Project M/10 “Colors” curated by Instagrafite in partnership with Urban Nation, Berlin, Germany, in July 2016.   #projectM #projectM10 #UrbanNation #UrbanNationBerlin #instagrafite #MuseumofUrbanAndContemporaryArt #streetart
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photo by Nika Kramer

[MP3] Drona & Nanok – “Horizons” // Nunca

Face-paint may or may not be part of your pre-party ritual but either way you are still going to need the right pump up jams.

Free download. Listen on Spotify.
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Amy Genser

DEEP DARK BLUE – “Been Here Once Before” // Amy Genser

Don’t turn this one up too loud or you will be out the door and in your can and driving somewhere deep into the Sunset before you know it.

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Yoshida Waka

BIYO – “Seasons” // Yoshida Waka

The supremely funked out grooves in “Seasons” have me traveling to some weird alternate sky worlds in my mind. Join me please.

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Matthew Stone 2

Refs – “Turn Around” // Matthew Stone

New jam from Refs got be bouncing around the room and colliding with all kinds of half-there memories.

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Isle & Fever – “Dime Piece” // Jerkcurb

In the immortal words of the lizard man who whispered in my ear last night at the lounge club: “Who needs another dime when you slowly lose your mind…” He has a good point. I’m going to discuss more with him later at the beach with Isle & Fever on blast.


Follow Isle & Fever on Spotify. Vinyl EP Release on Stratford Ct this summer.

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Sefa Karakus

Her – “Five Minutes” // Sefa Karakus

Her reminds us that there is a lot you can do in just five minutes. May not be enough time to fold a fitted sheet but sure is enough time to tear one apart. Especially with that guitar solo…

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Matthew Palladino

The Como Brothers – “Maybe I’m Just Feeling Lonely” // Matthew Palladino

Maybe you are lonely and maybe you are just a mess. Admit it, you are just a dancing skeleton when she isn’t around.

“Maybe I’m Just Feeling Lonely” is the first song off The Como Brothers new six song EP “Jam Theory” to be released in 2016.

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Julieanne Kost

Great American Canyon Band – “Crash” (Live) // Julieanne Kost

I’m not usually interested in live versions of songs I already love but Great American Canyon Band has changed “Crash” so much that I can’t help but get swept up in the calmer stripped back vibe here.

Listen to the original in my post here.

Clint Soren

Calvin Markus – “Wake” ft. Jade Puget” // Clint Soren

This one is for Sunday mornings light on memories yet heavy on thoughts. Nothing to do but hydrate and power through. And perhaps play these jams on repeat a bit.

Years Ltd. is an ongoing series of music by Calvin Markus (also in ) and released by Endless Others, a label started by Clint Soren who also did the artwork for VINYL MOON Volume 003. Calvin Markus’ band Dead Times was also featured on VINYL MOON Volume 007. So a lot of our favorite talents going on here.

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Aof Smith

Mallrat – “Uninvited” + “Tokyo Drift” // Aof Smith

Don’t mess with Mallrat. For real. Not because I think the 17 year old would necessarily take you down. I just don’t want you getting in the way of her groove. Whatever world she runs in is the perfect one for fueling these oddball indie hip hop gems that I’m keeping on repeat these days.


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Shoko Ishida

Raveena – “Johnny It’s The Last Time” // Shoko Ishida

“The last time” is always easier said then done… except if you are talking about Raveena’s new jam which is easier played on repeat than stopped. Johnny, give her some space. We need some time with Raveena for a while.

Catch up with Raveena’s previous jams “Something’s Gotta Give” and “You Give Me That”.

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Scott Listfield 2

Wild & Free – “Life On Jupiter” // Scott Listfield

Making first contact on another planet is gonna be nerve wracking no matter how good an astronaut you are so get your touch-down playlist sorted so your swagger in on point for those first few steps. Cheers to Wild & Free for providing just the right track.

Also check out Wild & Free on VINYL MOON Volume 004 which has some copies left.

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Frank Gonzales

Rodriguez – “I Think Of You” (Dunmore Park Remix)

This weekend is for chilling so hard you don’t even care you are sitting on a cactus. Cheers to Dunmore Park for relaxing us so good.

Check out the video made by Alyssa Nider.

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Falcon Punch – “Cream” [All Good Records] // 1010

Peel away the layers of stress clinging to your skin like old sunscreen and bathe yourself in the soothing vibes of “Cream”. Good for the skin, good for the soul.

“Falcon Punch” is the opening track to the new compilation album from All Good Records called Freshly Baked, Vol. 1. The track is available for free download.

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Hattie Newman

Young Mister – “Anybody Out There” // Hattie Newman

This is the song I would take to my new island paradise as listen to on repeat as I dance the nights dreaming for someone else to arrive in my world.

From the debut album Young Mister out now on Refresh Records.

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