Ayumi Takahashi

YOURS have a jam i could spin FOREVER and NEVER get sick of

I’d like to formally apologize to everyone for keeping this jam to myself the past few weeks. Every time I hear I get so giddy with joy that sitting down at a computer to write things is the furthest from my mind. So put “Forever, Never” on repeat and do some work-avoiding of your own. (Get into the rest of their self titled EP here.)

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Sarah Elise Abramson

FALQO will SOMEDAY make you realize the value of getting WILD & feeling FREE)

Your Saturday just got a lot brighter. Put on an extra pair of shades and enjoy it.

‘Someday’ opens with Wild & Free’s funky guitar licks and smooth summery vocals, as they’re met with Falqo’s infectious disco beats, showering percussion and some incredibly funky bass-lines courtesy of Touch Sensitive.

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Martine Johanna 1

FREEDOM FRY may sweat but it SMELLS LIKE flowers one TEEN gives another in the SPIRIT of romance

This one goes out to anyone who ever had a crush on a girl who went to the Lycee a few blocks away in 1994! (anyone else…? anyone…?)

The fact that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” can work in French with a disco & reggae influence is a testament to how great Kurt Cobain’s melodies were. We were playing this cover during our set at SXSW and people kept asking about it so we decided to record it. Here it is.

Also catch the great new video for “Shaky Ground”

Previously on TBE: Freedom Fry

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