Lek Chan

SKYES – “Dry”

No better way of telling someone you don’t miss them than writing a song so haunting gorgeous its sure to be stuck deep in their brain through many a restless sleep. They may not miss you either but they will sure start missing their sanity soon.  Read more

Andre De Freitas

O Mer – “Now I’m Alive”

At this moment O Mer is alive. But he doesn’t sound too convinced it will last very long. Where does he think he is headed? Did he see something in a dream? If you drift along to this song enough times in a row before bed I guarantee you will see some things in a dream…   Read more

Aleksandra Waliszewska

[DEBUT] Behaviors – “Don’t Fight It”

Behaviors’s debut jam “Don’t Fight It” is the kind of psych rock that doesn’t ask you to sit down and space out but rather get up and vibe out. It’s an elastic swagger jam for stroll in the park or folding your laundry. The kind of song that forces you to slow down and groove along. Nah, you aren’t late for anything. Just right on time for this moment here.  Read more

Chris Haas

A Love Like Pi – “Wide Awake”

A Love Like Pi’s “Wide Awake” is a killer jam for night driving through misty woods and back country roads. But heed the title’s advice and stay wide awake lest you nod off and veer into a stunned stag by the side of the road. You’ll never see it coming… except in the dreams it haunts you in for the rest of your life.  Read more

Mikael Takacs

San Fermin – “No Devil”

Its going to happen. Just wait. But you wont know it until its too late. You’ll peel open your eyes one morning to find her gaze welcoming you into a new day. Then just the edge of her ear will quiver and blur, quickly giving way to her entire face until you can barely make her out anymore. Is she melting in front of your eyes? No, its you. You are melting. Like putty in her hands.  Read more

Yu Fukugawa

JOAN – “Greenwich Dives”

There is a certain kind of summer heat that leaves you unable to do much besides lounge about drinking cold beer and eating light snacks. It is that kind of modest schedule that fits perfectly for the gentle indie grooves of JOAN. Kind of like if Leonard Cohen was more into analog synths and 2-for-1 beer specials.  Read more

Calvin Seibert

Memoryy – “Feeling Sinister”

OK, so you’ve made some decisions about the weekend. Destination? The beach. Activity? Reading a good mystery book. Horn solos in your soundtrack? Hell yes. Great! Sounds like you have yourself a plan. Just add Memoryy’s “Feeling Sinister” to the playlist and you are good to go.  Read more

Wendy van Santen

Cherry Jungle – “The Ribbons And The Wrappings”

The infinitely underrated Cherry Jungle are back with a follow up to stomping debut “Dinosaurs”. Now we can rank their underrated status at infinity + 5. “The Ribbons And The Wrappings” is exactly the kind of rough around the edges indie rock jammer you want to be signing along too at a garage show on a tropical island. Light beer sloshing on your candy coated finger tips as you bump into new friends and someone tries to sweep sand out of the garage.  Read more

Remed and Okuda

GIBBZ – “I Found You”

One listen to “I Found You” and you know that smile on Mike Gibney’s face is no fake. The guy found someone and damn if his world isn’t 4 shades brighter. Lucky for us Gibney is a generous man and decided to share that cloudless life of his with us in the form of this super infectious synth groover. More jams please! More smiles please!  Read more

Jeffrey Alan Love

Xan Young – “Passion”

here is something beautifully dark and haunting about Xan Young’s debut track “Passion”. Like if the son of The Dark One grew up to rebel against his father and decided to play keys in a dance band yet his roots still shone through no matter how hard he tried.  Read more