[PREMIERE] Third Eye Blind – “Mine” (Beyonce cover)

Leslie Ann OdellLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Leslie Ann O'Dell [via]

One of the most beautiful things about music, in all its shapes and forms, is its ability to dig deep into your soul and strum something real and raw. To elicit the kind of emotional response usually reserved for the first day of spring of a new crush. I’ll never forget my own first fall into love “love” and having the whole whirlwind of naive longing soundtracked by Third Eye Blind’s debut album. The wounds of that youthful relationship have long since faded and been replaced by the wisdom and additional wounds of growing older. But hearing Stephen Jenkins’ voice always sets my mind in a special state.

Being older and wiser is luckily no reason to not be deeply affected by music. As Jenkins states below, he had his own chemical reaction to hearing Beyonce’s “Mine” and I’m just honored to Read more

THØSS – “Swing”

Henrietta HarrisLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Henrietta Harris [via]

Sometimes thinking with your eyes open can be distracting. You need to drop your eyelids, take a seat in the grass, and really dig deep. Trace your thoughts past the back alleys and abandoned storefronts in your mind to find that dusty nugget of something you were looking for. When you find it you open your eyes again and suddenly its gone again. But you know you had it, for a fleeting second, in your mind. The only place that really matters.  Read more

Flor – “Unsaid”

Tran NguyenLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: NAME [via]

Most record stores or streaming services don’t have a section devoted to “dreamy syth love songs for your mystical tiger spirit guide and his lovely but coy female companion” but when they do Flor has a song for them. In the meantime we can just dreamily drift along with them.  Read more

[DEBUT JAM] Wolf Tide – “Spoke the Words”

Robin F WilliamsLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Robin F Williams [via]

Sure, we all have our own taste in music but “Spoke The Words” is the kind of song you can put on at the tail end of a party with people you have just met and let their late night brains try and cushion the heavy soulful grooves of Wolf Tide. If their eyes don’t shut in bliss and their minds don’t visibly wander from their bodies then you know you don’t ever have to see any of them again. Read more

Foreign/National – “The Hedonist”

Valentina BrosteanLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Valentina Brostean [via]

If you are going to start a band then try and get on the same life raft as the Arctic Monkeys when your cruise ship capsizes and then co-write a song with them as all of your brains slowly wither from sunstroke and dehydration. I don’t think that is the story behind Melbourne’s Foreign/National at all, but until someone tells me otherwise thats what I’m going with. Read more

Philipp Yaw – Friction EP + LIVE @ The Spare Room 5/14

Donatella MarcatajoLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Donatella Marcatajo [via]

L.A. weirdo Philipp Yaw just dropped his Friction EP in time to celebrate the weekend with that person you have been missing you all week. We wouldn’t want any more “friction” between the two of you…. or would we!? Exactly. Now go get wild and save some energy for Philipp’s show at The Spare Room next week. Read more

Oslo Parks – “Fiction”

astronaut no3 / 2013 / oil on canvas / 78 x 108Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Marc Sequin [via]

I can only imagine that a real astronaut space suit is heavy as hell but if I ever got to wear one I would definitely have to fight the urge to dance in it. Especially if “Fiction” is playing through my NASA-made helmet making me feel all floaty and sinister. Lets push this space ship to the limit! Intergalactic speed limits be damned!  Read more