Allan Bech

Viigo – “Move”

Sure, people talk about Mondays being a “nightmare” but I think with a heavy late night meal and “Move” on repeat as you fall asleep you may be confronted with a lot more tripped out shit in your dreams than a real life inbox full of emails. Read more

Kunihiko Nohara

[PREMIERE] Ron Flieger – “Together”

Ron Flieger is all about good times. His tendency towards sexy single artwork is in line with his tendency towards sexy song singles in general. Much like the Vinyl Moon approved “Feel Your Love”, “Together” is a slippery smooth groove that backs Ron’s heart-on-sleeve romantic streak. Play it loud for your lover or just play it loud in your headphones and lift your feet and spirits.

Read more

Carlo Cane

Otzeki – “Falling Out”

Like waking up on a chilly morning, “Falling Out” takes its time getting out of bed. But when it’s standing and fully stretched it’s got plans for the day and you’d better rub your eyes because its taking you places and your shoes are still untied.  Read more

Michela Picchi

Violet Sands – “No Matter What”

Time to saddle up your stallion and carbo-load your dragon cause its the freakin’ weekend and you got some miles to cover. Slap “No Matter What” on your road/trail/sky-trip playlist and pull those shades down over your eyes.  Read more