // Alessandro Cripsta

If the sun isn’t shining on your right now then you need to turn up the volume. Isle & Fever are emanating pure grooves right here and as if that wasn’t enough there is also a Bay Ledges remix for more good vibes. Flipping between the two versions is like sitting poolside and taking your sunglasses on an off. Just the tint changes but your feet in the pool stay the same.

More of Isle & Fever here and more Bay Ledges here!

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Rodes Rollins – “Young & Thriving” // Angelica Alzona

Lean back in your chair and let Rodes Rollins drift you off to thoughts of the past. Her voice is a perfect conduit to hazy memories of simpler times.

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Bay Ledges – “Safe” // Manjit Thapp

I don’t want to speak too soon but I think I love “Safe”… Just kidding, I’ve been grooving to this new Bay Ledges jam for days. There is no speaking too soon! I definitely love the funked out electro-acoustic grooves this guy makes and “Safe” is absolutely no exception.

Make sure to check out Bay Ledges on Volume 003 of Vinyl Moon!

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Feiertag – “Breathe” + “The Innocence” Feat. Okke Punt // Roberto Rodriguez

Some beautiful grooves from Feiertag here. I love hearing an artist tackle such different vibes. Both dance and sweet melancholy on the same double single. A man not afraid to flex his muscle and show his softer side. Very nice.

Both tracks are on the double single for Boogie Angst – out now!

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Roman Kouder & Cahuita – “Rhodz” // Agostino Iacurci

Put this one in your ear holes as you head out into the world and suddenly everything feels possible. Like with enough patience and flexibility we can bend the world’s problems into new solutions and grow something great from all the strife out there.

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