Tribe Society – “Pain Told Love” (feat. Kiesza)

Lioba BrucknerLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Lioba Bruckner [via]

“Pain Told Love” is one of those songs so beautifully intimate that you feel like you have to be quiet while you are listening so you don’t interrupt the emotional conversation between these two. Tribe Society and Kiesza sing so earnestly to each other, we just get to be a little bird listening in. And when things build so much they feel like they may burst we feel lucky that we can just flutter to a higher branch and let these two do their dance in the forest clearing below.  Read more

Mesa Luna – “Church Garden”

Michael MassaiaLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Michael Massaia [via]

Close your eyes and listen. Do you hear that? No, its not just the sound of the weekend approaching. Listen closer than that. Its the sound of the floor beneath you… slowly getting farther away. The echoes take a hair longer to come back to your ears until eventually you cant hear them at all and only Mesa Luna fills your head. Its a great place to be. Keep you eyes closed a bit longer and enjoy.  Read more

JAHKOY – “Still In Love”

André da LobaLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: André da Loba [via]

Catch a whiff of her perfume in the air. See the scarf she used to wear on another person. See a city you once visited together in a movie. It can happen anywhere at any time and the realization that you are still desperately still in love will hit you like a ton of bricks. JAHKOY is not making that feeling any easier to handle with this sultry sex jam that will literally turn the world around you into one big reminder of the nights you no longer have. The only thing to do is dim the lights and use JAHKOY to make some new memories to push out the old.  Read more

On Planets – “Spectacle” Ft. Maddie Duke

Anne Ten DonkelaarArtist: Anne Ten Donkelaar [via]

“Spectacle” is a beautifully weird collection of sonic bursts and burps that set the ever evolving stage for Maddie Duke’s fragile yet forceful voice to dance and weave through. The kind of song you should only listen to with headphones if you are fully ready to be consumed.

Spectacle Ft. Maddie Duke

Tep No – “Karma, You Got Owned”

Veronika RichterovaArtist: Veronika Richterova [via]

In case you have been living under a rock, the seasons are changing and the weather is warming and its time to give the middle finger to winter and break out the aloe vera lotion and patio furniture. Sunbathe accordingly.

Karma, You Got Owned

Young Empires – “The Gates”

Boris Pelcer via SupersonicArtist: Boris Pelcer [via]

Running into this new Young Empires jam on the internet is like running into that girl from Middle School that you had a crush on and you are like “Damn, you grew up! I mean you were always cute and awesome but this is like woah, yeah, adult!” Except that with “The Gates” you don’t have to sound so much like a goob and can just hit repeat and give that reaction a second try.

P.S. SO excited for new Young Empires. #gocanada


[PREMIERE] Coleman Hell – “Thumbalina”


Sounds like… recent TBE fave Coleman Hell wants you to save your Monday coffee money for another day. “Thumbalina” is a rowdy jolt of a jump-on-the-couch love song that is the perfect start to a hazy day. There is something about Coleman’s slightly raspy croon that is silk to my ears. When set against “Thumbalina”‘s bounce of keys and percussion it makes for a damn fine Sprintime anthem I feel I will have on repeat for days, if not weeks to come.

Location: Toronto, Canada

Future: Enough singles, lets get a full album!


Music for… drunkenly bringing an empty coffee tin and a weird hat to the club. The hat is just to help you get loose. The coffee tin is for singing your woes into as you dance along to the fuzzed out electronic funk of Humans. Bonus points if you get a caffeine buzz off the fumes.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Future: New album Noontide dropped yesterday.

Young Empires – “So Cruel”

Sounds like… loooong time TBE favorites Young Empires have not been fking around in the downtime since their epic dance rock debut Wake All My Youth. “So Cruel” is a bit more stripped back and raw than we have heard them but I love the evolution.

Location: Toronto, Canada

Future: Keep your fingers crossed for a full LP to follow this single release.