Wildlife Control – “Gizelle Pt.1” // Jem Creswell

“Giselle Pt.1” comes from the soundtrack of More Than T, a film focused on the lives of seven transgendered and gender nonconforming people. Even without the visual component it was composed for, “Gizelle Pt.1” is grand, sweeping, and full of hope. Just what I would expect from TBE faves Wildlife Control.

More Than T premieres on Showtime this Friday 6/23 at 7pm ET/PT. You can listen to the rest of the soundtrack below:

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Night Click – “The Drug Store Ceiling” // Paulina Bartnik

Night Click has made the only song I ever want to hear playing from dive bar jukeboxes. Now recruiting personnel to travel through America and replace the contents of every music-making machine we can find at the dingiest watering holes known to man. Requirements: must love the sound of Fender Twin guitar amps and  lush backing vocals.

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NoMBe – “Signs” // Dan Rawlings

Rollicking, subby, and fun, NoMBe reproaches the female subject of his latest release with a wink and a smile. It might be a warning to the self-absorbed, but the main guitar lick and shuffling groove mean the rest of us will be wrapped up in moving our hips. Another great entry into his They Might’ve Even Loved Me album, released song-by-song every month.

Can’t wait for July to get your fix of NoMBe? Check out “Seminole” as featured on VINYL MOON Volume 003: Halftone.

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TAMPA – “Hot Day” // Richard Keeling

Buttery guitar tone and subversive lyrics are the main players in “Hot Day”, an ode to something that keeps you awake (probably not coffee). No matter your feelings on the topic, a few spins of TAMPA are bound to bump up your evening.

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Maxim Ludwig – “Big White Wall” // Studio Takeuma

Channeling the best of Kenny Loggins and Rick Springfield has gotta be tough on the hips, which is why The Burning Ear recommends a thorough stretch session prior to listening to any Maxim Ludwig. If you overextend, you could be put out of Maxim Ludwig-listening for weeks, and no one should go through that. Trust me on this one.

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Fabriq – “Electric Flow” // Michael Kagen

I heard somewhere that doctors are using “Electric Flow” to check motor faculties – if the patient hears the song and doesn’t dance, the medical staff knows something’s wrong. Luckily, it’s a test you can administer on your own. Best be safe and play it often so you can get appropriate medical care at the first sign of unresponsiveness.

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Warm Binary – “Microdose 444” // Steeven Salvat

Fluorescent synth arrangements and an excellent bongo rhythm are the key players in Warm Binary’s latest, a fully-formed piece that manages keep growing towards something huge while keeping the energy high for nearly the entire track. 8-bit sounds mesh with live drum loops, with plenty of textures to explore upon repeated listens. Keep the synth-worship going by revisiting “Twin Oaks” on VINYL MOON Volume 019: Sacred Dust.

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Aaron Childs – “Good Times” // Ivan Blažetić

Choice track “Good Times” from Aaron Childs captures the spirit of a really good block party. Everyone from the neighborhood is there, there’s food and drink aplenty, and Kate from down the road has taken on DJing duties with aplomb. I didn’t know Ms. Fletcher could get down like that. Someone’s getting this on video, right?

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Freedom Fry – “Brave” // Lauren Brevner

Get a little pep talk from Freedom Fry with “Brave”. Bound to be a massive group sing along for festival crowds, “Brave” doesn’t say anything earth-shattering, but instead believes wholly in the message it’s sending and invites everyone to be a part of it. And isn’t that what great pop music is about?

Get more of Freedom Fry’s mass appeal with their cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, as featured on VINYL MOON Volume 015: Taking Shapes.

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GRMLN – “27 Kids” // Théo Guignard

Some songs are meant to be danced to in clubs, or grand halls, or dark warehouse spaces. Others, like GRMLN’s “27 Kids”, demand socks and hardwood floors.

“27 Kids” is the first single from GRMLN’s album ‘Discovery’, out on April 7th.

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THRILLERS – “HEAT (Prod. by Back Talk)” // Allison Reimold

There’s nothing subtle about “HEAT,” and that’s ok. Sometimes you’re not looking for nuance or delicacy – sometimes you’re looking for the biggest kick drums and brightest lights out there. THRILLERS give you that extra push for your next night out.

THRILLERS’ debut Album “Break Free” is out May 26 via Lights & Music Collective. Get into the even brand new-er jam “Drifting” below.

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Wild & Free — “Moment” // Eric Lefaure

Wild & Free wrote “Moment” as a panacea to the Ghost Ship Fire tragedy, though you’d never expect those origins from such a unshakably positive song. As the bassline intertwines with the duo’s velvet-smooth vocals, there’s not much else to do but find a nearby friend to come join you on the dance floor. Get down with this pick-me-up, then chase it with Wild & Free’s “Low Pressure” as featured on VINYL MOON Volume 004: Surface Tension.

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Pr0files – “Money” // Sean Mahan

Pr0file’s “Money” is a song to sink into over repeated listens, with everything from the lush pads to the self-conflicted lyrics offering more every time you hear it. I’m a strong proponent of melancholy summer songs, and this deserves a prime spot on any road trip playlists. Delve even deeper into Pr0file’s work with “Forgive” from VINYL MOON Volume 001: Orbiting.

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Lizzy Land – “Beat Goes On” // Revok

I’m really at a loss as to whether Lizzy Land’s “Beat Goes On” is better suited for sunny skies or nocturnal celebrations. Her coy voice and pulsing beat really lend themselves to disco balls and dance floors, but there’s sparkling guitars and tropical percussion that scream little cocktail umbrellas and beaches. Guess you’ll just have to listen to it 24/7 and find out for yourself.

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Maxim Ludwig – “No One Has To Know” + “W8 4 U” // Jacub Gagnon

Required uniform for listening to this song: wicked shades. Neon jacket. Boom box slung over shoulder.

Rollerblades are optional, but if you’ve come this far, might as well go all the way.

More maxim below

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