2Beeps – “Something Special” // Guy Laramée

Songs that can take you back to childhood are hard to pull off well, but 2beeps has me thinking about waterparks and orange slices with “Something Special”. Take a moment to forget about your bills, the car repairs, and that upcoming work deadline, and rediscover that sense of wide-eyed wonder you forgot.

get into the whole Little Lights EP here.

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JW Ridley – “1990” // James Jean

“1990”, the new track from recent TBE fave JW Ridley, is a blanket you can wrap yourself with, nestling underneath folds of piano chords and spacey vocals. The best part about musical blankets? You can get snuggly in the warm summer months just as comfortably.

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French Horn Rebellion — “Seven” // Jenn Liv

New from old school TBE faves French Horn Rebellion who always bring the grooves. And this time brought some tears as well.

“When you’re far apart from the one you love, at the moment you are finally reunited, nothing can come between you and destiny. But destiny can be like a mountain. It takes a lot of work to get to the top, but even then, dark emotions like jealousy can throw you off its peak, and toss you into the shadows.”

— French Horn Rebellion

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DIICE – “Do Wrong” // Marlena Synchyshyn

Do you think we’re out of time?
Cause I do,
Show me another way to go, go, go

Sometimes things get dark before they get light again. DIICE have a sweet jam for those dark times.

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Bobby Uzóma – “Alone” // David Oliveira

With the disclaimer that I am always going to be onboard with weird sound effect loops and hi-hat rhythms behind talented R&B vocalists, Bobby Uzóma’s latest offering really does it for me. Tasteful, minimal, and heartfelt, “Alone” feels like a heart-wrenching transmission from the other side of the world – something you might hear while half-asleep, unsure whether you’re receiving some invisible emotional broadcast or dreaming up the whole thing.

Tune into more of Bobby Uzóma’s frequencies by revisiting the gorgeous “Holy Grails” from VINYL MOON Volume 010: Dry.

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Maxim Ludwig – “Big White Wall” // Studio Takeuma

Channeling the best of Kenny Loggins and Rick Springfield has gotta be tough on the hips, which is why The Burning Ear recommends a thorough stretch session prior to listening to any Maxim Ludwig. If you overextend, you could be put out of Maxim Ludwig-listening for weeks, and no one should go through that. Trust me on this one.

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Walkingshoe – “PAPER MOON” // Jeroen van Kesteren

Walkingshoe is camping music for me. I can already smell the eggs cooking and hear the coffee tin starting to whistle as the late-riser in the camp shuffles around their tent. But despite his very clear folk foundation, Walkingshoe incorporates light production touches that give this song so much more to explore. Which is great, because that gives you enough listens to learn the words and sing along – a camping must. I advise having “Can’t Sleep” from VINYL MOON Volume 017: Libertas ready for the car ride home.

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Yeo – “Never Wanted That feat. Asta” // Keith Rankin

You might not expect the slinky bassline or finger-picked guitar on a Yeo song, but those aren’t the only things Asta contributes to this great collaboration with the Melbourne-based producer. Yeo and Asta’s dueling vocals might be the ones who are arguing, but the real winners are us listeners. Hooks and groove a-plenty on this song, which will hopefully be enough to tide us over until Yeo’s next release, Desire Path, out August 18th.

If you need more Yeo before then, I’ll direct you to “Frost” on VINYL MOON Volume 016: Breathing Shadows.

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Charles Fauna – “Abandon” + “Hypnosis (Brothertiger Remix)” // Shok-1

Double trouble from Charles Fauna!

Charles Fauna is the pool, Brothertiger is the raft, and you’re invited to float with them both. Brothertiger takes the syncopated rhythm of the original but douses it with vibe and lush arrangement, resulting in a spacious, sparkling remix. You’d think the isolated themes in the lyrics would conflict with some of the shiny synthlines, but instead the whole thing feels, well, hypnotic.

Get into even more of Charles Fauna (formerly Paideia) with “Restless Child” from VINYL MOON Volume 014: From The Window.

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The Outer Vibe – “Fionna” // Soey Milk

“Fionna” jumps from surf rock to disco grooves to sexy French jazz in less than four minutes, and I’m not bummed about it. Let The Outer Vibe’s newest track seduce you – that tasty horn solo is worth the indiscretion alone.

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Fabriq – “Electric Flow” // Michael Kagen

I heard somewhere that doctors are using “Electric Flow” to check motor faculties – if the patient hears the song and doesn’t dance, the medical staff knows something’s wrong. Luckily, it’s a test you can administer on your own. Best be safe and play it often so you can get appropriate medical care at the first sign of unresponsiveness.

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Leo Law – “Brothers & Sisters” // Uwe Schein

Look, just because Leo Law’s voice intertwines perfectly with the swirling suitcase keyboard does NOT mean that I’m becoming a head-bobbing emotional wreck. That shaker rhythm isn’t make me tap my foot, I’m just trying to get something off the bottom of my shoe. Nor am I singing along with my lighter raised high in the final chorus. Ok?

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Ben Phipps – “Don’t Wake Me Up (ft. Mike Ruby)” // Loic Locatelli Kournwsky

Your next big “hands in the air as if you just don’t care” moment comes soundtracked by Ben Phipps and Mike Ruby. This love song (or battle cry?) to New York City stomps forward with purpose and determination, but manages to have a lot of fun while doing it. Highly recommended for listening when you’re on the M Train to your next big break – just be ready for weird looks when you start singing along.

For those wanting a more relaxed commute, Ben Phipps has you covered with “Don’t Look Back (ft. Ashe)” on VINYL MOON Volume 012: Still. Life.

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Oya Paya – “Trip Advisor” // Sean Norvet

You know those three guys you know through your old coworker who throw great house parties? They mentioned at one of their BBQs that they had a rap project, and you remembered to check them out some slow Sunday afternoon. And you realize it’s….really good. And suddenly you’re playing it anytime the sun is out. And perhaps soon on the turntable

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Warm Binary – “Microdose 444” // Steeven Salvat

Fluorescent synth arrangements and an excellent bongo rhythm are the key players in Warm Binary’s latest, a fully-formed piece that manages keep growing towards something huge while keeping the energy high for nearly the entire track. 8-bit sounds mesh with live drum loops, with plenty of textures to explore upon repeated listens. Keep the synth-worship going by revisiting “Twin Oaks” on VINYL MOON Volume 019: Sacred Dust.

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