Hattie Newman

Young Mister – “Anybody Out There” // Hattie Newman

This is the song I would take to my new island paradise as listen to on repeat as I dance the nights dreaming for someone else to arrive in my world.

From the debut album Young Mister out now on Refresh Records.

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Pale Grain

Tom Speight – “Falling” // Pale Grain

Beautiful boy-girl vocals trading off in this soaring love song built for Summer sunsets living in denial of shorter days ahead.

i only need a chance

to give you everything i have

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Kelly Bjork

Groves – “Swim” // Kelly Bjork

Towel off with Groves after taking a dip or two in the warm waters of “Swim”.

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Karen Reyes

The Gifted – “YSKBN (featuring Jamie Jackson)” // Karen Reyes

Strap in and hang on for this high speed chase through the grooves of The Gifted on this collaboration with Jamie Jackson of Hot as Sun.

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Ian Davis

OYLS – “Maps” + “10th Song” // Ian Davis

Why yes, this jam does make me want to pull my RV over and start a tire-fire-dance-party with a bunch of friends. Good things we have an ever newer jam to keep things loose all afternoon!

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Cristi Lopez

Lanes – “You’re Somebody” // Cristi Lopez

Borrowing a bit of the after-hours vibe from The 1975 fits Lanes nicely as they sex (and sax!) things up with this new jam.  Read more

Alexandra Dvornikova

Kaleo – “I Can’t Go On Without You” // Alexandra Dvornikova

Beware the woman you can’t go on without. Your feelings are probably correct but it wont be a smooth ride….

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Stev’nn Hall

Haux – “Seaside” // Stev’nn Hall

Something beautiful about a perfectly serene seaside.  Read more

Mateo Pizarro

Linying – “Sticky Leaves” // Mateo Pizarro

Lately i’ve been feeling something peaceful and powerful in the smaller things. This is perfect right now.

i made a sound, did i make it right
enough, go along, i know i was wrong about my might

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Philippe Jarrigeon

[PREMIERE] Bear Mountain – Give It Up (mAsis remix) // Philippe Jarrigeon

Long time TBE faves Bear Mountain just got remixed by new TBE favorites mAsis and its got me swimming in a dream state of pulsing grooves and spinning. The track starts with a slow yawn like a weekend morning and methodically builds its way towards the coffee pot.

Don’t sleep on the original for once you fully wake up from the dream.

“Give It Up” comes from Bear Moutain’s sophomore album Badu due out September 9th, pre-order the record here.

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Becca Stadtlander

Rodello’s Machine – “Little White” // Becca Stadtlander

A beautiful song for all the lovers struggling to tell each other how they feel. The hardest part of loving just got a great soundtrack.

let me get this off my chest

i love you

forgive me

i hope you understand

From the new album Red Dust out now.

Little White

Tim Gardner

Peter Wise – “On The Ground” // Tim Gardner

Sometimes the best part of a city is the view from the outside. Cheers to distance and perspective.

All we want is to go back
To when we weren’t possessed
On leaving our lives a mess
Shoot before you’re shot
As this world falls apart

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Jungho Lee

Moon Bros. – “Pitch” // Jungho Lee

I have a good feling that Moon Bros’ Matt Schneider would a good dude to have a few beers around a campfire with.

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Stephanie Ho

Wales – “Falling” // Stephanie Ho

Oh what to do when your head is in the clouds but so is all the rain. Read more

Pema Rinzin

Skies Speak – “Peace Plantation” // Pema Rinzin

Some more loveliness to ease you into the week. Louisiana’s Skies Speak has only 34 followers on Soundcloud. Lets fix that ASAP.  Read more