Adam Jensen – “Drugs” // Zach Harris

Some more slinky funky fun from Adam Jensen. I’ve listened on repeat all week. At this point, I don’t need to but I still press play…

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[MP3] Men I Trust – “Lauren” // Aster Hung

Download “Lauren” free here and then ride/sing along with the video

There’s a voice I always trust
Its friendly helping hand tells me leave, I must

“Lauren” is the perfect song for extending a beautiful summer season as deep into fall as possible. This bassline will be keeping me warm under my headphones for months to come…

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[PREMIERE] Yeo – “Frost” // Aykut Aydoğdu

When Yeo tells a story you better listen up. “Frost” is that delicately funky kind of love song that traces a relationship’s up and downs with its constantly evolving groove. It keeps me on my toes which is what I love about Yeo and his left-of-center approach. It’s music on his terms. I’ll do the dancing on mine.

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Otis English – “Young Kids, Old Love” + “Trigger” // Patrick Leger

I remember being young and in love. It felt a lot like the whirlwind of tension and beauty that is Otis English. And then it was over. And I wanted it to happen again. Luckily with these songs you can just hit repeat.

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Kid Froopy – “bb (four missed texts)” // Eric Louie

Nothing worse than trying to communicate in 2016. Nothing better than dancing naked to this jam. At least things are evening out…

“When I was making the track I was thinking about miscommunication and the things that go unsaid in relationships. A bad situation that hurts too good to turn away from. Some things don’t change… it’s strange.” ~ Kid Froopy

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Leagues – “New Money” // Thibaut Gleize

Leagues wanted to make you laugh…. so I’ll let these two wieners do it for him.


Arman Cekin – “California Dreaming” (ft. Paul Rey) // Low Bros

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Nona – “Otherways” // Gustavo Barros Rocha

Until The Strokes get their act together and put out something enjoyable I’ll be blissing out to Nona’s scrappy jam “Otherways” as I float through the streets of NYC.

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Stray Echo – “Grime X Gold” // Caitlin Keogh

Fine, tie me up. just leave this Stray Echo jam on repeat in the meantime…

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Vandelux – “Stimulus” // Jamian Juliano-Villani

Come down from the winding staircase of your weekend and let Vandelux’s grooves illuminate the lightbulb in your limbs to get this week started right!

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Kevin Hong

RALPH – “Something More” // Kevin Hong

I gotta be careful hiking with Ralph because with “Something More” in my headphones I’d be liable to leave everything behind to follow her if she asked.

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Tim Suby – “k goodnight” feat. Jessie Reyez // GSULF

“the truth is i miss you”

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. So does a heavy hangover…

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Tamu Massif – “OK” // Guillaume Kashima

This one if for all my dudes feeling too odd to party this weekend. Tamu and I got your back if you sing this one and dance weird with us.

(Tamu on Spotify / iTunes)

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Soul Catalyst – “Scenic Route” Ft. Felish // Julie Alice Chappell

“lets do it again”

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