Kaspian Shore 2

[PREMIERE] Adam Jensen – “Numb” + Video

Take a deep breath and a comfortable chair because this one is not the dance-party Adam Jensen delivered with “Sandcastles”. New track “Numb” is just has catchy as its predecessor, but with a much mellower tone that slips under the skin. Here we dig a bit into Jensen’s darker side and you only have to skim his bio on Soundcloud to see how dark it has gotten. But he has come through to the other side and has beautiful music to show for it. I’ll gladly take “Numb” on repeat than live through the events that created it. Cheers to brighter days ahead for Jensen and for all of us enjoying his musical hot streak.

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Skip Hursh

Iska Dhaaf – “Lost “

Remember when we were kids and we would close our eyes and spin around in circles with our arms out like a helicopter? I was always bummed that I never actually lifted off the ground. Well, I just tried it again with “Lost” on full blast and it totally worked. I really need to clean my roof. And hit repeat.

Catch Iska Dhaaf every Monday night in April at The Bootleg here in Los Angeles, as well as select other west coast dates.

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Dan May

[DEBUT] Matt Gresham – “Small Voices”

Ever have one of those Tuesdays where you feel you are way to tiny for the huge world closing in around you. “Small Voices” is the kind of song that slowly inflates you back up to size with its thumping beat and Matt Gresham’s invigorating vocals. Play this on repeat a few times and you can do just about anything.  Read more

Angela Groundwater

Ana of The North – “Baby”

Anna just wants know if she is still the one you’re thinking of. And since you wont tell her she is going to lull you into a hypnotic trance with “Baby” and get it out of your while you are so chilled out you can’t resist.  Read more

Siena Summers

EXES – “18” + “twentythousand”

EXES says it best herself:

This one goes out to everyone still hung up on 18 yr old summertime flings.

Oh to be young again and drift off into the eyes of another. Seeing none of their flaws and only the good… Catch the hot-off-the-presses “twentythousand” below for more EXES goodness.

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[GIVEAWAY] Princeton’s ‘To the Alps’ 7″ Vinyl Giveaway

Princeton's 'To the Alps' 7

If you have been following The Burning Ear for years then you know I love me some Princeton. And if you are a Vinyl Moon member who refers a friend then you might get their LP Remembrance of Things to Come in your next shipment. So yeah, I love spreading the good Princeton vibes which is why I’m stoked to be partnering with Hit City USA to give away of Princeton’s 2011 “To The Alps” 7″ single. It was a limited pressing of 500 colored 7″ vinyl, released March 29th, 2011, exactly 5 years ago today. So we’re giving away 5 copies!* The band is no longer active but have been rumored to be plotting a few reunion shows… This is the perfect way to get hyped for them. Read more

Caitlyn Murphy

Peter Katz – “Sorry” (Justin Bieber Cover)

I love a good cover. And I love a good story behind a cover. So I’ll let Peter tell his while you enjoy this fantastic Bieber rework.

When I was in LA in December, after 10 non-stop days of intense writing sessions, producer Bill Lefler and I had a couple of free days to play around in the studio and we cooked this up for you. Really proud of how it turned out. This song is a masterfully written pop song, emotional, hooky, love it. Turn this up on some speakers with good low end, or maybe on a late-night drive…



Alex Kuno

Exsonvaldes – “Horizon”

Something about songs in French that either makes me want to dim the lights and stay inside or kick open the door and run outside. With a groove this kicking Exsonvaldes have me running for sunlight with “Horizon”. Their new album is out now and you can catch them on Vinyl Moon Volume 006.

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Brock Davis

[DEBUT] WEIRDO – “Butter”

Its starting to get hot here in L.A.! Time to slip off these sweats and step outside for some rays. There is a lot of pent up energy surging through me and this debut jam from Weirdo is letting it right out. Now pardon me while I do a little skip and shuffle down the sidewalk, that xylophone solo is coming up!