GIBBZ – “I Found You”

Remed and OkudaLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Remed and Okuda [via]

One listen to “I Found You” and you know that smile on Mike Gibney’s face is no fake. The guy found someone and damn if his world isn’t 4 shades brighter. Lucky for us Gibney is a generous man and decided to share that cloudless life of his with us in the form of this super infectious synth groover. More jams please! More smiles please!  Read more

Ruelle – “War Of Hearts

Hua Tunan 2Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Hua Tunan [via]

i can’t help but be wrong in the dark

because i’m overcome in this war of hearts

Ladies and gentlemen! Man your battle stations! It’s T-minus 8 hours until the battle begins. The enemy lay in wait just over Weekend Ridge and we engage at dusk. This is not a drill, it will get messy, you will be tested. But keep your chin up and back straight. You are a warrior damnit! Ruelle here will be your battle captain.  Read more

Xan Young – “Passion”

Jeffrey Alan LoveLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Jeffrey Alan Love [via]

here is something beautifully dark and haunting about Xan Young’s debut track “Passion”. Like if the son of The Dark One grew up to rebel against his father and decided to play keys in a dance band yet his roots still shone through no matter how hard he tried.  Read more

Kisses – “A Groove”

Scott AlbrechtLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Scott Albrecht [via]

Don’t let the name fool you, this new jam from Kisses has more than just a groove. “Many Grooves”, “Groovefest” or “Bikini Disco Groove Party” would have all been appropriate titles as well. But I’m not one to nitpick the finer points when I’ve got to dust off the roller skates and brush up on my synchronized handclap routine before the weekend. Time to dance!  Read more

Astronauts, etc. – “Eye to Eye”

Claudio De LucaLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Claudio De Luca [via]

Asking for some r-e-s-p-e-c-t is one thing, but the harder thing to achieve is reciprocation and thats what Astronauts, etc tackle right off the bat in “Eye to Eye”. As the song title suggests, its not reciprocation in the sexual sense, its more to do with being on the same page and treating the other as you would like to be treated. Easy on paper. A lot harder in real life. Luckily Astronauts, etc have set this key relationship stumbling block to one of the most chill and funked out grooves around. Now if only your lover was around to enjoy the tune with you, right?

Well, just make sure they join you for Astronauts, etc’s show at The Echo tomorrow night 7/7.

Read more

Sam Outlaw – “Keep It Interesting”

Lourdes VillagomezLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Lourdes Villagomez [via]

You can call it what you want but don’t say its a sin…

We don’t cover a lot of that country twang in these parts but when its as breezy smooth as the Los Angeles based Sam Outlaw its hard to resist. His new album Angeleno features members of My Morning Jacket and Dawes, as well as Ry Cooder who also produced the record. Grab a plate of street tacos and enjoy the Sunset.  Read more

COLLAJ – “Tropical Vacation”

Bozka RydlewskaLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Bozka Rydlewska [via]

The party machine formerly known as 8th Grader is not known to mince words. Collaj is a man on a mission and right now that mission is to make sure all these bathing suits fit into his carry-on so nobody has to wait at baggage claim and he can get straight to the beach for a “biological situation”. Are you packed yet??  Read more

SAUVAGE. – “Vendredi”

David RiceLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: David Rice [via]

Sauvage are a delicious blend of sunset grooves and Frence mystery. Like the soundtrack to that dream you once had about dancing naked in the woods, bare feet pounding the pine needles on the ground, lost in your own movements with only a vague sense that someone may be watching but not caring enough to look up.

Get into their whole Jadis EP. And don’t look up.  Read more