Ramon Maiden

Tep No – “Swear Like a Sailor”

Another dreamy/sexy jam from the unstoppable Tep No for your weekend. Its the hazy tropical groove for whistling along to as you flip the bird to the workweek, your worries, and Taylor Swift.

I had a thought, running through my head
Now you’re gone, I don’t remember it
I had the life, and then I see you
Now our love is all see through

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Valeria Moreiro

Bear Mountain – “Hopeful”

Bear Mountain said they wrote this new one about being “Hopeful” for the future and the paths ahead which is fitting because hopeful is exactly much how I feel whenever I hear their jams. Something about their upbeat grooves and down to earth vocals are surefire way to get my mood up. For severe cases of mood funk just go see them live because thats a damn treat. Looking forward to more from these guys this year!  Read more

Tomer Hanuka and Asaf Hanuka

Earth Rides Along – “Cheap Shots And Two Dollar Beers”

Things get a bit weird when you hang out with Earth Moves Along. Well, to be fair, they start out pretty weird, but get even weirder too. Crumbling cars give way to crippled bikes. Stray dogs become wingmen at the bar. Dial up modem sounds turn into a drinking song. Its all a haze in the end but your wallet didn’t take much of a hit so you stab a flag of victory in the next morning’s egg sandwich.  Read more

John Clayton Lee

[PREMIERE] Avid Walker – “Sun In Eyes”

Take a step back from the hullabaloo and bask in the light of the Summer with the calming sounds of Avid Walker massaging your Thursday nerves. “Sun In Eyes” is the perfect song for the calmer side of these hot months. Basking solo by the pool. Getting into that book you have meaning to finish. Exploring abandoned desert shacks. Or just walking. Avidly walking. Like we are supposed to do when we want a break from life.  Read more


Harrison Brome – “Midnight Island”

Living in a big city its easy to forget about the power of walks. A simple stroll through the neighborhood can do wonders for the mind and soul. No digital screens to distract your train of thought as it kicks the dust of the tracks and barrels into long lost mental villages. A great time to be lost in and surprised by yourself. Plus, aliens. You are definitely never gonna see a UFO from your couch. Gotta be outside to spot them.  Read more

Sarah Deremer

Avid Walker – “Conversations”

If your idea of Summer is more relaxation than party then “Conversations” is your summer jam. Its a meandering stroll in the park with a light buzz and the lingering spice of street tacos on your lips. A feeling both sleepy and alive. Ready for anything but also ready for a great nap. Read more

Lioba Bruckner

Tribe Society – “Pain Told Love” (feat. Kiesza)

“Pain Told Love” is one of those songs so beautifully intimate that you feel like you have to be quiet while you are listening so you don’t interrupt the emotional conversation between these two. Tribe Society and Kiesza sing so earnestly to each other, we just get to be a little bird listening in. And when things build so much they feel like they may burst we feel lucky that we can just flutter to a higher branch and let these two do their dance in the forest clearing below.  Read more

Michael Massaia

Mesa Luna – “Church Garden”

Close your eyes and listen. Do you hear that? No, its not just the sound of the weekend approaching. Listen closer than that. Its the sound of the floor beneath you… slowly getting farther away. The echoes take a hair longer to come back to your ears until eventually you cant hear them at all and only Mesa Luna fills your head. Its a great place to be. Keep you eyes closed a bit longer and enjoy.  Read more