Wonderful Humans – “Don’t You”

Leonardo SantamariaArtist: Leonardo Santamaria [via]

If you are currently feeling sleepy I wouldn’t recommend listening to “Don’t You” as you fall asleep because dancing horns and come-on vocals will surely trigger lusty dreams of cloned island vixens that could possibly alter the fabric of your reality so that when you wake up you may actually be irresistible to ladies. And that just sounds like a lot of responsibility to wake up to.  Read more

Brain Tan – “Style” (Taylor Swift Cover)

Emma PowellArtist: Emma Powell [via]

How damn badass would it be if Taylor Swift’s next album sounded like this? Even an EP! I think she would kill it in the world of fuzzed out chill wave vibes. Or maybe we can just count on Brain Tan to continue covering her in their special upside down way. That would be rad too.

Style (Taylor Swift Cover)

Iro – “Sun” + “Habits” (Tove Lo cover)

Gabriel Schama via ColossalArtist: Gabriel Schama [via]

With the windows down and the dusty air whipping through the car there is only one direction to go! To the desert! Tap those hands on the steering wheel and get that head bob locked in a tight groove, you can taste the weekend on the horizon!

Then, when you are hazily making your way back to reality after the blur of weekend has left your mind broken you’ve got this killer “Habits” cover to haunt yourself with.

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via Beautiful Decay

Is it weird to think that a song about a girl can also be a song about the band singing the song about the girl? Don’t think too hard on that one, it was just my very real experience watching AVAN LAVA tear the roof off our showcase at SXSW. OOO EEE is about all I could think as they rocked matching white outfits, confetti cannons, and a room full of dancing fans. And then the horns!!

During the weeklong music conference marathon, the lyric “Don’t stop it baby, work that body, keep it goin!” became an anthem of sorts. Now that I’m back home, it can take on other meanings… Happy Friday ;)



The Teen Age – “Low Cunning”

via Booooooom

Go, man, go!  You thought you were so smart ordering pizzas before we got home and now the pizza guy is gonna get home before we do and I’m hungry as shit and my teen angst is flaring up and I need sustenance, man!

The Teen Age hold a special spot in The Burning Ear history: They formed when members of their previous bands (TBE faves The Denzels and Fast Years) read about each other right here on the site, realized they were both in Brooklyn, and got in touch. The rest is raw guitar rock history. 

Low Cunning

Memoryy – “Eternal Sunshine”

Sounds like… slowly waking up from a coconut concussion on the same tropical island you remember being on earlier except now everything is a bit shinier and you can’t help but feel the after taste of pina coloadas. What happened after that coconut hit you on the head!? Is your memory fading? Is your memory faaaading? Just dance through the pain and ignore the sun beating down on your un-suncreened back. You can’t get sunburned in dreamscapes. Or can you…?

Location: Brooklyn, NY. Dream islands.

Future: You wake up. Or if you are lucky, you don’t. And its pina colada hangovers and expert hip movements until the end of time.

Body Language – “Really Love”

Sounds like… TBE faves Body Language went off the rails a bit and I’m loving it. This slightly unhinged drum n bass jammer is THE track for getting the party started this weekend. And next. Etc.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Future: Single is available on vinyl and digital on Feb 17, 2015 via B3SCI.



PHONY PPL – “Why iii Love The Moon.”

Music for… people who love soulful piano grooves that blossom into funked out beats and cinematic storytelling. The only thing “phony” about these guys is the telephony you should be picking up to tell everyone about this jam. Ya heard!?

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Future: The new album Yesterday’s Tomorrow just came out. Get it!