Jessica Hess

[MP3] Brock Berrigan – “Bacon, Egg, and Cheese”

This one goes out to all the homies that could never skateboard worth a damn. Those of us left to stare out the window of our imagination at a world not so frighteningly forbidding. One where we could envisions smooth sliding over gaps and along rails. Where each falls has the impact of an 8-bit tumble instead of an 8-tooth knockout.  Read more

Chris Haas

A Love Like Pi – “Wide Awake”

A Love Like Pi’s “Wide Awake” is a killer jam for night driving through misty woods and back country roads. But heed the title’s advice and stay wide awake lest you nod off and veer into a stunned stag by the side of the road. You’ll never see it coming… except in the dreams it haunts you in for the rest of your life.  Read more

Mikael Takacs

San Fermin – “No Devil”

Its going to happen. Just wait. But you wont know it until its too late. You’ll peel open your eyes one morning to find her gaze welcoming you into a new day. Then just the edge of her ear will quiver and blur, quickly giving way to her entire face until you can barely make her out anymore. Is she melting in front of your eyes? No, its you. You are melting. Like putty in her hands.  Read more

Brad Weinman

IYES – “Lessons”

The duo behind IYES always keep things wonderfully weird and “Lessons” is no exception. Saying it’s my favorite IYES track so far puts it ahead of some stellar competition. Its a tale of a bad job and worse relationship all unraveling in the rain. Not having a good day has never sounded this damn addictively groovy. Nothing like some finger snapping and a ripping piano solo to lift anyone out of a bad-day funk.  Read more

Tanawat Sakdawisarak


First of all, I pity the fool that can’t whistle because you are going to bee feeling pretty left out of “Top” about 15 seconds in. This debut mega jam demands that you join along with all your whistling, dancing, and jumping around skills turned to 11. Find a sturdy table to jump on, an open window to pump your arm out of, an unwitting stranger to shake your hips at. Before you know it you’ll have your spirits lifted from the bottom to the top. I’ve been looping that ride at least 5 times in a row now.  Read more

Robyn Sherwell Postcards

Robyn Sherwell: The VINYL MOON Interview

My favorite Robyn Sherwell track is also the title track to her debut EP Islander. As Vinyl Moon members know, “Islander” is a fierce foot stomper of an anthem that takes stands up and demands attention. However, dive into the rest of Robyn’s catalog and you will uncover a much tenderer side. Songs like “Love Somebody” and “Tightropes” are gentle and soulful, drifting closer to indie-folk than rock anthem. But thats just what I love about Robyn. She has a lot to express and isn’t afraid to let it out in different ways. So whatever your gateway Robyn Sherwell song is, make sure you stick around for the full ride. Its a beautiful one.

Catch Robyn on tour and pick up her debut EP Islander which is out now. And read on for our Twitterview with her.

Vinyl Moon: Volume 1
Artist: Robyn Sherwell
Track: “Islander”

Read more

Morgana Wallace

HUNNY – “Natalie”

Sigh.. we’ve all got that girl. That mythical creature we would do anything for. The one we would learn witchcraft and sword fighting to free from whoever might dare attempt to capture her spirit. Hunny know what I’m talking about. And have given us a soundtrack song for our own combat training montage.  Read more

Xuan Chen

Kisses – “The Nile”

Just when you thought Monday just wasn’t going to work you hear that bassline creeping over the horizon and suddenly the shadows on your desk start to dance in the afternoon light and the whole day seems a lot more manageable. Thanks Kisses!  Read more

Fantastic Fantastic postcards

Fantastic Fantastic: The VINYL MOON Interview

Fantastic Fantastic are one of those bands I fell in love with at first listen. Well, and at first sight too. Their visual aesthetic was amazing from day 1 and their matching jackets still sit at the top of my Christmas list. I’m proud to be featuring them on Volume 1 of Vinyl Moon and to celebrate it’s release we sat down for a chat with the guys. Read and rock below.

Vinyl Moon: Volume 1
Artist: Fantastic Fantastic
Track: “The Night”  Read more