Boris Pelcer

[PREMIERE/DEBUT] Crooked Cobbles – “Tried”

It’s not until the milk soaks through your pants that it’s chill on your thigh makes you realize you are somewhere very far away. The silence of the morning has kidnapped your mind and there is nothing your cereal can do but wait patiently, soaking in liquid the way your thoughts are soaking in the deep expanses of the star-scapes above. Both of them expanding beyond their recommended capacity, only one to return safely to a recognizable form.  Read more

Olivia Knapp 3 - good planning amanda, 4/24/14, 4:52 PM, 16C, 10666x14213 (0+0), 133%, Custom,  1/40 s, R72.3, G50.4, B67.2

Hjaltalín – “We Will Live For Ages”

I don’t even know about the things I’ve said

I don’t even know how many times we’ve met

On those days when it feels like your mind is slipping out the back door like a dog with a stolen bit of burrito its comforting to know that Hjaltalín are barely hanging on too. And humbling to hear them set their mental uncertainty to such beautifully funky yet somewhat tense indie grooves.  Read more

Boru O’Brien O’Connell

Calvin Love – “Automaton”

I wish you were my robot so I wouldn’t feel left out.

If you don’t already have your lights turned low then that bass line may just do it for you. With no harsh light to distract, you can close our eyes and focus on practicing rubber band body movements. You’ll never be able to pull off a sequined blazer but it never hurts to try.

New LP Super Future is available now on Arts & Crafts.  Read more

Marcos Navarro

Tower – “Teenage Miracle”

Time to roll up the black jeans and stake down the beach towels because Tower just descended on this beach party with a raging Slurpee high and are ready to cause a ruckus. With a jam like this there is no reason to beat em so I recommend we join them for a bit of a sandy mosh fest.

Pre-order the 7 inch that also features “Can’t Vibe” on B2SCI hereRead more

Os Gemeos

[DEBUT] Love Ssega – “Minds”

It only takes one handclap to let me know the party has started! Time to jump in the boat and crank the tunes. These beverages aren’t going to drink themselves. Its just us and the Summer sun on that task. Oh, the sun is leaving? All good. The water is plenty warm enough.  Read more

Dadu Shin

Swimm – “Belly”

If you spent the better part of your Sunday nursing 2 sore feet and 1 head then you might relate to Swimm’s “Belly” and it’s near universal talk of late night stumbling through cities and minds that should be a lot more familiar than they seemed. Let a couple spins of “Belly” cure what ails ya.

“Belly” is from the Beverly Hells EP out 8.28.15  Read more

Julia Petrova

P’ARIS – “Confidence”

P’aris are back with another sly bit of indie-pop swagger to slip into your weekly playlist. Let that sultry whisper be the soundtrack of an evening full of sunset chasing and too-loud sing-alongs on the highway. No need to head anywhere in particular. Just drive and groove.  Read more

Jenny Kemp

Hans Island – “I’m Yours”

Just because Monday is pounding on your door like a brutal hangover, doesn’t mean you can’t close your eyes and flash back to the softer moments of your weekend gone by. That time in the sun. That time having fun. That time spent in the arms of your only one. Hans Island have the perfect song for keeping those moments on repeat in your mind before you return to the cruel mistress of the workday.  Read more


Def – “Fine Line(S)” . Feat. Alex Isley

At some point towards the end of “Fine Line(S)” Def says quietly “dance like nobody is looking”. It is so subtle it is easy to miss it. Its also easy to ignore it since you were already dancing for about 5 straight minutes anyway. With percussion sounding like its coming through a tunnel from an under water dimension, its hard to keep your limbs in check. Add on those crisp snaps and Def’s irresistible flow and its all over. You are already sweating. Roll with it.

Be sure to get into Def’s whole Neon Summer album.  Read more