Nick Sheehy

Brolin. – “Nightdriving”

When rain falls in Los Angeles it always feels a bit like another world. Decide to brave the oil-slicked streets and you’ve taken your life into your hands. You will need the right soundtrack to block out the thunder and steel your nerves.

Taken from Brolin’s debut album The Delta out now.  Read more

David Pettibone

EMBRZ – “Home ft. Eleni Drake”

This one of the jams that will stop you in your tracks without you even realizing it. Clock hands race, cups over flow, and suns set, and you don’t even notice until the track ends and takes your beautiful daydream with it. I’ll just hit repeat and go right back there…  Read more

Leonie Bos

B00TY – “Loosen Up”

The holidays can be rough enough. Nobody likes it when you get all uptight. So take a cur from party-starters B00ty and chill the F out, loosen the F up, and treat the next few weeks as your personal dance bootcamp. Their killer video for “Loosen Up” has a lot of moves you would do well to perfect by new year’s eve.   Read more

Tristan Eaton

Ben Bostick – “My Country”

There is a lot of country I don’t know. There is a lot of this country I don’t know. But damn if I’m not enjoying Ben Bostick’s version of both. Get into his whole debut EP here.

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Tristan Eaton [via]