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Marianna Tomaselli

VBRTR – “Something Gūd”

This weekend’s feel good pre-game monster dance jam has arrived! Get ready for a night out with a loofah in one hand, a cocktail in the other, and VBRTR on the stereo. You’ll be feeling and looking damn gūd in no time.  Read more

Mike Davis

Wolfie’s Just Fine – “It’s a Job”

Jobs and tales of workplace drudgery are everyday normal occurrences for most guys, me included. But none of my songs I’ve ever whistled while I worked do quite the trick that cranking up “It’s A Job” is doing today. Wolfie’s Just Fine makes me want to stand on my desk and sing along before going outside for a 5 minute break to bask in a few rays of sun. Its a mini vacation for the mind. A quick trip somewhere with a bit more wonder then my own office.  Read more

Dreamers at Roxy

[LIVE] TBE Presents DREAMERS & THE ARKELLS @ The Roxy 3/10

New York City AND Canada are about to invade Los Angeles as the excellent Dreamers and their tour-mates Arkells hit the Roxy on March 10th. We’ve been huge Dreamers fans since we fell in love with “Wolves” and got to see it live in NYC a few years ago. I can’t wait to hear the rest of their new EP live! And really looking forward to catching Arkells live as well.


And get prepped!

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Angela Glajcar

Hans Island – “Break Free”

They say not to stare into the sun because it will make your whole world go bright and you won’t be able to see the things around you anymore. With Hans Island in my ears that doesn’t really sound so bad…

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Naadei – “Cool Friends” [Prod. Shaqarts]

Nobody likes to feel inadequate but we all know those people that just ooze a coolness we cant help but envy. “Cool Friends” rides a weird line between fragile anthem and smitten ode. It’s aspirational and self effacing all at once. A raw tale of feelings that we can all relate to.  Read more

Karen Ann Myers

Seoul – “White Morning”

There isn’t much to do in this October California heatwave then strip off your sticky clothes and put on a record for daydreaming. Drift off into a nap or think about that one time, well, you remember… I’m a little late to Seoul’s stellar album I Become A Shade but its the exact right record for these afternoons. Dreamy and groovy in all the right ways. Turn it up and float away.

Get the I Become A Shade LPRead more

Ruben Sanchez 1

The Zolas – “Molotov Girls” + “Fell in Love with New York”

The Zolas have always been kicking out grooves and keep the fun(k) coming with a new bundle of tunes perfect for keeping your step pepped as you navigate the Frogger-eque city life that stands between you and Monday greatness. Crank these up and keep moving!

Dive into a few more tracks from The Zolas’ upcoming full-length (2016 release date TBD).  Read more

Ramon Maiden

Tep No – “Swear Like a Sailor”

Another dreamy/sexy jam from the unstoppable Tep No for your weekend. Its the hazy tropical groove for whistling along to as you flip the bird to the workweek, your worries, and Taylor Swift.

I had a thought, running through my head
Now you’re gone, I don’t remember it
I had the life, and then I see you
Now our love is all see through

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Valeria Moreiro

Bear Mountain – “Hopeful”

Bear Mountain said they wrote this new one about being “Hopeful” for the future and the paths ahead which is fitting because hopeful is exactly much how I feel whenever I hear their jams. Something about their upbeat grooves and down to earth vocals are surefire way to get my mood up. For severe cases of mood funk just go see them live because thats a damn treat. Looking forward to more from these guys this year!  Read more