Nova and the Experience – “Whole Body”

Sandra ChevrierLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Sandra Chevrier [via]

Hold on here because we’ve got superhero level vocals coming at you hard and fast from sibling (or couple) vocalists Anna and James Buckingham. Its a whirlwind tale of love, lust, passion, and the driving force in anyone’s life, no matter how mortal. Nova and The Experience lay it all on the table. All they ask for is our whole body. I gave it to them 4 repeats of the song ago.  Read more

KAPTAN – “Anywhere We Go”

Sam GlynnLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Sam Glynn [via]

There is no question that being a professional jungle explorer is hard work. Now imagine doing that work solo! Brutal. I would definitely end up singing reassuring and uplifting songs to myself about future travels and how they were gonna work out ok, etc. Which is what I think Kaptan did to make this debut jam. I think… maybe…  Read more

Dim Sum – “High Love”

Barbara DziadoszLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Barbara Dziadosz [via]

Quick, look arround you. Do you see a pool, creek, large puddle, or bucket of water? If not then start filling that bathtub because you are gonna want to have your feet dangling in some water for this day-party daiquiri of a jam.  Read more

[PREMIERE] Sam Padrul – “Why Do I Do” (Ft. Jason Gaffner)

YOSKAY YAMAMOTOLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Yoskay Yamamoto [via]

On of our favorite dance floor fire starters, Sam Padrul, is back with another foot mover. This time with smooth vocals and relationship contemplation courtesy of Jason Gaffner. You know how sometimes people recommend that you just dance through your problems? Jason has decided to flip the script and now has us dancing through his problems for him. He is outsourcing his romantic catharsis to hips around the world. And I’m damn happy to help out.  Read more

[TICKET GIVEAWAY] The Griswolds & Urban Cone @ The Toubadour 6/30

The Griswolds press

If you have ever seen The Griswolds live then you know that the EP above doesn’t do them justice. These Australians bring a damn rocking party. And they are bringing it to Los Angeles tomorrow night with Urban Cone. The show is sold out but we have a pair of tickets to giveaway!


  1. Post about the show on Facebook and/or Instagram (double your chances!)
  2. In the post, name which Griswolds song you most want to hear live.
  3. Make sure to tag @thegriswolds and @theburningear.

The winner will be chosen and notified Tuesday June 30th at 12pm.

Wild Ones – “Dim the Lights””

Marc Simon FreiLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Marc Simon Frei [via]

Portland’s Wild Ones are back with a little thunderstorm of a jam that is not to be casually dismissed as you leave your laundry drying in the back yard. Tender oooohs drift over the hills, providing some soothing shade, but soon the sky opens with a cymbal crash and things turn delightfully tumultuous. The forecast calls for an 80% chance of shuttered windows and moody dance moves.  Read more

P’ARIS – “Heaven + High Water”

Dorian VallejoLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Dorian Vallejo [via]

Try not to let the gorgeous swirl of synths and grooves take you away as I dive into some of the details behind P’aris here. “Heaven + High Water” is their debut track and while I have been jamming it on repeat the past 3 weeks, they still only have 13 (thirteen!) likes on Facebook. Thats insane. But, definitely wont last. The tracks co-producer, Ekali, is from Vancouver and had one of his tracks sampled on the last Drake album. So P’aris are clearly no fluke. I’m sensing a long staircase ahead, this is just the wonderful sound of the first step.  Read more

SeeB – “Simple Life”

Julio Le ParcLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Julio Le Parc [via]

You ever watch a band play live and they are just standing there on stage not really moving and its pretty boring? Well, pass them this dancing guitar from this tropical powerhouse jam  “Simple Life” and they wont be able to help shimmying and shaking around the stage as they try and keep up with the hip moves and smooth grooves.  Read more