Ellen Jewett

Kilos Davis – “Dance With Me”

In the right mood, and with the right afternoon light, even the littlest things can take on a magical quality. A bit hazy around the edges but s much clearer at their core.  You see it and you now you can’t really explain it. No need to take a picture or even text a description. You can just bask in this one.  Read more

Andre De Freitas

O Mer – “Now I’m Alive”

At this moment O Mer is alive. But he doesn’t sound too convinced it will last very long. Where does he think he is headed? Did he see something in a dream? If you drift along to this song enough times in a row before bed I guarantee you will see some things in a dream…   Read more

Ji Zhou

Busy – “I’m From Somewhere”

Time to flip your brain into the off position and go on a 7 minute mental vacation with Busy. He has some things he wants to show you. Something cool in the water over here and something strange behind that ridge over there. But he is not going to carry you. Just ride the loft of his breath. And keep your eyes closed.  Read more

Case Ma'Claim & Alexis Diaz

Rare Monk – “California”

It’s not just melodrama. Rare Monk is right, California will burn. It just happens. The very real byproduct of years of drought. The insanity of it is enough to get you out of your seat to thrash along with some seriously cathartic air guitar moves. A little sweat wont stop the big fires, but it might quell one of yours.  Read more

Steven Chapman

COMPNY – “Lovers”

COMPNY won’t say where they are from but by the breezy jangle of their jams I’m guessing the UK. That often grey nation that so beautifully balances the joyous and the somber. Songs like “Lovers” and “Gently Let You Down” are as full of dance-down-the-street energy as they are thoughtful introspection. Fun for all your unpredictable moods!  Read more

Edward Monaghan

Bad Sounds – “Avalanche”

Sure, we could all use a bit more soul searching. But why relegate it to navel gazing and frowny faces? Slap on the new Bad Sounds and hit the streets for some headphone therapy. Our infinite flaws always feel a bit smaller next to a killer bass line and some hip shaking handclaps.  Read more