IGB0 – “Gimmie Gimmie”

Alexander RobynLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Alexander Robyn [via]

“Indigo Green Brown Orange” is all it says on IGBO’s Soundcloud page but that collection of great colors doesn’t do their killer horn-infused funky soul sound justice. I’d like to propose “Intensely Graphic Body Oscillation” or “Igniting Geodesic Bio-Oceans” or “Inspiring Grand Booty Ovations”. But really, who cares about what a name means when you are having this much fun?  Read more

Darez And Chance – “Patiently” + Frenzy Remix

Ismael MouminLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Ismael Moumin [via]

France’s Darez and New York’s Chance met on the street one day in 2011 and immediately connected. Their Overseas LP is the the result of their international collaboration. A damn fine collection of throwback hip-hop flow and boom bap beats. It is enough to make even a minor hip hop fan like me perk up and listen. Keep the volume loud for Frenzy’s on point piano led remix that flips the whole thing around further and finer.

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Cherry Jungle – “Dinosaurs”

Haejin ParkLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Haejin Park [via]

Cherry Jungle sing about Dinosaurs but I don’t get the feeling they are your traditional Jurassic Park tear-limb-from-limb variety. I’m sensing a much more whimsical and outside-the-box dino. Ones who like a good prank, dance at parties, and might one day decorate themselves in fried eggs just for kicks. Oh, and one of the dinos reeeeally like air drumming. Yes. Read more

Pearl and the Beard – “Anything”

Amanda Charchian and Jose RomussiLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Amanda Charchian and Jose Romussi [via]

From what little I know about Pearl and The Beard from this press photo, I get the feeling that they would be a fun bunch to hang with. However, “Anything” goes dark and haunting in an unexpected way. It is a pleasant surprise to close your eyes and sink into.  Read more

Cultfever – “Youth”

Ryo YoshiiLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Ryo Yoshii [via]

We wait each other out
We weighed each other down

Being young in the world is a weird and wonderful thing. As you navigate the myriad oddities and institutions around you, your mind swirls with questions and answers at the same time. Sometimes the only sane place is the one inside your mind. The one where you know you have all the solutions and someday the world will understand the fierceness inside you. Someday…  Read more

Sorcha Richardson – “Petrol Station”

Anastasia TsayderLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Anastasia Tsayder [via]

cause i’m not holding out for anything better

so can we just stay here forever?

can we just stay here forever?

Few things can make us feel so small and fragile as the blooming anxiety that comes with new love. Knowing that this feeling growing inside can easily overtake your whole consciousness, dwarfing the former landscape of your mind with a new skyscraper. A monument to the immediate. Something that we can only hope sticks around and doesn’t fade into the dust of memories and misuse.  Read more

Wonderful Humans – “Don’t You”

Leonardo SantamariaArtist: Leonardo Santamaria [via]

If you are currently feeling sleepy I wouldn’t recommend listening to “Don’t You” as you fall asleep because dancing horns and come-on vocals will surely trigger lusty dreams of cloned island vixens that could possibly alter the fabric of your reality so that when you wake up you may actually be irresistible to ladies. And that just sounds like a lot of responsibility to wake up to.  Read more

Brain Tan – “Style” (Taylor Swift Cover)

Emma PowellArtist: Emma Powell [via]

How damn badass would it be if Taylor Swift’s next album sounded like this? Even an EP! I think she would kill it in the world of fuzzed out chill wave vibes. Or maybe we can just count on Brain Tan to continue covering her in their special upside down way. That would be rad too.

Style (Taylor Swift Cover)

Iro – “Sun” + “Habits” (Tove Lo cover)

Gabriel Schama via ColossalArtist: Gabriel Schama [via]

With the windows down and the dusty air whipping through the car there is only one direction to go! To the desert! Tap those hands on the steering wheel and get that head bob locked in a tight groove, you can taste the weekend on the horizon!

Then, when you are hazily making your way back to reality after the blur of weekend has left your mind broken you’ve got this killer “Habits” cover to haunt yourself with.

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