Vilde – “Fully Fledged” // Prudence Flint

Vilde is back with another great song whose silky synths belie anxious, nihilist lyrics. As always, his masterful, small details give an otherwise straightforward track more than enough dimension to delve into. Vilde gets better with each listen. How about an album already, hmm?

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Sorcha Richardson – “4AM” // Vanessa Lemen

Sorcha Richardson comes roaring back into her electronic-leanings with “4AM”, a bass-driven track ready to get the whole audience singing and clapping along. Whether you play this in the wee hours or in the middle of the afternoon, you won’t want to go anywhere without it.

Get more of Sorcha with “Petrol Station” from VINYL MOON Volume 005: Go Outsize!

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[PREMIERE] Noble Oak – “Out There” & album announce

Whether you take it in as a sunshine-drenched pop gem, a break-up anthem, or 80’s nostalgia to tide you over until the new season of Stranger Things, a new Noble Oak track is cause for celebration. That’s why we’re thrilled to premiere the producer’s latest track “Out There” and announce his upcoming sophomore album, Collapsing Together. Unabashedly tender and ballad-esque, “Out There” underpins its shimmering piano melodies with massive drums and the sexiest soprano sax this side of “Baker Street“. It risks becoming too melodramatic to take seriously, but the despondent lyrics give it a believable emotional core: “I’m not ready for love/I’m not ready for anything”. Hopefully we’ll be ready for the rest of the album, to be released August 2017.

Find the tracklist for Collapsing Together below, and revisit Noble Oak’s excellent track “All I Said” as featured on VINYL MOON Volume 014: From The Window.

Collapsing Together tracklist:
1. After The Ending
2. Out There
3. Come True
4. Steal
5. Hope, Expectation
6. Dive
7. Goes Dark
8. Can’t Be Sure
9. Distance Gone
10. Hold
11. Something More

[PREMIERE] Slow Shiver – “Set In Stone” (Video)

"Set in Stone" – Slow Shiver from Slow Shiver on Vimeo.

Just a month after the track premiered on Soundcloud, Slow Shiver unveils the music video for “Set In Stone,” and it’s a gorgeous and introspective piece. Like the song, the video is equal parts dream-like, raw, and heartfelt. Contrasting the personal experience of receiving an unwanted letter with dramatic lighting, sharp accents (literally), and a no-holds-barred lip-synch performance, we see the conflicted emotions of trying to draw boundaries between someone who has hurt you – resilience and vulnerability, independence and desire, confidence and doubt. If you ever needed a backdrop to an inner struggle, this is it.

For more Slow Shiver, go back to “In Blue (Drive By Delivery)” from VINYL MOON Volume 018: Intrepid Curves, or hear his guest feature on Anoraak’s track “We Lost” from VINYL MOON Volume 016: Breathing Shadows.


Clans – “Ride” // Hanksy

Whether you roll in a Porsche, a Prius, or on pedals, I guarantee “Ride” sounds better with a little velocity and some wind in your hair. Clans is here to help you get those wheels (and those hips) in motion.

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Salt Cathedral – “Always There When I Need You” // Mako Miyamoto

Rumor has it that pumping Salt Cathedral anywhere with a water slide will make you that much faster. We can’t confirm whether that counts for everything from slip ‘n slides to water parks, so I guess you’ll just have to try it out everywhere you go. No matter where you play it, “Always There When I Need You” will take you to your own little tropical corner of summer.

For those summer nights, float along to Salt Cathedral’s “No Ordinary Man” from VINYL MOON Volume 012: Still. Life.

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Ninajirachi x YATES – “Same World” // Craig Burrows

Get your feel-good on with a collaboration from two of our favorites. Ninajirachi provides a layered, percussion-driven bed for YATES’ soulful voice. Together they take what could have been a trite kumbayah track and turn it into something fresh and new – and maybe a message that we all need reminding from time to time.

For more Ninajirachi, get into “Pure Luck (ft. Freya Staer)” as featured on VINYL MOON Volume 021: Pink Portals.

You can get your YATES fix with “Virtue” off VINYL MOON Volume 012: Still. Life.

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Jacqui Siu – “Fluorescent Lovers” // Johanna Goodman

I don’t know about you, but Jacqui Sui just convinced me that all pop songs should have jazzy basslines. Don your shades and sink into some future lounge vibes with “Fluorescent Lovers”.

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Blood Cultures – “Moon” // Nykie Ngan

New Blood Cultures is a long time coming and will be a long time staying. There’s something comforting about the malaise on “Moon”, like the warmth from a sunburn or the softness of a piece of fruit that’s a little too ripe. Except you can dance to Blood Culture.

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Cosmos & Creature – “Bad Drug” + feature on Listenbee’s – “Children” // Nick Alms

Cosmos & Creature have your feel-good pop fix. In case of overdose, immediately administer 10cc’s of singing along in your car and 5mgs of waving your arms in the air like you just don’t care.

Another TBE favorite Listenbee just dropped his collab with Cosmos & Creature called Children. A good day for great grooves.

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