BROODS – “Four Walls”

Fall isn’t too far away, and that means it’s time to make room in our playlists for some weather appropriate tunes. It’s safe to assume that BROOD’s debut album “Evergreen” (due out October 7th on Polydor) will be on rotation for the duration of the season. If you haven’t checked them out yet, now is definitely the time. Their latest single “Four Walls” is a slow jam fit for a first dance.

[LIVE] Broods & Strange Talk @ The Echo 5.14.14

Last night was an awesome one-two punch of down-under goodness with New Zealand’s Broods and Australia’s Strange Talk. The room was packed for Broods’ first proper LA show and they fed off the crowd, pumping tons of energy into their jams. There was even a new song or two that sound great.

Then Strange Talk came on and celebrated the long awaited US release of Cast Away by absolutely slaying their set. Great times all around! I have some video of some killer guitar solos but they seem to have blown out the mic on my camera. Too hot!

As usual, dive into the show through the eyes and ears of the sexy people that were there! Then catch all my photos here, you stalker.

[MP3] Broods – “Bridges” (Chores Edit)

Broods and Chores. Chores and Broods. It just sounds right when you say it. And it damn sounds right when you hear it.

[MP3] BROODS – “Bridges”

New Zealand’s Broods just broke onto the scene with this sparse bit of gorgeous beat music. I would say that this boy/girl producer/singer combo trend was getting out of hand if the results weren’t so good.