Cairobi – “Lupo” // Laura Plageman

Fall into the sea with this jangly, crumply jammer from Cairobi.

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Hypoluxo – “Fronts” // Lonac

If The National are a bit to polished for you then get into their slightly scrappier kin Hypluxo whose debut album If Language is a fantastic soundtrack for winter daydreaming.

Catch the video for my favorite track “Fronts” below.



Oliver Riot – “Neurosis” // Richard A. Kirk

Take a moment to reflect on your imperfections with the tender sounds of Oliver Riot in your ear. “Neurosis” is fantastic and haunting and luckily there is more where it came from. 2 full EPs out now.

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.neb – “dank” // Wakana Yamazaki

The man .neb says it all with the song’s to-the-point title and concise vocal loop. But you don’t need to partake to get down with these supremely funky grooves. That bass line alone is enough to buckle the knees.

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Jon Coyle – “Rare Air” // Gordon Harper

New track from Son Step’s Jon Coyle is hazy in all the right ways. Like the good kind of hangover.

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Phantastic Ferniture – “Gap Year” // John Deardourff

Phantastic Fertinure coming at you with the volatile, raw, and incredible catchy jam “Gap Year”. Turn it up, crack the windows, and take a step back

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Strong Asian Mothers – “Just Another” // Raul Urias

Strong Asian Mothers get more badass with each song. “Just Another” is a stomping banger of an anthem to get you pumped up for just about anything. Crank it up and shake off your nerves!

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Sofi Tukker – “Johny” // Dennis McNett

I’ve been waiting for Sofi Tukker to drop a recording of Johny ever since they played it live at our SXSW showcase last year. This jam is an instant classic and further proof why these two are one of the most exciting bands to emerge lately! (not to mention, Grammy nominees…)

[LIVE] SOFAR Sounds this Thursday in Brooklyn – Curated by The Burning Ear & Vinyl Moon

Anyone who has been to a Sofar Sounds show knows the magic of those nights and the power of discovering music through that kind of intimate live setting. (I first heard Jamestown Revival in a tiny living room in Venice, long before they were signed and started blowing up) So when Sofar they asked me to curate a night I jumped at the chance!

Join me this Thursday in Brooklyn for a 3 bands curated by yours truly (hint: all have been featured on VINYL MOON…) The venue is a secret but is in the Clinton Hill neighborhood and the photo above may be it… ;)

Sofar Sounds

Thursday, February 16th, 8:00pm

Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NY


It is going to be a great night and I look forward to seeing some of you there!

Mungo – “Rough Figure” // Milena Huhta

When the going gets weird, the weird drink too much coffee and stare at strangers with suspicion…

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Hayes Peebles – “Home” // Mariana, a miserável

They say that home is where the heart is but maybe home is just wherever you can crank up Hayes Peebles full volume and kick up some dust with a bit of a two-step you have been working on?

Hayes Peebles’ new EP Ghosts will be released on February 10th

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On Planets – “Cure” // Merve Morkoç

We live a life so strange it makes the head split. Luckily there is music so good it puts things (a bit) back together again. Much love for On Planets and his perpetual quest to soothe what ails us.

“Cure is kind of about a lot of things, but mainly about feeling conflicted and polarized/caught in between opposing sides. The song is about trying to find the convoluted and limp middle ground when each polar extreme is so straightforward and simple.”

– On Planets

“Cure” is the debut track from the forthcoming Personal Space EP on Majestic Casual Records. Give a heart on Hype Machine and then download. Plus check out his jam “Spectacle” on VINYL MOON Volume 004.

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Giant Rooks – “New Estate” // JooHee Yoon

Listening to “New Estate” for the 3rd time in a row and I can feel my blood warming with each spin. Could be from all my dancing… or that Giant Rooks made a deal with devil for that guitar solo…

Check out their upcoming European tour here! And check out the beautiful EP art from our good friends YAWN (who did the Vinyl Moon logo and Volume 004)

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Black Coast – “Feel Something (feat. Remmi)” // Tatiana Suarez

Here is a voice to soothe your aches and pains. Between Black Coast’s stripped back production and Remmi’s raspy croon, my frayed nerves are calming with each passing glitchy beat. One more spin and I’ll feel even better.

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Shy Girls – “Trivial Motion” // Loes Heerink

Shy Girls has come to steal your lady. You better get out there and load up a bicycle full of flowers to win her back. But be quick… you’ve only got until the end of the song until he has her forever…

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