Gizmo Varillas – “Give A Little Love” // Antanas Gudonis

Many may not grow on trees but in Gizmo Varillas’ garden love sure does. He has got a bumper crop and would like to share the harvest!

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Julietta – “Beach Break” // Daniel Shaffer

Take a moment to pause whatever you are doing and let Julietta turn your world upside down for 2 minutes.

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Weirdo + Co – “Mother Of Pearl” – // George Boorujy

New jam from the effortlessly fun Weirdo, now with a full “Co” in tow. “Mother Of Pearl” is for pushing aside your anxieties for a night of tearing up the most-pit/dance-floor/living-room. You can worry in the morning.

Erki Pärnoja – “Efterglow” // Henrik Uldalen

You may want to only peek into this track unless you are ready to head out on the full journey of Erki Pärnoja “Efterglow”. It’s an instrumental treat that is both soothing and adventurous. Even on the 5th straight listen…

Please make sure you watch the stunning short film/video for it as well. As if the song wasn’t good enough at conjuring beautiful images, now it has an official set. With a great story to boot.

Pre-order the album here.

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Doc Robinson – “I’m Not Gone” // Hell’o Collective

Doc Robinson have a song for those moments when you are feeling down but don’t necessarily want downer music. Let them put a little pep in your gloom!

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Oya Paya – “Just A Little Man” // Doug Miller

With origins in Singapore, France, Iran, and England, Oya Paya are a living, breathing (& rocking) example of the importance of a global community. I’d be honored to get beer spilled on me by any of these dudes at their next live show. Especially if they play “Just A Little Man” twice…

p.s. they have a song called “Anthony Kiedis” which if that excites you then its even better than it sounds!

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O Mer – “Icarus” // Joseph Loughborough

A song for when: there’s a stranger in your heart

For more O Mer, check out his brilliant track “Now I’m Alive” on VINYL MOON Volume 09.

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[DEBUT] LPX – “Tightrope” // Jeremy Pettis

Feeling like there are just not enough ripping guitar jams with women behind the mic? I have a feeling like MS MR’s Lizzy Plapinger felt that way too. Which is why she made “Tightrope” with her new project LPX. Enjoy. And no, she won’t pay for your blown speakers. Thats the way its supposed to work.

Be sure to follow on Spotify.

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Ninajirachi – “Pure Luck” (feat. Freya Staer) // Jenny Brown

As soon as you see flying insects doing their springtime pollinating make sure to blast Ninajirachi towards the garden to maximize blossom intensity. Until then, blast it towards the living room, or the space with enough room to dance.

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Stevie Talks – “Pollyanna” // Bri Cirel

Stevie Talks says “I wrote this song about a girl that I cannot stand.”

I say “I wrote this post about a song I’ve been listening to all day and hope calls me back tomorrow”

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Luu – “Don’t Like You I Love You” // Meredith Marsone

You’re just like the songs in my dreams

There are a handful of delicate grooves from Luu online but this love song is my favorite. A love song mixtape secret weapon.

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NoMBe – “Young Hearts” // Julien Brogard

NoMBe and his guitar continue breaking hearts and taking names with the follow up to “Wait”. Get into the video below.

ohh is there something that you need to have? if it’s indispensable,
something I can get arrested for, you got it, shorty say the word,
hell & bloody murder, ain’t no mountain high & hurdles are
unheard of your worth it
so teach me how to be all that you want

Heart “Young Hearts” on HypeM. Stream “Young Hearts” on Spotify

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Austin Stahl – “Ich Cetera” // Jon Weary

When the morning just comes on too strong try easing into it with the soft guitar grooves of Austin Stahl. “Ice Cetera” is still soothing my nerves on the 4th straight listen through.

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Salt Cathedral – “Fragments” // Ricky Allman

Another beautiful gem from the world of Salt Cathedral.

why you gotta take the long way
keep on arguing the wrong way
calibrate your love the right way
don’t just sit there
and watch it drain

You can catch their stunning “No Ordinary Man” on VINYL MOON Volume 012 and keep an eye out for big SXSW announcements from both them and me that may actually be the same event…

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DENM – “Hey Ya” // Alice Tippit

DEMN isn’t known for his ballads but I’m sure glad he decided to take a very eyed spin on “Hey Ya”. So nice. Get into his dance jams here.