Lindsey Carr

Sofi Tukker – “Hey Lion”

It’s new Sofi Tukker. WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO SAY? Ok, there is this…

“Hey Lion” is like a sonic snack. It’s not like “Drinkee” or “Matadora,” which were made as vibration journeys. “Hey Lion” is like the opening chant to Soft Animals… we want to welcome people into our version of this animal-world, where strength is soft and nobody is boss.”

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Lauren YS

Thalab – “Jule”

Thalab’s astounding “Jule” sounds like Miike Snow collaborated with Jamie XX at a steel drum festival in the Caribbean. Just the right swirling mix of digital glitch and analog clang.  Read more

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

Yoste – “Chihiro” + “Calcifier”

Out of my cage through an open door, Feeling less tired than I did before,
I broke my fever then I broke my chains, I don’t like liars and I don’t like change.

Yoste (rhymes with lost) is not afraid to venture off the beaten path to uncover something unexpected. His music is both celebration and introspection as it rolls and bounces like a odd shaped rock tumbling down a hill towards a cool pond.

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Jeremy Hush

Retro Culture – “Cold”

Strap yourself in because this ride is a bumpy one (bassy?). Sure, grip the armrest if you need but please keep your eyes open. The view out the side window is one you wont forget. Don’t bother trying to take a picture. You’re seeing that with your ears.  Read more

Jon Koko

mAsis – “Good Life”

Waiting rarely does you any good unless that time spent idle is paired with a track like “Good Life”. Then whatever it is that you should really be doing can get set aside as you soothe your ears with some calming beauty. But brace yourself for the build because even mAsis cant let you stay lazy forever and will kick you into gear by the end of the song.  Read more

Kevin Sloan

Two Another – “Keeping Me Under”

Got someone’s baggage keeping your spirits down as your body is trying to move into weekend mode? Dust that shit off your shoulder’s with the bass kick of Two Another and a quick shuffle of the feet around your pad. Keep your spirits high and your legs moving low.  Read more

Will Joseph Cook – “Girls Like Me”

If you didn’t love Will Joseph Cook before, prepare to fall head over heels for all the versions of him in “Girls Like Me”. I’ve had the song on repeat for weeks now and never gets old. Then today Will dropped the video for it and its one of my favorites of the year. Nothing like a skinny English boy in drag to start your weekend right!

Catch Will Joseph Cook at our SXSW showcase Double Dutch next Saturday 3/19 in Austin!

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Toni Hamel

The Bones of J.R. Jones – “Hammers And Nails”

We’ve all been wronged. Wronged by a woman, wronged by a bossman, wronged by our own stubborn adherence to an alternate reality dreamworld. On those days when those wrongs come up to bite you its good to have a brother in arms for singing them away. Some foot stomps and handclaps work wonders too. The Bones of J.R. Jones make the perfect racket for that kind of work.  Read more

Ghostbeard and Patch Whisky

Bryce Vine – “Los Angeles”

Spend enough time here in L.A. and you’ll eventually start having the internal debate over whether this manic city is a bright and vibrant land of excitement or cesspool of all things smooggy aired and foggy brained. Bryce Vine knows what I’m talking about. And I’d go give him a hug to console him but I think he lives like 4 miles away and that would take an hour in traffic, soo….  Read more