[MP3] iamsleepless – “Ciel Étoilé”

♫ iamsleepless – Ciel Étoilé

  • Who: Dylan Bailey
  • What: Pulsating electronica, like The 14th Minute, Amtrac
  • Where: Yulee, Florida + Facebook / Bandcamp
  • When: Holding Up the Sky out now
  • Why: Making music in your bedroom is a funny thing. Speaking from personal experience, and coincidentally beginning the same endeavor around the same time Dylan did in 2007, you always have those first few terrible years. You make gobs and gobs of music that just sucks; at least most people do. Then there is that one day you create a song, and even though you’ve always been proud of every single song you’ve made in your room that entire time, you know inside that this one is good. “Ciel Étoilé” and the rest of the Holding Up the Sky is completely worthy of that designation.

[VIDEO] Gotye – “Easy Way Out”

A great song from a great album by a great artist gets a treatment from a great directing team and results in a great video. Sometimes the week just starts great. Oh Yeah Wow are the team behing Set Sail’s awesome claymation video for “Boat Song” and perhaps the most exciting directing crew down under.

[REMIX] Tyga – “Rack City” (DWNTWN REMIX)

if you ain’t got no ass bitch wear a poncho

♫ Tyga – Rack City (DWNTWN REMIX)

One of Los Angeles’s finest up and comers just popped out another stellar remix, this time taking Tyga’s stripper anthem and grinding a little beat on it. Pop it if you got it.

Catch DWNTWN at The Burning Ear’s showcase at The Firehouse during SXSW in March! 

[MP3] Big Deal – “Talk”

all i wanna do is talk, but seeing you fucks me up

♫ Big Deal – Talk

  • Who: Alvis Costelloe & Grouchy Wonderwall
  • What: Youthful love rock, like Anoraak, Hospitality
  • Where: London + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Lights Out available now
  • Why: Simple advice for the next time you are in an argument with your lover; get up from where you’re sitting, put your hand on their shoulder, and put this track on. If they tell you to turn it off then they aren’t worth their weight in musical sensibilities. “Talk” is a song perfect for unwinding, maybe even some tea to go with it. Who can fight over tea and good music? Argument solved.

[MP3] Joywave – “True Grit”

you should have loved me all the time

♫ Joywave – True Grit

  • Who: The one, the only, Joywave
  • What: Synth laden goodness, like Monarchy, M83
  • Where: Rochester, New York + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: Koda Vista EP releasing hopefully in March
  • Why: What is there really to say about these guys. If you’ve been around our humble music blog for some time, you know we are down with the fantastic group of guys that is Joywave. Aiming for a darker, more atmospheric feel with “True Grit” they still manage to hit the nail square on the head perfectly. No thumb smashing happening here. Stick around if only for the piano at 2:17; but I’m positive you’ll enjoy the two minutes and sixteen second leading up to it as well.

[MP3] Guards – “Do It Again”

take a second, come inside, you gotta see it by your own eyes

♫ Guards – Do It Again

  • Who: The brother of the girl from Cults
  • What: Shaggy mosh pop, like The Fantasies, Cults, Wavves
  • Where: NYC + Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: The “Do It Again” 7″ is out now.
  • Why: Lo-fi is not always my bag, but you all know that high-energy is exactly my thing. Sometimes when the two meet its a special kind of dirty magic that makes me want to ride BMX bikes and throw rocks at trains. Trains, you have been warned.

[MP3] Adventure Galley – “Weekend Lovers”

pace the distance of the wild, there’s so much i have to see

♫ Adventure Galley – Weekend Lovers

  • Who: David, Aaron, George, Jesse, Forrest and Brock
  • What: Raucous indie pop, like Wildlife, Bronze, Bear Hands
  • Where: Portland, OR + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Full LP Anywhere That’s Wild is coming soon.
  • Why: Do I dance? Do I mosh? Do I roll the windows down and drive too fast? I guess all these options are fitting when the band is named Adventure Galley. All I know for sure is I’m gonna yell “Hey!” along with the singer every time.

[MP3] Asbjørn – “The Criminal”

don’t tell me stories of the sunken ships, it’s too much for me to take in

♫ Asbjørn – The Criminal (Radio Edit)

  • Who: The guy you see poking through in that album art.
  • What: Shuffling electronic groove swirls, like When Saints Go Machine, Rangleklods, Jamie Woon
  • Where: Aarhus, Denmark + Facebook / Amazon
  • When: This one song is all there is so far.
  • Why: Since Asbjørn is Danish you know our girl Arletta already posted on him but that doesn’t mean that us non Dane-o-philes shouldn’t know whats up. This jam is pure kinetic energy, tapping into that part of the body that regulates asymmetric body spasms. The layers of loops and beats reveal each other as the song shifts through the dusk light and its hard not to move along.

[REMIX] Pompeya – “90” (Illuminated Faces remix)

put the lights on, this is my home, the place where i hold memories of you dear

♫ Pompeya – 90 (Illuminated Faces remix)

Pompeya is still one of the most criminally underrated bands around and just cause they are from Russia doesn’t make that any more OK. The Internet, people! Illuminated Faces know what’s up and did a chilled out little remix number on Tropical highlight “90.” Perfect for calming my nerves after a little Pompeya rant.

[VIDEO] Yuksek – “Off The Wall”

Yuksek is finally making some waves in the states! He just released the solid Living On The Edge of Time in the US, is heading on a big tour (including SXSW!), and just today dropped this tripped out goofy video for album highlight “Off The Wall.” Its always awesome to see great video done with no budget. Creativity lives!

YUKSEK – Off the wall (clip officiel) by umusic