[MP3] PATRICK STUMP is about to be in the SPOTLIGHT

depression is a little bit like happy hour, right, it’s always gotta be happening somewhere on any given night

♫ Patrick Stump – Spotlight (oh nostalgia)

If you ever managed to get over yourself long enough to enjoy the power-pop perfection that is Fall Out Boy then you know Patrick Stump well. He is the voice and the music behind fame-hungry Pete Wentz and has just ventured out on a solo project that will see his Soul Punk LP drop early next year. “Spotlight” is his first single and in a nod to the internet fans that made him famous he is letting us vote on which of two versions we prefer. I think I like the “(Oh Nostalgia)” version better, for it’s tempered pace and distant percussion. Either way “Spotlight” is a nice slice of motivational-songwriting that keeps Fall Out Boy’s sugar but loses a little of their spice. I’m curious where the rest of this project will take him.

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