Lizzy Land – “Beat Goes On” // Revok

I’m really at a loss as to whether Lizzy Land’s “Beat Goes On” is better suited for sunny skies or nocturnal celebrations. Her coy voice and pulsing beat really lend themselves to disco balls and dance floors, but there’s sparkling guitars and tropical percussion that scream little cocktail umbrellas and beaches. Guess you’ll just have to listen to it 24/7 and find out for yourself.

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Melis – “Love Song Idea” // David McConochie

You know that tender, slightly anxious feeling you get when you hear an isolated voice? Perhaps you’ve finally cajoled your friend into playing that song she wrote to an audience of two, all alone in someone’s living room. Melis captures that exposed, vulnerable feeling in a lo-fi love song saved from a dying hard drive.

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Mt. Joy – “Cardinal” // Gregory Euclide

I don’t care if Mt. Joy is singing about snow angels and Pennsylvania in the winter. “Cardinal” makes me want to roll out a picnic blanket, bust out the lemonade, and invite all my ne’er-do-well friends out for some daytime debauchery. Joey’s bringing a flask, and Corinne knows a good spot to buy fireworks on the way there. Come hang with Mt. Joy and the other weirdos.

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The Aces – “Physical” // Erin Riley

When the Aces sing “We’re just physical,” are they referring to the fact that I can’t help but shred a mean air guitar as I listen to this song? Or that my hips seem to grow a mind of their own? No? Oh. I might have to listen to it a lot more times then. You know, just to get the meaning right.

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Kent Odessa – “Palms Motel” // Bruce Riley

Clearly someone’s been reading my diary, since Kent Odessa has managed to craft a song with a) filthy bass, b) luscious synths, c) call-and-response vocals, and d) seriously though, that bass. I’m about to book a vacation just so I can dance to this in a hotel room.  Read more

Kyson – “Pictures” + “Wattle Rise” // Brian Batt

You’re alone at a bus stop, the bus hasn’t come for over an hour, and there’s a steady stream of cars whizzing by. You might feel alone, exposed, contemplative – but don’t worry. Kyson is right here with you, he knows exactly what you’re going through, and he’s even called ahead to make sure a warm cup of tea will be ready for you as soon as you get home. And look, there’s the bus now.

“Pictures” is the third single taken from Kyson’s sophomore album ‘A Book Of Flying’, out now via Friends Of Friends.

“Wattle Rise” is part of Friends of Friends excellent ‘<a href=””>Up Too Early</a>’ compilation, which is perfect since the repeated “gonna face you” vocal sample used in this track is the same mantra I chant at the sun as I’m tangled up in my bedsheets. Careful that the plush, subby bass doesn’t pull you right back to bed.

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Music P & Marque Aurel – “Let’s Make Beautiful (Tep No Remix)” // Sasha Katz

Ahead of the release of the original song, Tep No gives us a summery remix that’s equal parts driving and blissful. It feels delicate thanks to Victor Perry’s gentle vocals, but those drums aren’t taking any prisoners. Get in the car, roll down those windows, and go find some beautiful things. And queue up Tep No’s excellent “The Last Ones Standing” from VINYL MOON Volume 002: Familiar Mystery while you’re at it.

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Mustard & The Silverfish – “Jubilee Green” // Kelsey McClellan & Michelle Maguire

In “Jubilee Green,” Mustard & The Silverfish ask where their shoes are taking them, but I’m much more concerned about those cosmic organs taking me on an interplanetary journey that I’m not ready for. Not because I don’t want to go, but I forgot to bring a toothbrush. Does anyone know if there are pharmacies in space?

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Only Girl – “Fortune” // Artem Cheboha

Ok, that’s cool, Only Girl’s lovely voice with some warm keys and backing vocals, this is very pleasant, and – WOAH, this chorus came out of NOWHERE. There’s only 3 or 4 voices but it sounds like everything in the world is singing along. Lighters up, people, this is the real deal.

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Mating Ritual – “Second Chance” + “Drunk” + Album Release Show 6/24 w/ DYAN & Inspired and The Sleep

After years of waiting and teasing, we are finally getting a full Mating Ritual album! The record is called How You Gonna Stop It? and I couldn’t be more stoked. If you haven’t got into Mating Ritual yet then here is your “Second Chance”! (Sorry…)

But seriously, I’ve selfishly had the raucous heartbreak jams “Second Chance” on repeat so long that its been followed up by another new track “Drunk” as well as a big concert announcement. Mating Ritual are celebrating the album release with a huge benefit show for Planned Parenthood on June 24th and The Hi-Hat in Los Angeles. And on top of all that goodness, there will be lives sets from TBE faves DYAN and Inspired & The Sleep as well as so much more.

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Maxim Ludwig – “No One Has To Know” + “W8 4 U” // Jacub Gagnon

Required uniform for listening to this song: wicked shades. Neon jacket. Boom box slung over shoulder.

Rollerblades are optional, but if you’ve come this far, might as well go all the way.

More maxim below

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North Downs – “Plastic Clouds” // Vincent Mahe

Is this new North Downs jam the soundtrack to a futuristic sci-fi voyage, or a dusty western standoff? Why not both? Soak up the cosmic blues with North Downs as the temperature starts to rise.

Pro-tip: the cowboy hat goes on after the astronaut helmet.

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Michael Marino – “Oldies (Hip Hop Instrumental)” // Richard Balzer

This is music for victorious strolls down the street. Maybe you just got a new job. Maybe you just got that cute barista’s phone number. Either way, you’re feeling equal parts swagger and class – a tip of the hat to Michael Marino for bottling all that into one song.

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Catching Flies – “Daymarks” // Marni Manning

I’m counting “Daymarks” as my exercise for the day, since I’m doing so much head-bobbing that my neck is sore. But the song is so soothing that I’m keeping it on loop anyways.

Download the track for free here – that’s way cheaper than a gym membership.


BOA – “Steal It” // Kari Simonsen

It doesn’t really matter what the calendar says – as long as “Steal It” is playing on my speakers, it’s the summer. Highly recommended for pool parties or when you wish you could be at one. Which is pretty much all the time.


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