Marina Gonález Eme

Handbook – “The Heavens Opened”

I’ve been spending the week in NYC and as if walking through the city isn’t already a brain scramble of various stimuli, now we’ve got rain on the forecast for tomorrow. I’m just trying to soak in all the grit and grime of this big beast of a city before it all gets washed into so much mush against the cuff of my jeans. But no better soundtrack to all that weight than Handbook and his perfect instrumental hip hop.  Read more

One Man Workshop

The Gloomies – “Groves”

In the immortal words of The Gloomies themselves, “I could waste away with” this debut 7″ of theirs. Previous jam “LSD” and new track “Groves” are the perfect 1-2 punch of an opening statement for a band with many future hours of my life waiting to be released. We’ve admitted Summer is over, so time to start immediately wallowing in our sorrow over its loss. Will we ever be happy again? Will we make it through with our fingers and toes intact? Will we ever stop playing this jam on repeat? I’m feeling rather doubtful about a lot of it…  Read more


Ben Hobbs – “Sweet Enough”

Ok, we’ve been in denial long enough. Summer is over. Time to hunker down for the long darkness of Winter. Time to start thinking about turning that beach fling into something longer term . Someone to hop along over icy roads and keep you warm through heavy Netflix binges. But is it too late? Can you make that transition? Have you been remotely sweet enough?  Read more

Jean-Pierre Roy

[PREMIERE] Inspired & The Sleep – EYELID KID EP

San Diego’s wonderfully weird Inspired & The Sleep just released their 6-track Eyelid Kid EP. If you have been following songs like “Sleeps Well On Knives” and “In my Labyrinth Mind” then you know we are stoked to premiere this collection on The Burning Ear. Eyelid Kid weaves some lovely and interesting soundscapes for your escapist pleasure. Flowing somewhere between a  sci-fi movie and a high-school drug trip, you’ll have plenty of mental company as you drift off with them. “Peripherals” may be my favorite of the new jams but its hard to pick when each one has so much going on. Dive in and explore for yourself.

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Daniel Mullen

Jesper Ryom – “Trivia”

Daydream break! Jesper Ryom has cordially invited you to step onto his magic carpet made of glass and slip into a few different dimensions before he sends you back to your desk. Try and slip off the ride when you see the dimension with the dance party going on. Its a good one.  Read more

Wouter Hisschemöller

Spirit Animal – “True Believer”

Time to lace up the walking shoes and get out there in the fall air with some headphones and no particular destination. Let the music buoy your spirits and guide your steps as you wander in thought, observing the wild and weird world around you.  Read more

Nicolas Dehghani

White Sea – “Never A Woman”

A night out in the big city can make anyone feel far from a woman. You’ve gotta get suited and booted for the constant battle with yahoos and chumps at every turn. Throw this new White Sea jam in your arsenal and arm yourself with some major grooves. Plus, the ripping guitar solo power-up at 2:10!  Read more

Kavan The Kid 2

Sam Frankl – “Macondo”

If you find Fall a confusing time because you aren’t sure whether its the end of Summer or beginning of Winter then let Sam Frankl here reach out his hand from the shadows and invite you to the darker side. He’s got some demon’s he would like to tell you about. Perhaps you’ve got some too. Share a drink and a chat and an prolonged stare into the corner of a candle lit room.  Read more

Kelsey Beckett

Natalie McCool – “Cardiac Arrest”

Keep one hand on your pulse and another on your closet door because you are gonna want to cover up that blushing face with a fine outfit for Natalie McCool. As if her last name doesn’t already have you at a disadvantage, “Cardiac Arrest” is a sultry love anthem to put all your schoolboy poetry to shame. Step up your game to her level.

A cardiac arrest so I’ll wear my brand new dress
Red carpet arteries and champagne capillaries
Can I feel your pulse again?
Your blood is my best friend
And now my oxygen is the b-beat of your heart

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