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Gustavo Rimada

Animal Feelings – “Let Go” (feat Yulia)

Feelings in general are complex things, so its appropriate that Oli Chang’s Animal Feelings project runs deeper with each listen. Dive into the body-moving “Let Go” above and when you’ve quit trying to air guitar the shit of that amazing solo and need a break from the dancing let the instrumental piano-led flow of “Ferns” wash you clean.

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PIC BY JORGE SAENZ / CATERS NEWS - (Pictured: Jorge Saenzs toy dinosaurs in Cuba) These incredible images may look like a scene from The Land Before Time, but they are actually created using TOY DINOSAURS. Professional photographer Jorge Saenz began the inventive series as a fun side project to his regular job. On his travels, Jorge has snapped the dinosaurs in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Paraguay. Some of the scenes, such as those atop of mist-covered mountain ranges, look as though they were taken 100 million years ago. - SEE CATERS COPY

Savoir Adore – “Giants”

Savoir Adore are coming to a city near you! Lock up your children! (just so they are safe when you go out the concert…) And I can’t think of a better jam to get amped for a show with than “Giants”. This massive stomping sing along is sure to lay waste to any sedentary vibes you are feeling today.

Los Angeles, catch Savoir Adore and Paperwhite tonight at School Night! The rest of the tour dates are below.

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Toni Hamel

The Bones of J.R. Jones – “Hammers And Nails”

We’ve all been wronged. Wronged by a woman, wronged by a bossman, wronged by our own stubborn adherence to an alternate reality dreamworld. On those days when those wrongs come up to bite you its good to have a brother in arms for singing them away. Some foot stomps and handclaps work wonders too. The Bones of J.R. Jones make the perfect racket for that kind of work.  Read more

Jiwoon Pak 2

Alge – “Diamond Inseams”

When I call back all of the times
I borrowed my strength from you
You’re a portrait, frozen in time
It was all by design for true

Less than 700 plays on this gem. But like any rare stone, that’s only going to go up in value.

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Farid Rueda 2

[PREMIERE] 2001 – “Overloaded”

This vibrant jam that is brimming with oddball heart and soul. As their name (and killer album artwork below) might suggest, 2001 are simultaneously a blast from the past and a rocket to the future. It all depends on your perspective, man. “Overloaded” follows on the heels of their stellar debut track “Broke Me In Two” and continues their short but beautiful tradition of weaving some weird into our world. In the best and most blissed out way possible.

2001 - Overloaded

Justin Kim

Wet Leather – “Shame”

I love Wet Leather for a lot of reasons, but one of the top is their penchant for infusing their indie rock jams with just the right amount of paranoia to keep me looking over my shoulder as I air-drum down the road to “Shame”. The only cure is to turn it up a bit louder. And maybe take cover behind that hill…  Read more

Lek Chan

SKYES – “Dry”

No better way of telling someone you don’t miss them than writing a song so haunting gorgeous its sure to be stuck deep in their brain through many a restless sleep. They may not miss you either but they will sure start missing their sanity soon.  Read more

Andre De Freitas

O Mer – “Now I’m Alive”

At this moment O Mer is alive. But he doesn’t sound too convinced it will last very long. Where does he think he is headed? Did he see something in a dream? If you drift along to this song enough times in a row before bed I guarantee you will see some things in a dream…   Read more

Aleksandra Waliszewska

[DEBUT] Behaviors – “Don’t Fight It”

Behaviors’s debut jam “Don’t Fight It” is the kind of psych rock that doesn’t ask you to sit down and space out but rather get up and vibe out. It’s an elastic swagger jam for stroll in the park or folding your laundry. The kind of song that forces you to slow down and groove along. Nah, you aren’t late for anything. Just right on time for this moment here.  Read more

Chris Haas

A Love Like Pi – “Wide Awake”

A Love Like Pi’s “Wide Awake” is a killer jam for night driving through misty woods and back country roads. But heed the title’s advice and stay wide awake lest you nod off and veer into a stunned stag by the side of the road. You’ll never see it coming… except in the dreams it haunts you in for the rest of your life.  Read more

Mikael Takacs

San Fermin – “No Devil”

Its going to happen. Just wait. But you wont know it until its too late. You’ll peel open your eyes one morning to find her gaze welcoming you into a new day. Then just the edge of her ear will quiver and blur, quickly giving way to her entire face until you can barely make her out anymore. Is she melting in front of your eyes? No, its you. You are melting. Like putty in her hands.  Read more

Yu Fukugawa

JOAN – “Greenwich Dives”

There is a certain kind of summer heat that leaves you unable to do much besides lounge about drinking cold beer and eating light snacks. It is that kind of modest schedule that fits perfectly for the gentle indie grooves of JOAN. Kind of like if Leonard Cohen was more into analog synths and 2-for-1 beer specials.  Read more