[FREE DOWNLOAD] The TBE 5 Year Anniversary Album

Well, its finally here! The full album download of The Burning Ear’s 5 Year Anniversary Album! A big thank to you all the bands that made such amazing jams for this project. It is a hug honor to have my name stamped on the cover of this but the real props go to the musicians. You all killed it!


The Burning Ear 5 Year Anniversary Project is a celebration of some of the best songs of the first 5 years of this blog. I asked some of my favorite bands of today to re-interpret my favorite songs of the past 5 years. The result is an exclusive set of covers and remixes that is truly a family affair.

Catch up on the rest of The Burning Ear 5 Year Anniversary Album

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Feb 12 // Memoryy & Brothertiger > Cover > Yeasayer – “Ambling Alp”
Feb 14 // Lincoln Jesser > Cover > Twin Shadow – “Run My Heart”
Feb 15 // Don Loemax > Remix > Kid Cadaver – “Stable”
Feb 19 // Scavenger Hunt > Cover > Disclosure – “Latch”
Feb 21 // Germany Germany > Remix > Germany Germany – “Radiowave”
Feb 24 // Manu el Chino > Cover > M83 – “Midnight City”
Feb 26 // Wiley Webb > Remix > Rhye – “Open”
Feb 28 // Y Luv > Cover > The National – “Bloodbuzz Ohio”
Mar 2 // Noah Hyde > Remix > Scavenger Hunt – “Lost”
Mar 3 // Pr0files > Cover > Phosphorescent – “Song For Zula”
Mar 5 // Da French Connexion > Cover > Drake – “Hold On We’re Going Home”
Mar 6 // Christopher Norman > Remix > Miike Snow – “Cult Logic”

[PREMIERE – MP3] Germany Germany – “Radiowave” (Germany Germany 2014 Darkwave Edit)

[soundcloud id=’136038376′]

Germany Germany has been underrated and under-appreciated since day 1 but his 2010 super-jam “Radiowave” is an absolute favorite of mine. When the Vancouver Groove-master volunteered to re-edit his own song for the TBE 5 Year Anniversary project I was excited to hear what he had cooked up for us, 4 years later. Its a rare occasion to hear an artists second take on their won music. In this case things got, darker and more twisted. Probably a lot like us compared to 4 years ago. Get into it.


Stay tuned for the rest of 5 Year Album Project…

Feb 12 // Memoryy & Brothertiger > Cover > Yeasayer – “Ambling Alp”
Feb 14 // Lincoln Jesser > Cover > Twin Shadow – “Run My Heart”
Feb 15 // Don Loemax > Remix > Kid Cadaver – “Stable”
Feb 19 // Scavenger Hunt > Cover > Disclosure – “Latch”
Feb 21 // Germany Germany > Remix > Germany Germany – “Radiowave”
Feb 24 // Manu el Chino > Cover > M83 – “Midnight City”
Feb 26 // Wiley Webb > Remix > Rhye – “Open”
Feb 28 // Y Luv > Cover > The National – “Bloodbuzz Ohio”
Mar 1 // Noah Hyde > Remix > Scavenger Hunt – “Lost”
Mar 3 // Pr0files > Cover > Phosphorescent – “Song For Zula”
Mar 5 // Christopher Norman > Remix > Miike Snow – “Cult Logic”
Mar 7 // Parade of Lights > Remix > Chvrches – “Mother We Share”
Mar 10 // Da French Connexion > Cover > Drake – “Hold On We’re Going Home”

The Happy Birthday TBE Album – With exclusive covers and remixes from Noah Hyde, Pr0files, Lincoln Jesser, Parade of Lights and more…

This is just a teaser to get you all as excited as I am. To celebrate the 5th birthday of The Burning Ear I’m putting together an album of exclusive remixes of covers of the best TBE jams of the past 5 years. Contributing artists like Pr0files, Noah Hyde, Lincoln Jesser, Y Luv, Wiley Webb, Memoryy, Germany Germany, and more will be remixing or covering songs by Miike Snow, Twin Shadow, Scavenger Hunt, Yeasayer, Phosphorescent, Rhye, Frank Ocean, and more.

The list goes one and makes my heart skip a beat every time I read it. And dont even get me started on heart skips when I LISTEN to these jams. Holy cow. You guys are in for a treat.

AND THEN, there is the epic album artwork above created by the amazing Meghan Ellie Smith. I’m basically a mess of excitement over here.

Stay tuned. The project rolls out next week….


[PREMIERE] Germany Germany – “On Your Own” + “1978”

I can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year then with new Germany Germany! The dancey, spacey, synthy, and magical sounds of Vancouver’s Drew Harris have been longtime favorites of mine so it’s an honor to premiere “On Your Own.” This jam opens Germany Germany’s new album Reconnect which comes out tomorrow. “On Your Own” is a gorgeous belnd of elastic throwback synthesizers and grinding guitar licks that whip up a groove perfect for partying, driving, dancing, or just reflecting on that last year. However you spend New Year’s Eve, spend it with some Germany Germany.

BONUS: I just got word I can include the dance party monster “1978” here too. For part of the night after the ball drop when everyone is 3 sheets and ready to get weird! Get weird!

[LP] Germany Germany – BLANK MIND EMPTY HEART (w/ “With You ft. Kotomi”)

what do i do? i’m in love with you and i feel like a fool

♫ Germany Germany – With You ft. Kotomi

  • Who: Drew Harris
  • What: Bedroom space pop, like Arrange, Youth Lagoon, The xx
  • Where: NYC via Vancouver + Bandcamp
  • When: Buy Blank Mind Empty Heart now.
  • Why: While Germany Germany has been a Burning Ear favorite for years, Drew Harris and his beautful electronic sounds have gone under-appreciated among most. It’s understandable, though. Harris doesn’t bow to anyone’s expectation or genre boundaries. He follows his heart and has evolved down more pathways than any other artist I have followed on this site. With that said, his latest album is another journey through a mellower and more ambient sound than some of his previous dance jams. I just put on the album to write this review and 90 seconds in heard my friend say “This is nice! Who is this?” One more fan!

[LP/COVER] Bear Mountain – LIVE AT THE CHINA CLOUD (w/ “Sing” & “Take Me Home” Germany Germany cover)

♫ Bear Mountain – Sing

  • Who: Ian, Doug, & Kyle.
  • What: Soulful loop-pop, like Germany Germany, Ray Lamontagne, Gotye.
  • Where: Vancouver, BC + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: Live At The China Cloud is out now. A proper LP is slated for Spring.
  • Why: Live albums are generally rubbish for for diehard fans of outdated bands. And then there are the odd discs that actually turn you on to a new band, making you forget you are listening to a live recording long enough that when you remember you are, you say “Woah, all that was live?” Meet Bear Mountain. They make big (and often instrumental) swirling indie rock jams with a soulful heart and a pop edge. They also cover Germany Germany. Twice. Radical.

♫ Bear Mountain – Take Me Home (Germany Germany cover)

Second best song on the album is “Two Step” but you have no excuse not to get the whole thing because its free at their Bandcamp.

[LP] Germany Germany – ADVENTURES (w/ “Too Fast” & “Take Your Time”)

but after all i am, i’ve lost the purpose

♫ Germany Germany – Too Fast

Germany Germany is baaack! Ok, perhaps thats not such a dramatic statement as Drew Harris never really left. TBE’s most prolific artist never stops toiling and boiling in his laptop laboratory of swirling beats and bubbling treats. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the guy’s output, never having enough time to get into an LP/EP before being hit with the next one, so I really gave his latest album, Adventures, a while to sink in. And a while it took. The double edged sword of Germany Germany is that if you know epic bangers like “Radiowave” or the instant classics like “Home” or “Lena” then it can be easy to expect such face grabbers. But I tell you this, expectations are a dangerous thing when you are dealing with such a young and continually evolving force as GG. If last years Last Summer LP taught us anything it’s that sometimes GG just wants us to relax and take a breather. And you know what? He is right. But that kind of chilling doesn’t apply to every moment and that’s where Adventures comes in. At a heavy 17 tracks it has a lot of options. I find cracking into such dense albums to be quite difficult so I was thankful to The Mill digital studios for using “Too Fast” in their latest show-reel because if that jam doesn’t fit the mood just perfectly then I don’t know what does.  Read more

[MP3] GERMANY GERMANY want’s to TAKE YOUR ass off the couch and get you moving. Double TIME!

♫ Germany Germany – Take Your Time

Any regular readers of TBE know that we love ourselves some Germany Germany around here. Never one to leave us too long without a new jam, Canada’s finest bedroom-electro act is back with the double-single preview of his forthcoming LP Adventures. “Take Your Time” is another slice of GG’s dreamy instrumental synth-pop pie that is not so hot it burns your mouth but packs enough warmth to melt that ice cream. Or I guess you could probably use this to run to and get into a pretty good zone. Whatever, I’ll take the pie. Grab “Reflections” over at GG’s free music collective, Distorted Disco!

Bury your face in Distorted Disco

Brandon’s TBE Digest 18 – 1.18.2011 [Passion Pit, Kanye West, Big K.R.I.T., RAC, Das Racist, BRAHMS, Kid Cudi, and more!]

It’s a new year and a lot of good stuff piled up over the holidays. Considering it’s the 18th Digest, today is the 18th (close enough…), and I have 18 tracks, I think this is some kind of perfect Digest or something. Dig in. But really, dig. There are some real gems in the mix down there.

For more by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!


♫ Passion Pit – All These Trees / Passion Pit drop a new one through American Express ZYNC. I keep waiting for the song to start but it ends up being all build, no climax. Still nice to hear our boys back in the mix.

♫ BRAHMS – Add It Up / New BRAHMS track isn’t my favorite of theirs but I have to say, seeing them at The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festval last month was a Read more

The Best Songs of 2010 for Shaking Your Ass/Rump/Donk/Moneymaker/What Your Mama Gave You: A New Years Eve Collection

The year comes to a close tomorrow and it’s time to start compiling those “Best Of” lists we all love. What better way to kick things off than with a mega-mix of the year’s best ass-shaking jams. Those tracks that just take a hold and force you to dip that hip, and just in time for New Year’s Eve!

Some are originals, some are remixes, and some are mashups. It’s no means a definitive list nor are the tracks in any sort of ranking. These are the tracks that have gotten my blood pumping all year long and so what better way to celebrate them than letting them ring in the new year! More specific lists coming once the year actually ends!

I’ve broken them down into three parts for easier navigation. If these lists were hot sauces they would Read more

[MIX] A Burning Ear Christmas 2010 – Three Servings of Cheer

It’s only a week until Christmas!!

This years mix almost didn’t happen because I thought I wouldn’t have time to dig up good tracks but then they just started popping up and a lot of them were very cool. I grabbed the best and threw them together here for a holiday mix in three parts. First get funky with the dance party starters then slip into some original X-mas tunes by artists old and new and close it off with some reworked classics. I hope you all enjoy these jams and have yourselves a kick ass holiday season!

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!


♫ Germany Germany – Christmas (Daft Punk vs. Shark Attack vs. Jingle Bells)

Read more

[LP] GERMANY GERMANY is a roaring RIVER of good tunes and good times

♫ Germany Germany – River

The non-stop beat machine that we affectionately refer to as Germany Germany is back with a full length album named after one of the best songs of 2010, “Radiowave” (below). After releasing a whole handful of fantastic free EPs he has finnaly decided to capitalize on our good fortune and has put the album up on iTunes. Amen, man. Jams like this deserve it! Aside from the unstoppable title-track, the instrumental “River” is my favorite jam, showcasing Germany Germany’s knack for weaving rhythms of different weight into a swirling wash of propulsive energy. If you have been keeping up with GG’s prolific offerings to date then it’s no surprise that the whole album is solid business and butters my groove bun to crunchy and toasty perfection. “I Can’t Be” is another highlight, with GG’s mastermind, Drew Harris taking on dueling vocal duties over a popping beat that constantly tests my fist pumping urges. If all this dancing and flailing leaves you a bit sweaty and worn out then Harris has the solution for that too. Radiowave’s companion disc, the softer and more delicate Last Summer is being offered for free. It doesn’t get much better than this. Get in.

Previously posted and praised: ♫ Germany Germany – Radiowave

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The 25 Best Songs of 2010… So Far (Jan-June)

As I’ve been compiling this best songs list I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a great track. Last year I went by play counts to determine what songs I “loved” the most but this year I noticed that the list that came out didn’t really match my perception of my favorites. A lot of my top played songs this year are indeed great songs, but they also happen to be on a great album so they get played by themselves as well as in the course of the album. So I got to thinking about which are the tracks that I seek out, that I crave, that I have to hear every night before bed or every morning to wake up. Those are the songs that make up this list. Songs that for whatever reason hooked me to the point where I need(ed) them in my life this year. Those great albums (and their highlight jams) will get their moment but for now we celebrate the song, or as Read more

GERMANY GERMANY is my HOME base on this RADIOWAVE of dance madness

one day i need you to believe that i am still so far from free

♫ Germany Germany – Home

First of all, Germany Germany’s second EP Electrolove is fucking brilliant and I hope you all paid attention when I mentioned it earlier. Seriously, that guitar soloing in “Home” is unreal! That it’s layered over such gorgeous vocals and that perfect beat makes it impossible to believe that this Canadian based sound factory has only been around for 6 months. But speaking of unbelievable, here is Germany Germany’s latest track also featuring the always excellent Jessica Morgan. “Radiowave” is a massive banger that is fresh from the oven and hot as hell.

♫ Germany Germany – Radiowave

I have a feeling that if this guy’s jams keep improving at this pace they’ll end up saving mankind. Seriously though, hold on to your panties, people. This jam gave me chills the first time I heard it. It’s an out-of-the-gate sprinter but then somehow manages to keep intensifying until around the 1:14 mark when it blows up so big that I usually faint. Truthfully, I haven’t even heard the whole track (not truthful). I am gonna need you all to crank this as loud as you can and do your best at blowing out your windows in hail of glass and giddy smiles. I expect photos. So really, Germany Germany has two full EPs out for your listening pleasure and they cost a big fat stack of nothing so get over there and start downloading cause Saturday night isn’t going to party itself away!

“Radiowave” is also featured on the also-oven-fresh Poule d’or Compilation Vol. 3 that my man Henny just dropped. Get on that business!

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GERMANY GERMANY have at least named themselves with SYMMETRY

keep your eyes on me

♫ Germany Germany – Symmetry feat. Jessica Morgan

And the worst band name award goes to what may be the most interesting new band. Germany Germany hail from the west coast of Canada, produce simple yet super-effective indie synth magic that sometimes features female vocals, have tw0 8 track EPS out (for free), and have been around since December. Yeah, like 4 months ago December. I was turned on to “Symmetry” by the same Poule d’Or Compilation that featured that great Museum Of Bellas Artes track. It’s somber guitars, glitchy production, and earnest vocals weave a sonic fabric that has been cradling my happy ears for a few weeks now. I finally did some digging and found that “Symmetry” comes from Distorted Disco, Germany Germany’s first free EP. It’s a solid collection of tunes at any price but their second EP, Electrolove, just came out and has upped the ante like whoa.

♫ Germany Germany – Lena

It was not easy to pick my favorite but “Lena” and it’s high danceability is a perfect example of the kind of musical chops we are dealing with here. I’m not sure if that’s Jessica Morgan again or even if there is one or two dudes in Germany Germany. These guys are pretty fresh on the scene. I would say that I expect big things but frankly, I’ve already got them.

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