Sorcha Richardson – “Lost” + “Ruin Your Night” // James Jean

For all of us who have been smitten with Sorcha Richardson since her debut song “Petrol Station” last year the wait for new music has been a long and patient one. Lucky for use she now has 3 new songs out that reveal more of her gentle voice and minimal production. She has stitched her heart on her sleeve and its beautiful stuff.

Get Sorcha Richardson’s debut song “Petrol Station” on VINYL MOON Volume 005.

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Twin Wave – “Roll With It” + “Matador” // Jakub Rebelka

When the apocalypse comes sooner than you expect and half your team doesn’t make it through the first wave and your weapons are on the fritz sometimes you just have to turn up the Twin Wave in your cyborg earpiece and roll with it.

Brooklyn’s Twin Wave make the kind of gloom-rock grooves that are perfect for these ever-shorter days and colder nights. “Matador” (below) is perfect for dancing your way through some fresh heartbreak.

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tamper – “A New Fire” // Edouard Sepulchre

It’s a tense day so take some time to drift off with the wonderful tamper and their new EP which is out now. “A New Fire” is my killer calming jam at the moment. Get into other TBE fave “Bought and Sold” as well… and Vinyl Moon members should keep an eye on their mailbox this week…

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Ben Talmi – “Play” // Amanita Design

I get the feeling that Ben Talmi knows what it’s like to see a weekend approaching and not feel in any state to enjoy it. “Play” feels like an anthem for turning life’s toughest twists into something fun. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and right now listening to “Play” on blast is definitely making me stronger. It’s Ben and I against the weekend!

Dive into more Ben Talmi with his jumping-on-the-bed jam “Pure” as well.

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Fort Lean – “Easily” + “New Hobbies” (Video)

It’s a big week for Fort Lean! Their album Quiet Day is finally out in Europe! And they dropped a video for “New Hobbies” (below). AND they have 2 brand new tracks out! “Easily” is on heavy rotation around here with it’s laid back grind/groove fitting perfectly with this Summer sun sitting outside my window. The more I listen, the more I want to get outside! But then I watch the “New Hobbies” video and get scared about ever leaving the house again…

Vinyl fans, be sure to catch “Might’ve Misheard” on Vinyl Moon Volume 006! And then get their full Quiet Day LP pressed mustard yellow from Ooh La La Records.




[PREMIERE] Skyes – “Dry” (Video)

Anyone paying attention knows I love me some Skyes and that their song “Dry” is my absolute jam. So its an honor to premiere their new video for it and all of it’s paranoid party vibe glory. The song is already beautifully haunting so its fitting that he video follows suit. Start your weekend off with a healthy dose of skepticism for everyone around you! Or at least start it off with “Dry” on repeat :)

Dive into the full Quarks EP and check out “Dry” on Vinyl Moon Volume 009.

p.s. Keen eyes will catch Ben from Paperwhite in the video!

Tim Gardner

Peter Wise – “On The Ground” // Tim Gardner

Sometimes the best part of a city is the view from the outside. Cheers to distance and perspective.

All we want is to go back
To when we weren’t possessed
On leaving our lives a mess
Shoot before you’re shot
As this world falls apart

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Stephanie Ho

Wales – “Falling” // Stephanie Ho

Oh what to do when your head is in the clouds but so is all the rain. Read more

Paul Paetzel 2

PAIDEIA jumps at me like a RESTLESS CHILD grown bored from watching AKIRA but still amped by the animations

Less than 75 followers on this guy’s Soundcloud which is bonkers because I’ve just spent the last half hour bouncing between the 4 tracks available trying to find a favorite and I can’t. Can you?

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Harley Lafarrah Eaves

VIOLET SANDS slowly fill an AIRY room with soft grooves that would calm a tense CANARY

From the Strange Attractor EP available now: iTunes / Spotify. Definitely get into it.

Previously on TBE: Violet Sands

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Palma Blank

O MER runs the risk of being OVERFLOWN more than overblown

Get airborne on this handclap fueled ride through O Mer’s weird world of sounds.

Then check out O Mer’s “Now I’m Alive” on VINYL MOON Volume 009.

Previously on TBE: O Mer

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August 24th, 2014.
Ilulissat, Greenland

TAMPER creaft a kinda scary dreamstate in the sky like an AURORA borealis lit from A NEW FIRE

Tie yourself to something solid because this one comes in like a slow tide but takes you out at twice the speed.

Previously on TBE: tamper

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Fintan Magee

Mons Vi – “Waiting”

Mons Vi want you to relax. Read a book, take a walk, get an air plant. Let deep breaths replace deep regret as you melt into “Waiting” and drift away on those hazy guitars.  Read more

Gustavo Rimada

Animal Feelings – “Let Go” (feat Yulia)

Feelings in general are complex things, so its appropriate that Oli Chang’s Animal Feelings project runs deeper with each listen. Dive into the body-moving “Let Go” above and when you’ve quit trying to air guitar the shit of that amazing solo and need a break from the dancing let the instrumental piano-led flow of “Ferns” wash you clean.

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PIC BY JORGE SAENZ / CATERS NEWS - (Pictured: Jorge Saenzs toy dinosaurs in Cuba) These incredible images may look like a scene from The Land Before Time, but they are actually created using TOY DINOSAURS. Professional photographer Jorge Saenz began the inventive series as a fun side project to his regular job. On his travels, Jorge has snapped the dinosaurs in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Paraguay. Some of the scenes, such as those atop of mist-covered mountain ranges, look as though they were taken 100 million years ago. - SEE CATERS COPY

Savoir Adore – “Giants”

Savoir Adore are coming to a city near you! Lock up your children! (just so they are safe when you go out the concert…) And I can’t think of a better jam to get amped for a show with than “Giants”. This massive stomping sing along is sure to lay waste to any sedentary vibes you are feeling today.

Los Angeles, catch Savoir Adore and Paperwhite tonight at School Night! The rest of the tour dates are below.

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