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With all the love an respect for Genesis and Phil Collins, their jams haven’t always been bedroom music for our generation (especially if you grew up listening to them with your parents). So cheers to TBE faves Basecamp for crafting this sexed up cover that puts a super smokey spin on the original. Phil and I just may be dimming the lights together sometime soon…



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Boh Doran – “Rainbow” + BØRNS “Electric Love” cover

“Please explain what angels mean to you?” is a great question to ask anyone you meet when you wake up from a post-swim nap in an alternate textile based reality that is both exciting and a little itchy. Speaking of alternate realities, dive deeper in Boh Doran’s with her stripped back cover of Børns “Electric Love”. These two songs are all we have so far but I’m liking where they are headed.

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OMN – “In Quiet Rooms”

Adventures are great. Leaving home and exploring new sights and sounds are things that build our character. But returning home and sitting in your favorite chair with the familiar sun winking through the window, that is the most beautiful thing. The friendly quiet of your own space and your own things is a wonderful comfort. Pardon me while I enjoy it immensely.

OMN - In Quiet Rooms

Flyte – “Light Me Up”

Sure, Monday’s are great time to try and be snarky about the workweek ahead and re-post something Garfield-esque on Instagram, or you can look at the week ahead like scavenger hunt waiting to be explored and the starting gun just went off. Choosing the latter surely increases your chances of hanging out with London’s Flyte and getting them to sing you this song over some sno-cones during a lunch break.  Read more

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Beat Connection – “Illusion”

No better way to celebrate The Burning Ear’s return to Austin for SXSW then with a new jam from the fantastic Beat Connection, who played our 2012 showcase. These guys continue to put out fantastic and sultry indie pop that fantastically dabble in both electronic and rock. I mean, just get into that awesome guitar work in “Illusion” at 1:56. Read more

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NoMBe – “California Girls”

Smokey, sexy, and with that crisp beat that we have come to expect from TBE fave NoMBe. “California Girls” has all the things we love, but then it has a whole lot more as the song cracks apart, releasing a surging beast of a jam. Just as I was naming his debut track “Seminole” one of the most underrated tracks of the past 6 years, “California Girls” was topping the HypeM charts. Great to see him getting the attention he deserves! Read more


[#60-41] The 60 Best Underrated Songs of the Past 6 Years (3000 Posts)


The moment I hit the “publish” button on this post, that counter above (that I see on the backend of this blog) will turn to 3,000. Three-motherFing-thousand. That’s a lot of posts. That’s a hell of a lot of music. But just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, that number took 6 years and 1 month to reach. So happy birthday to The Burning Ear. Happy 3,000th post to new bands. Happy remaining sanity in my music addled brain. And to celebrate those happys, I would like to revisit the same concept as this blog’s very first post and pay special attention to songs that I feel went under-appreciated. These are the jams that are considered stadium worth in my ears, even if they only ever garnered a few thousand plays on Soundcloud, YouTube, or Myspace (yes, this blog is that old…).

So read on for Part 1 of what I’m cleverly and succinctly titling The Best Underrated Songs of the Past 6 Years (3000 Posts) Feb 2009 – March 2015. Part 2 drops tomorrow (here), and Part 3 the next day. And then after that, look out for some stylistic changes here on The Burning Ear. It’s exciting times and I’m beyond stoked to share it with all you crazies. But now, some weird thoughts on these songs!

Love & Jams,

-Brandon B.

p.s. There is a playlist of all the songs at the bottom of the post so you can listen to them straight through.

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Nite Swim – “Pool Party”

Music for… picking up broken plastic cups off the lawn and taking one last soak in the jacuzzi as you go over the night’s events with the soothing throb of Nite Swim seeping through your brain.

Location: somewhere, USA

Future: Probably a damn bright one, if they can survive the hangover.

Lenno – “Chase The Sun” (Cats Hero remix)

Sounds like… a damn winner! Literally. Remember back in 2011 when Cats Hero remixed Everything Everything for a contest and won? Well he did it again! This time for Lenno and Scavenger Hunt’s summer party jam “Chase The Sun”! Best part, he even infused a bit of that syncopated Everything Everything guitar into the mix. Connecting the dots!

Location: Kent, UK

Future: He wins. We win. Everyone wins.