Jinja Safari – “Find My Way”

Jet MartinezLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Jet Martinez [via]

Wrap your toes around the lip of the pool, close your eyes, and just dive. The movements are familiar but the refreshing splash that wraps you up feels like a burst of bright first times. Liquid color soothing your sun-burnt skin and work-burnt brain. Oh, if only… cheers to Jinja Safari for making a hot Tuesday feel like a perfect Saturday.  Read more

Favored Nations – “Always”

Low BrosLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Low Bros [via]

Just when you thought today was gonna be a splintery piece of plywood kind of Monday, Favored Nations just transformed your business into more of a funkadelic floating pool party situation. Just don’t be late because your girlfriend is already there and the band is making her a second grapefruit margarita and she doing that happy dance of hers…

“Always” is from upcoming album The Great Unknown. Also quite unknown is that Favored Nations singer, Morgan Phalen, fronted one of my all time favorite bands Diamond Nights, as well as guesting on a Justice song. I’m very happy to have him back.  Read more

XamVolo – “Lemme Not Waste My Breath”

Tara McPhersonLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Tara McPherson [via]

It’s no surprise that XamVolo doesn’t have time, patience, or breath to waste! You don’t get to this level of crafting swaggeriffic indie-funk groovers like this by letting grass grow under your feet at the bar. Gotta keep on the move! Keep things cooking! So step up if you think you have it in you, otherwise let the man do it his work. I’m enjoying the shit out of it. Get into the whole Binary In Blue EP in time for the weekend.  Read more

JarrydjamesK – “Give Me Something”

Xochi SolisLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Xochi Solis [via]

The Internet is a funny thing. Here we are giving JarrydjamesK the attention he deserves, yet I doubt this song has anything to do with us. It is for someone. And are they giving him the attention he so beautifully asks for? It’s a lot of layers to think about when you are just trying to get your Friday afternoon groove on to fire new jams like “Give Me Something”…  Read more

IGB0 – “Gimmie Gimmie”

Alexander RobynLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Alexander Robyn [via]

“Indigo Green Brown Orange” is all it says on IGBO’s Soundcloud page but that collection of great colors doesn’t do their killer horn-infused funky soul sound justice. I’d like to propose “Intensely Graphic Body Oscillation” or “Igniting Geodesic Bio-Oceans” or “Inspiring Grand Booty Ovations”. But really, who cares about what a name means when you are having this much fun?  Read more

Darez And Chance – “Patiently” + Frenzy Remix

Ismael MouminLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Ismael Moumin [via]

France’s Darez and New York’s Chance met on the street one day in 2011 and immediately connected. Their Overseas LP is the the result of their international collaboration. A damn fine collection of throwback hip-hop flow and boom bap beats. It is enough to make even a minor hip hop fan like me perk up and listen. Keep the volume loud for Frenzy’s on point piano led remix that flips the whole thing around further and finer.

Read more

DEATHS – “Saviour”

Zoe KellerLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Zoe Keller [via]

Sometimes a song is great because it makes you feel comfortable and at ease with the flowers blossoming in your eyes and the sugar sweet hooks looping your ears. And sometimes a song is great because it makes you neck twitch and your arm-skin rise and you still come back for more. It makes you dance not from joy, but to spastically avoid the insects who are playing dance music in your kitchen.  Read more

Cherry Jungle – “Dinosaurs”

Haejin ParkLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Haejin Park [via]

Cherry Jungle sing about Dinosaurs but I don’t get the feeling they are your traditional Jurassic Park tear-limb-from-limb variety. I’m sensing a much more whimsical and outside-the-box dino. Ones who like a good prank, dance at parties, and might one day decorate themselves in fried eggs just for kicks. Oh, and one of the dinos reeeeally like air drumming. Yes. Read more