Jamie Johnson

Treasureseason – “The Rush” // Jamie Johnson

Sorry, can’t talk. Gotta focus on steering this raft. It’s not usually this tricky but once it lifted off the water things got a bit hazy… But anyway, turn this track up louder, please. I love Treasurereason.

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Elly Liyana Ruslan

Quiet The Pilot – “Stick Around Some” // Elly Liyana Ruslan

Everybody has a story. The trail they took to put them where they stand today. Quiet The Pilot tells a bit of his story in “Stick Around Some”. Put another log on the fire and crack another beverage. I’d like to hear it again.

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Mike Barr

The Ghost Of Helags – “Under My Skin” // Mike Barr

Nothing I can say that isn’t said perfectly by The Ghost Of Helgas in this dreamy rainy-day headphone jam for getting through the winter.

Track taken from debut EP Shibuya. Out January 2017. Check out the latest track “1000 Voices” here.

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Ole Brodersen

Júníus Meyvant – “Signals” // Ole Brodersen

I hope that there is some kind of other life out there. I hope that someday we reach them. And I hope our message is just this beautiful song from Júníus Meyvant in a tiny glass bottle that they can listen to on repeat while they stare at our oceans.

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Sustai Ulanbaagen

Hannah Gill & The Hours “Change In Blue” // Sustai Ulanbaagen

Feeling anxious this week? Crank up some “Change In Blue” and let Hannah Gill’s killer vocals give you some strength. Exactly what I need on repeat right now.

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Shimada Sanami

Scavenger Hunt – “Slow Dancing” + L.A. Live Show // Shimada Sanami

Scavenger Hunt returns! “Slow Dancing” is the perfect tender jam to start the year off in the direction of love and grooves. The track is part of the Shapes and Outlines EP wich was also released with a full remix EP. Get into that too!

And as if that all wasn’t enough, Scavenger Hunt returns to the stage tomorrow in Los Angeles!

LA, This Thursday (1/12) is our live return and we’re pulling out the stops with horns and all the lights! Special guests The Midnight and Saro. Be there:http://showsnear.by/zhdxcn – The Resident (DTLA)

Scavenger Hunt Live Jan 2017

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Adam Hillman

NVDES – “I Want To Make Out At The Gay Club” // Adam Hillman

This one goes out to the fun friends. The ones you immediately call when you know it is a night out. The ones that no matter what happens in the darkness, the morning’s breakfast will still be colorful.

I absolutely love me some NVDES and the killer Life with Lobsters EP is finally OUT NOW. Get into it. And get into an unreleased NVDES track on VINYL MOON Volume 008.

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Ben Edmunds

The Cancel Band – “Kind Like Jazz” [Live] // Ben Edmunds

The stars outside never sounded so good than when they have funky hip-hop grooves rubbed through this jazz vibe. Keep it on repeat.

Get into the video.

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Idiosync – “Digital Footprint” // Marc Burckhardt

If that dystopian future gets weirder than birdhouses and you end up stumbling into a dead-eyed egg-eater like this you may need to adjust your soundtrack…. cue “Digital Footprint”. It’s the perfect jam for making actual footprints as you flee slothlike terror animals in the future jungles of your dreams….

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STAL – “Tricky Game” // Julie Heffernan

Waking up in a dystopian future where you live in trees and have to save civilization one hand-made birdhouse at a time is going to feel weird no matter what… so best to have the right soundtrack to keep you sane (and battle ready!)

STAL just celebrated their migration from Paris to Los Angeles with the release of a whole EP of instrumental cinematic gems called Cinephilia. Get into it. Then dive into their back catalog.

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Shallou x RKCB – “Slow” // Ana Maria

This is the what dreams are made of. Two TBE heavyweights collaborate on a track and it melts right through my speakers. I could definitely get down with a whole EP of jams like this.

Vinyl lover rejoice because both RKCB and Shallou were featured on Vinyl Moon! Volume 001 and 002 respectively. Drool as necessary.

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Retro Culture – “Fading” // Fuco Ueda

For when you are not yourself and the only key to unlocking the lost you is in the music. Turn it up and let yourself out.

Be sure to check out Retro Culture’s epic “Cold” on Vinyl Moon Volume 012.

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Krusoe – “Give Up The Coast” // Zoe Nelson

I’d like to push for more handclaps in 2017. Luckily Krusoe have me starting on the right (dusty) foot. Join in. But grab that tambourine first.


Hey Way – “Fast But Slow” // Luke Ramsey

Sitting here, vibing out to the dreamy vibes of Hey Way, I’m almost certain that steel drums have never sounded better. At least not to these winter-weary ears. Let me just play “Fast But Slow” on repeat a few times while I defrost and space out.

From the debut self-titled album from Danish dream-pop/alt/rock/indie duo Hey Way. [Download / Spotify]

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Courtship. – “Love For Everyone” // Reka

Welcome to anthem we all need for 2017. Popcorn and bear hugs for everyone!

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