MONAKR – “Diamond”

Marcelo Monreal via Beautiful DecayArtist: Marcelo Monreals [via]

Be it something great, something sinister, or more likely something with a bit of each, everyone is hiding something. Its to us to hold back judgement to patiently peel back the layers to catch a glimpse at what really lays beneath a person’s constructed presence. You never know what you might find. Diamonds? Flowers? Black coal? Unbearable heartbreak? It’s all a ride. Get on.

This is groundfloor music here as “Diamond” is MONAKR’s debut single. I’ve heard the next one and you are gonna want to keep your ears (and mind) open.


Shallou. – “Surface”

Navid Baraty via ColossalArtist: Navid Baraty [via]

You ever have that dream where you are laying in your bed and look up and your ceiling has been replaced with a gaping hole to the cosmos and all you can see are blazing stars and hulking planets bustling about the night sky like morning commuters? Then you reach towards the blackness and it lifts your body up, up, up, until you can practically touch the flickering lights! And then your fingers brush something in the blackness. You look at your hands and they are covered in grains and powders. An investigative flick of the tongue reveals sugar, cinnamon, and a bit of salt. Hmmm…. space is weird….


Young Empires – “The Gates”

Boris Pelcer via SupersonicArtist: Boris Pelcer [via]

Running into this new Young Empires jam on the internet is like running into that girl from Middle School that you had a crush on and you are like “Damn, you grew up! I mean you were always cute and awesome but this is like woah, yeah, adult!” Except that with “The Gates” you don’t have to sound so much like a goob and can just hit repeat and give that reaction a second try.

P.S. SO excited for new Young Empires. #gocanada



Lisa Ericson via ColossalArtist: Lisa Ericson [via]

You know those Friday nights when you finally get home after a long week and you just don’t have the energy to go out and socialize? So you put on your jammies and get into bed early. Well, this is the soundtrack to the winged mouse party that happens in your attic when you are sawing logs. You always wondered why your best Whiskey was a few drops low the next morning…


Son English – “She’s A Ghost”

Ryan Salge via beautiful decayArtist: Ryan Salge [via]

Speaking of dancing through the heartbreak, “She’s A Ghost” is a quick-click indie groover for wishing for, hoping against, and conjuring up, images of lost love. Son English’s debut track has barely 1,000 plays on Soundcloud at the moment but for the love of all that is holy and magical, it will have a lot more very soon. I know because a butterfly told me.

She's A Ghost

Tourist – “Holding On (feat. Josef Salvat & Niia)”

Yuichi Ikehata via SupersonicArtist: Yuichi Ikehata [via]

Tourist describes his sounds as “sad dance music” and anyone who has tried to dance their way through a broken heart can probably relate to this beautiful groover and its tale of two ex lovers. I think we have all held onto memories like these a bit too long. Found ourselves hit with a flash from the past when triggered by a sound or smell. The mind is a powerful thing. It can keep us captive by our own thoughts and desires. Good thing we have the body to work through that shit. And good thing we have Tourist, Josef Salvat, and Niia to help our bodies do just that.

Holding On (feat. Josef Salvat & Niia)

Dive In – “Eighteen”

Cameron Bloom & Penguin via ColossalArtist: Cameron Bloom. Bird: "Penguin" [via]

We have been patiently waiting for new Dive In for a long time so cheers to the Glastonbury band for not disappointing with this refreshing blast of sonic menthol, clearing the aural sinuses and filling my ear-lungs with vigor and energy. Kind of makes you want to go out and adopt a broken bird and patiently nurse it back to health with the secret hope that it can teach you how to fly. Which is kind of what Cameron Bloom and his family did with Penguin (above).

Debut Dive In EP is out May 23th on Vagrant.


[PREMIERE] Opus Vitae – “Hold On” + Live in L.A. 4/2

Jeff Muhs via Beautiful DecayArtist: Jeff Muhs [via]

We live in an era of snark and sarcasm that often seeps into our music.  Silverlake’s own Opus Vitae work with a level of sincerity that is both incredibly refreshing and catchy. “Hold On” is reminiscent of the amazing (and underrated) Warships with its active guitar work and earnest vocals. I’m proud as hell to premiere this jam and to point yu towards the full self-titled EP which is also out this week. Get into it and then come out tomorrow for Opus Vitae and Send Medicine live at The Spare Room. Its free. Lets rock.

Hold On

[MP3] Adam Foster Music – “True Romance”

Yann Rabanier via Booooooom

Oh to be young and live only for the sun and the sand and not let any of the moments in between slow your roll or get in the way of the hunt for a good time. So what if you lose a sandal out of the sunroof? So what if you take a laughing head in the gut as the overstuffed car bounces along the seaside cobblestones? So what if the bars are all 21+ and you can’t get in and instead have to start your own dance party on the beach under the moonlight?

True Romance (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]