Pretty Sister – “California Girl”

SET DESIGN Rachel Thomas and Sandra FreijArtist:Rachel Thomas and Sandra Freij [via]

Call me biased, call me in love, call me vitamin D saturated, but I wholeheartedly agree with this throwback jam, its sounds, and its overall sentiments.  Thanks to Pretty Sister for laying down our Summer anthem for us.

Pretty Sister - California Girl

Nicky Blitz – “Alive” + HAWK EP

David JienArtist: David Jien [via]

The world is a big crazy place with enough insanity going on already. If you have a family that loves you and puts up with your bad jokes and tolerates your occasional business schemes then you should spend as much time with them as possible. And if you have musical skills like TBE faves Nicky Blitz then you should write a song about that family. With any luck it will be half as fun, goofy,and lovable as “Alive”. Go give your family a hug. And if you see Nicky Blitz, give him one too.

The Hawk EP is out now. Play it loud for the fam.


Day Wave – “Drag”

Ray Collins via Beatiful DecayArtist: Ray Collins [via]

Nobody wants to be a drag. We are all just trying to get by in this world. Make some friends and some memories. But we all come off wrong sometimes. And we all know its a drag to know you are being a drag. But thats the beauty of music. Great songs forgive your fuck ups and treat you the same every time you listen, no matter what you just said to your friends.

Day Wave - Drag

Quilici – “Infinity Pool”

Lorraine Loots via ColossalArtist: Lorraine Loots [via]

This smooth operating seductive love song is definitely not about Coachella’s love which more like a rusty butter knife than an infinity pool. I’ll take a weekend of basking in Quilici’s groovy compliments over that desert hellscape any day.  With this jam as his debut and ties to TBE faves RKCB I’m expecting a lot more great escapes from Quilici.

Infinity Pool

Iro – “Sun” + “Habits” (Tove Lo cover)

Gabriel Schama via ColossalArtist: Gabriel Schama [via]

With the windows down and the dusty air whipping through the car there is only one direction to go! To the desert! Tap those hands on the steering wheel and get that head bob locked in a tight groove, you can taste the weekend on the horizon!

Then, when you are hazily making your way back to reality after the blur of weekend has left your mind broken you’ve got this killer “Habits” cover to haunt yourself with.

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[MP3] CIRC – “Data Cream” + Family Strike EP

Stephen Abela via Its Nice ThatArtist: Stephen Abela [via]

Sure, I’ve got nice LA weather and that may be easy to hate when some of you are freezing your headphone cords in blistering cold climates but hey, I’m just like you. I have bills, rent, responsibilities, etc. And just like you, I don’t have a yacht in a Mediterranean port city that I can wake up and look at every morning snd be speechless about how I ever ended up so lucky. (And if one of you DOES have that, then why haven’t you invited me yet?) In the meantime, I’ve got CIRC and the dreamy tropical adventures he takes me on when I close my eyes.

Download Circ jams at his Bandcamp.

Data Cream

BETABLOCK3R – “In My Head”

Mana Morimoto via ColossalArtist: Mana Morimoto [via]

With yesterday’s rain still settling into the crack’s of Los Angeles’ streets, today blazing sunshine is a refreshing surprise. The kind that puts a spark in your step and lets you see the world with new eyes. The world is groovy, man! Get into it!


MONAKR – “Diamond”

Marcelo Monreal via Beautiful DecayArtist: Marcelo Monreals [via]

Be it something great, something sinister, or more likely something with a bit of each, everyone is hiding something. Its to us to hold back judgement to patiently peel back the layers to catch a glimpse at what really lays beneath a person’s constructed presence. You never know what you might find. Diamonds? Flowers? Black coal? Unbearable heartbreak? It’s all a ride. Get on.

This is groundfloor music here as “Diamond” is MONAKR’s debut single. I’ve heard the next one and you are gonna want to keep your ears (and mind) open.


Shallou. – “Surface”

Navid Baraty via ColossalArtist: Navid Baraty [via]

You ever have that dream where you are laying in your bed and look up and your ceiling has been replaced with a gaping hole to the cosmos and all you can see are blazing stars and hulking planets bustling about the night sky like morning commuters? Then you reach towards the blackness and it lifts your body up, up, up, until you can practically touch the flickering lights! And then your fingers brush something in the blackness. You look at your hands and they are covered in grains and powders. An investigative flick of the tongue reveals sugar, cinnamon, and a bit of salt. Hmmm…. space is weird….