Osma Harvilahti

B R Ö D E T are always swapping tongues in ULTRA weird ways to you; their new and slightly confused FRIEND

“Ultra Friend” is the song that has always been way more adventurous than you but still lets you come along on all its cool adventure. It easts stuff off the forest floor that makes you nervous and tells you stories about reality being a butterfly’s dream that make you nervous. But you still keep coming back for more.  Read more

Stephen Maurice Graham

MALLRAT makes me smile FOR damn REAL

“but time’s not a thing so roll down the windows and we can just sing”

The next time the big ol’ world flexes its weird on you, crank up “For Real” and make everything seem a bit more ok. It may take 2-12 spins for full effect.

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Simon Stålenhag

DANCE WITH THE DEAD are a day-glo INVADER into a world full of darkness


Our impending dystopian future of robot invaders wont be fun for anyone but if we are to have any glimmer of hope in primitively spear-chucking those digital brutes out of the sky then we are going to need the right soundtrack. I think Dance With The Dead probably recorded these songs in the middle of a future battle for the world’s survival and sent these tracks back to us Terminator style. Crank it up and grab the spear sharpener!

“Invader” is on the album Near Dark available hereRead more