Jason Gaffner – “Murder In The First Degree” // Mike Biskup

Turn the town upside down with this jam from LA’s Jason Gaffner. #fridayvibes

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JANE – “We Don’t Wanna Dance” // Aaron Curry

You may not want to dance this weekend but JANE have other plans for you. And if you are in the north East then dancing may be the only way to keep your blood from turning to ice. Speaking of ice, who is making cocktails? Its Friday!

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Warm Binary – “Twin Oaks” // Mike Winkelmann

When the kids from Stranger Things grow up a bit and start dealing with a NIN obsession and hangovers and High School then Warm Binary will be the soundtrack to that show. I can’t wait.



Pional – “Casualty” // Kosuke Ajiro

On Casualty, Pional invite you to “come inside”… so just do it. Don’t let the song title scare you. Or a fear of shadows for that matter. It will be fun. Or it will be spiritual. Or at least there will be spirits…

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Gleneagle – “I Need Something Now” // Sophie Green

Leave up to our friends in Canada to tap into the essential Winter activity of rocking the F out to stay warm. I’ve been loving this Gleneagle jam for months now but cranking it today and thrashing for warmth brings a whole new appreciation for these ripping riffs and singalong grooves.

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Mating Ritual – “How You Gonna Stop It?” // Jack T. Cole

This party sucks but where else you gotta be tonight

Some nights you aren’t ready for the city and some nights the city isn’t ready for you. The next time you’ve got your jacket, shoes, and spirit all on point and rest of the town is dragging their feet crank up some Mating Ritual and make your own fun. “Hoy You Gonna Stop It?” is the title track from the upcoming 2-part LP from the former frontman to Pacific Air. Listening at the right volume will increase your badassness by at least 3 points. Or at least that what my current swagger is telling me…

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Morgxn – “Home” // SANER

You are not going to survive the Holiday season without a warrior anthem to bring you through. Nice to know Morgxn has you covered (and has your back).


Sekuoia – “Brace” (feat. Marc Roland) // Kit King

This one is all kinds of dark and bendy in the right ways.

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The Lagoons – “California” // Jesse Kassel

Having grown up in California I will take all the odes to my home state I can get. Especially when they are as 100% smooth operating as this horn-filled gem from The Lagoons. It strikes all the right chords for a day at the beach racing the heat to the bottom of a pitcher of Modelo.

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Sylo Nozra – “Two of Us” // Sam Octigan

not much to gain
from holding back these thoughts of you
I can’t erase

It can get pretty raw in those minds of ours. Calm the beast with some soothing Sylo Nozra. The man has the cure! Get into the whole this_era EP.

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[MP3] Birocratic – “Overexpressed” // Caitlyn Murphy

Sure, I miss Summer. So do you! But songs like “Overexpressed” are the perfect segue into a rind-less winter. Enough melancholy to fit the mood but enough energy to keep the blood flowing. Perfect.

Available for Free Download.

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[PREMIERE] Noble Oak – “Another Way” // Aaron Fernandez

“This is the culmination of a long drought of inspiration. It truly was about finding another way, emotionally and physically; it was the last gasp of a long journey ending.” – Noble Oak

Noble Oak does his name justice by providing another solid jam to hold on to in these changing times. His debut album Past Life came out earlier this year and the whole thing is beautiful and comforting. To have a new single so quickly on the heels I wouldn’t imagine he is ever struck by droughts of inspiration. However his creative process works, it s great to have the featherlight good vibes of “Another Way” to get through this week.

Be sure to check out Noble Oak’s track “All I Said” on VINYL MOON Volume 014 which came out in November.

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Walkingshoe – “Can’t Sleep” // Bob Dob

There is only so much rebelliously sweaty behavior a guy can get into before he needs to take a breather and reflect. Cheers to Walkingshoe for a fantastic soundtrack to both!

Stay tuned for more raucous jams from this guy…

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Flying Ibex – “Could Have Gone Your Way” // Jim Gaylord

When Monday comes creeping sometimes you gotta creep right back at it! Crank this killer Flying Ibex jam and get your retaliatory creep on all week.

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Meeka Kates – “Wildfire” // Jeannie Phan

The latest Meeka Kates jam is another example of his fine ability to make jams that work perfectly well for both chilling out and dancing. I recommend alternating the two activities as you listen to “Wildfire ” on repeat this weekend.

Taken from Meeka’s debut EP ‘Wildfire’ out now.

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