Pema Rinzin

Skies Speak – “Peace Plantation” // Pema Rinzin

Some more loveliness to ease you into the week. Louisiana’s Skies Speak has only 34 followers on Soundcloud. Lets fix that ASAP.  Read more

Jhon Douglas

William Arcane – “Reckless” // Jhon Douglas

Oh man, nothing tougher than getting back in that Monday swing after some serious time off. Here is a groove from William Arcane to get you moving while still reflecting the darkness you feel towards the week ahead.  Read more


[WIN!] Sing Street DVD & Shure Earphones

John Carney makes great movies. His breakout hit Once turned the world onto the fantastic band Swell Season and was definitely one of my favorites of 2007. Then his 2013 film Begin Again starred Mark Ruffalo and a pre-late-night James Corden. So when I heard I got the chance to give away a DVD copy of his latest film Sing Street AND its a feel-good, coming of age story featuring the ultimate soundtrack of the 80s I was pretty stoked.


Head over this Instagram post and comment with both of the following:

  1. The name of your favorite 80s song
  2. Tag a friend who loves that song too
  3. Use the hashtag #SingStreetDVD

One (1) winner receives:

(Winner will be chosen at random from the qualifying entries on Tuesday August 9th at 12 PST)

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Visarute Angkatavanich

Midnight Mystery Club – “Richest Man in The World” // Visarute Angkatavanich

This one is for when all the cost you gotta pay to be the boss is a kiss. Midnight Mystery Man make it feel damn good to be the richest man in the world.

I’m gonna fill your wishes
Pour out an ocean of blisses

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Crystal Liu

Future Generations – “Coast” // Crystal Liu

Nothing like belting out some big “oooo OOOhh!”s and rocking along to some killer guitar riffage. Perfect for a summertime full of friends and flings.

Future Generations’ self-titled debut LP will be out July 29th, 2016 on Frenchkiss Records. Preorder the album now and get “Stars” and “Coast” immediately.

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Victor Fota

[DEBUT] Junior Empire – “West Coast” // Victor Fota



Here is a little Wednesday therapy for you. Just add open roads and high volume. I might need another dose from Junior Empire soon though…

i feel like i’m losin’ you

i feel like drivin, drivin, drivin

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Telmo Miel

ROY – “Thunder” // Telmo Miel

For days when the sun doesn’t shine as bright as you hoped it would and you are left hanging out with more of yourself then you expected.

Free download here.


Jason Freeny

Life – “Rare Boots” // Jason Feeny

I stare into space

I see nothing

I fell on my face

I felt nothing

Sounds like a recipe for some boot kicking angst to me. Fire it up! Punk like this brings me back. Until Life releases some more I’ll be over here moshing into my closet door and damaging my eardrums.  Read more

Andrew Valko

The Living Statues // Andrew Valko

I drove past an old drive-in movie theater last night and it of course made me sad. The Living Statues are the perfect soundtrack for picking myself out of that bummer and setting my mind straight.

I see your silhouette in a cigarette
So I take a hit like I never quit

Get into more from The Living Statues

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Nicolas Dehghani 3

BRIKA would prefer YOU keep that grill going strong

If I could grill burgers with a bass line this jam would save me a lot on coal this summer.

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Jonas Burgert

BRANDYN BURNETTE would like to STATE some things I’M down to believe IN. Especially the INNER CHILD in me.

Half of this song was written when I was a kid.
The other half was written recently.
After all that time, this is the state i’m in.

Brandyn’s words above about “State I’m In” say things better than I could.

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Oda Jaune

ELIJAH NOLL slows down just enough for you to slip into his RIDE

Get on or get out of line. I’m riding again.



Lowell Boyers

KINDATHEART blur my PERCEPTION of things when this jam is cranked loud

Don’t be late for your next class/meeting! Crank up “Perception” and kick your ass into high gear. If you legs can keep half the pace of the killer bass riffage here then you’ll be there in no time.

Lori Nelson

ENTRADA have TODAY’S jam for THE moment when you at LAST rule the DAY

Discovering you have superpowers is never easy for an adolescent. But a proper montage set the right music makes it all easier.

Fun fact: Entrada are from different parts of the UK based in Japan. They eat the best ramen on the regs and that makes me a bit jealous…

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Reece Wykes

BRODERICK BATTS has mee feeling in the PINK with an evening of EMPTY bottles and loose PROMISES ahead

Not my usual vibe here but sometimes when Friday roll around you gotta wild out and get weird and sing lyrics you aren’t supposed to cause the song so damn catchy you can’t help it.

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