Brett – “Modern Classic” // Abigail Goldman

Brett has been grinding out jams for years now but they are often so under the radar that a fan like me even misses them! “Modern Classic” was on their Dir Young EP last year but I’m just now catching up with it via some repeated listens. ‘Die Young’ EP out now via 10K Islands.

Don’t forget Brett’s early favorite “Rap Songs” which was one of my mist underrated songs on the first 6 years of The Burning Ear. (p.s. The Burning Ear is now 8 years old and approaching the 4000th post… woah)

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Violet Sands – “Hello, I’m Free” // Katie Neece

Hold up, I think the ever eclectic Violet Sands just released my new favorite track of theirs. I’m gonna have to listen on repeat 7 or 8 ore times to full decide though… Pardon me.

“Hello, I’m Free” is about letting go, it’s about the modern imperative not to get lost in a world of distractions.

“Hello, I’m Free” is up there with “No Matter What” which was also featured on Vinyl Moon Volume 011.

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St. Tropez – “Democracy” // Rachel Sussman

Since the real thing is a bit unstable these days, its best channel the cathartic gold of St Tropez’s rough and rowdy “Democracy”. Sweat it out!

Be sure to check out their killer track “Son Of God” on VINYL MOON Volume 009. They will also be at SXSW this year playing The Burning Ear & Vinyl Moon showcase! More details soon…

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Go Fever – “Come Undone” // Luisa Rivera

Go Fever have me wishing I had someone here to sing along with. Lets try both singing super loud and maybe we can sync up?

Go Fever selt titled LP just came out so dive in here!

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Tudor – “Nova Ray” // Michael Aaron Lee

This weekend, get into the good kind of tension with Nova Ray…

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Memoryy – “Turn It Up” // Mike Mezeul

Put a little heat into your night with new one from TBE fave Memoryy! From the “SKELETONS” LP coming in March. Memoryy himself says…

A few months back The Huffington Post wrote an article on me titled “Redefining Synth-Pop” & this fun 80’s throwback takes that headline & puts a big fat exclamation point on the end.
I have plans of carjacking a DeLorean, traveling back to 1986 & getting this song placed in a John Hughes movie montage of girls shopping or guys playing beach volleyball, or something like that.

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Absofacto – “Light Outside” // Zim & Zou

When Absofacto leaves a light outside for you its best to go in and see what he has cooked up. In this case it’s an amped up little-Friday jam “Light Outside”. Hopefully there is more like this soon.

Be sure to check out his jam/gem “Dissolve” on VINYL MOON Volume 002.

Tep No – “Is It Too Much That Im Asking For” // Kelsey Beckett

Tep No continues his domination of the sad/sexy jam genre with a fantastic new one that is perfect for winter wooing. Make sure you are up to speed on all his jams, especially “The Last Ones Standing” which was featured on the highly sought after VINYL MOON Volume 002.

[DEBUT] Sigrid – “Don’t Kill My Vibe” // JoKa

As we get ready to start the weekend its important to appreciate the value of a good vibe. People have been working all week and are just trying to get by. When someone encroaches on your vibe make sure to blast some Sigrid at them and sing-along through the disruption until your are back on vibe balance. Which wont be too hard with Sigrid’s grooves in your ear.

BF/C – “Knogar” // Dylan Schwartz

You don’t need to speak Swedish to know that your toes are now tapping and your shoulders just loosened up about 3 notches. Cheers to BF/C for thei incessant grooves in many languages. For some English language magic check out “Upstate” as well as “Temple” which was featured on VINYL MOON Volume 014.

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Rudie Edwards – “Lover Like You” // Esthera Preda

Things start slow… but the quickly escalate as the lights dim and “Lover Like You” kicks into full gear. Crack the window before it fogs up!

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Sea Bed – “Pretender” // Thomas Albdorf

Sea Bed light a fire with “Pretender”, an instant sing-along classic that demands the car windows down and the volume knob up.

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Carmody – “Before You Knew Me” // Sarah Schneider

We all knew Carmody had pipes. And suspected she was a heart breaker. “Before You Knew” me is extra confirmation on both fronts. But if you would hesitate to let her break your heart then you haven’t listened enough times.

Don’t you love who I was
before you knew me
you read straight through me

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Andrea Silva – “Waltz” // Christoffer Relander

Time to collect some of your sorrows and let Andrea Silva bottle it up with some of hers as we sing along to “Waltz” and all feel better at the end.

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New Mystics – “Sparrows” // Vladimir London

As we all endure the interminable wait for the sound of sparrows and other signs of spring at least we have this “Sparrows” to enjoy from New Mystics. The kind of warm throwback sounds sure to combat anyones Vitamin D deficiency.

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