Stephen Maurice Graham

MALLRAT makes me smile FOR damn REAL

“but time’s not a thing so roll down the windows and we can just sing”

The next time the big ol’ world flexes its weird on you, crank up “For Real” and make everything seem a bit more ok. It may take 2-12 spins for full effect.

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Simon Stålenhag

DANCE WITH THE DEAD are a day-glo INVADER into a world full of darkness


Our impending dystopian future of robot invaders wont be fun for anyone but if we are to have any glimmer of hope in primitively spear-chucking those digital brutes out of the sky then we are going to need the right soundtrack. I think Dance With The Dead probably recorded these songs in the middle of a future battle for the world’s survival and sent these tracks back to us Terminator style. Crank it up and grab the spear sharpener!

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Juliette Clovis

JAZZ MORLEY doesn’t have BAD in her heart, she just isn’t sure she has LOVE in there yet

I’m sure ready for this going steady. As long as its with Jazz Morley…

‘Bad Love’ is about the insecurity and jealousy that comes with new love; the heady cocktail of exciting romance mixed with the fear of being burned.

Produced by the multi-talented long-time TBE fave Draper.Get into more Jazz below.

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Haruko Mori

DYAN have me LOOKING deep into dreamstates FOR adventures so i’d better put down any KNIVES

Every time I listen to this song I’m taken away. Lifted right out of my body and sent on a journey. I can’t promise it will take you to the same places it takes me but if your headphones are on just right and the volume properly blocks the outside world then you’ve got 6 minutes of traveling to do. Enjoy it. I sure as hell will be.

I was lucky enough to see DYAN perform their first live show ever last weekend and it was a beautiful thing. Also, “Looking For Knives” is the title track off of DYAN’s full length debut which is out July 29th. Get on it! (And check out some of the story behind this song over at Popmatters)

Previously on TBE: “St. James” and “Days Upon Days”

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Tatiana Gulenkina

SHARKO send riffs to the heavens for GALILEO to spot

One of my earliest school projects was on my main man Galileo so I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for that stone cold rebel. Thank goodness Sharko didn’t blow it by naming a song after him that didn’t have killer grooves and make me want to revisit it like Galileo did the stars. The crazy thing that at less than 1000 plays on soundcloud, “Galileo” is almost and under-appreciated at the man himself was in his day. Hey wold, let’s not make the same mistake twice!

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