Sarah Tanat-Jones

Leo Kalyan – “Silver Linings”

Leo here knows pain. He knows tears and breakups and letter full of things that someone will eventually regret. But the man also named this song “Silver Linings” which means he can see past all that and steer his leaking ship towards that glimmer of hope in the future. Sometimes you need to head right into the storm before you can get through to the other side.  Read more

Hanna Lefcourt

Bo Haan x Kiesza – “Hideaway”

Harder to say it any better than Bo does himself:

In a parallel universe, VHS and cassette tapes have won the format wars. Walkmans and pagers are as ubiquitous as neon-filled fantasies of the future. There, singer, producer, and dimensional traveler Bo Haan teams up with Canadian pop phenom Kiesza to release a new edition of her hit record “Hideaway”.

There are more of these juicy reworks at his Soundcloud. Dive into Bo’s flips of Tove Lo, Talyor Swift, and more!  Read more


O – “Ireek”

For a night on the town full of lurking, loitering, and general bad decision making, O have got the perfect guitar groove jam for a soundtrack. Slightly twisted and distraught, it acts an emotional prologue to the regret you will feel after knocking over mailboxes and egging houses. But don’t let it act as a deterrent, because its an equally good instigator as well.

Get a free download of “Ireek” and B-side “Deepthroat Love” here via Hit City U.S.A.’s digital single series, For Immediate Release.  Read more

Stephanie Calvert

CANVAS – “You & Me” feat Philip Strand

Sometimes Tuesday can feel like a Monday all over again. The workload continues without pause and you feel a half decapitated palm tree. The few fronds you have left flailing limply in the wind. That’s when you need the soothing sounds of Canvas to remind you that even though you are still fucked, things can feel smooth for at least a few minutes.  Read more


Harrison Brome – “Midnight Island”

Living in a big city its easy to forget about the power of walks. A simple stroll through the neighborhood can do wonders for the mind and soul. No digital screens to distract your train of thought as it kicks the dust of the tracks and barrels into long lost mental villages. A great time to be lost in and surprised by yourself. Plus, aliens. You are definitely never gonna see a UFO from your couch. Gotta be outside to spot them.  Read more

Kim Salt

Totem – “All Falls Down”

Forever is a daunting thing to plan for. But when there is just 1 night’s sand left in the hourglass it can be pretty damn freeing. Let it all out and leave it all on the table. Or the floor. Or countertops. No point in holding back. Totem knows that. Lives it too.  Read more

Joshua Roman

Mabel – “Know Me Better”

I can go all day, wearing nothing but your kiss.

That is hands down one of the sexiest lines in the history of falling-in-love songs. And its in one of the sexiest songs as well. Mabel’s debut “Know Me Better” is the only song out so far but that’s kind of understandable considering she just explained that her days are pretty busy. Finger’s crossed there is home studio we can get another track recorded from.  Read more

Farid Rueda

Bearoid – “Bad Karma”

Bearoid’s “Bad Karma” is a song to sing to yourself as you slink through back alleys and shadowy nightclubs. A personal anthem to keep you feeling as funky as you need to be on a night out. That pep stays in your step with this rhythm section at the helm. Finger-snapping, however, is totally up to you. I’m not the swagger police.  Read more

Junko Mizuno

Coucheron – “Ruby”

t’s not an absolute truth, just a word of wisdom. When you hear a girl sounding this sweet and wrapped in music this delicious, sometimes you gotta keep both eyes open to see the whole picture. Those pearly whites may be sharper than you think. So go ahead and get funky, but beware the dance floor siren…

Coucheron’s long awaited Playground EP is out nowRead more