ROMN – “Collide”

Scott ListfieldLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Scott Listfield [via]

I wonder if giant aliens on a collision course with our planet make playlists for their upcoming activities? I certainly would. Destroying whole civilizations has got to be exhausting and a jam like “Collide” is sure to keep some pep in the old tentacle as its levels and terrorizes.  Read more

Quilici – “Big Glass House”

Aimee Bee BrooksLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Aimee Bee Brooks [via]

Quilici is kind of obsessed with forever. But when you got such a good thing going on, who is going to argue? First it was the pool of love that went on for infinity. Now he wants Summer to last forever. I solidly support both of those things being stretched until the end of time. Stretched so tight that they make an eternal trampoline we can jump on while cranking Quilici jams loud.  Read more

Fine Print – “About You”

James RekaLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: James Reka [via]

Fine Print want you to know that they are thinking about you. And they want you to have sexy thoughts about it. How do I know? Listen to the sax solo at 2:45 and tell me otherwise! “About You” drips of smooth vibrations and nighttime undulations.  Read more

MONAKR – “Teardrop” (Massive Attack Cover)

Kit KingLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Kit King [via]

Some would say that the world is divided into two groups: Those who have never heard Massive Attack’s 1998 song “Teardrop”. And those who have been madly in love with it at some point in their life. Well I say, whatever group you fall into, MONAKR’s stellar cover is essential listening for the day. No, the week. Hell, just keep this tab open. You are gonna need it.  Read more

Pr0files – “I Know You Still Care”

Lauren BrevnerLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Lauren Brevner [via]

Finally, this Pr0files live favorite is out for the whole world to hear and love (and fear) as much as I do. “I Know You Care” sounds like all your ex-girlfriends formed an indie synth band in the same abandoned warehouse where they have their séances. The lyrics are meant to prick at that part of brain they all know is true. In fact, we all know its true. Stop caring already! It only makes them stronger!  Read more

Eliot Sumner – “After Dark”

Drew YoungLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Drew Young [via]

When people say “I don’t really care” they usually don’t mean it. But listening to the haunting rasp of Eliot Sumner belt out “I don’t really care after dark” over and over I get the feeling that darkness truly brings out another side of her. Something ferocious. If she could kindly come to Los Angeles and demonstrate that on stage I would be much obliged.  Read more

Safari Gold – “Howl”

Erin HansonLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Erin Hanson [via]

bring me daylight in a pill

you owe me every thrill

you owe me everything you’ve got

Sure, sunsets are beautiful things. But there is something heavy about them. The death of a day. The closing of a window of opportunity. Watching a sunset can feel like staring at the clock for the last minute of a test you haven’t finished taking. Sunsets are beautiful, but heavy too. Like “Howl”.  Read more

MIAMIGO – “Hard To Love”

Matthew StoneLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Matthew Stone [via]

Get your dark twisted pop fix with Miamigo and their soaring kiss-off to a difficult lover. We have all been there and dealt with that. Now we have the musical equivalent of walking away and slamming the door. Only much more danceable. And with hopefully less tears.  Read more

Klyne – “Paralyzed”

SakaeLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Sakae [via]

“Paralyzed” is one of those sparse and haunting jams that seems to echo throughout an abandoned warehouse before finally meeting your ears. But then things start to evolve. The warehouse begins filling up with bodies as the music swells along. Limbs slowly start moving. But the lights never come on.  Read more