Thomas Danthony

Freedom Fry – “The Words”

Come back to my place

I need your voice to break the silence

Freedom Fry return with a lovely invitation to join them for a few minutes of dancing and laughter as you close your eyes and swirl along to the beautifully bouncy groove that is “The Words”.

Maxwell McMaster

LANY – “I Don’t Care” (Flor Remix)

It’s a magical moment when you fully realize that you truly don’t care about them anymore. Sometimes more exhilarating than falling for them in the first place. Add this LANYxFlor tag team gem to the infinite possibilities ahead and put a rose colored spin on the rest of your life. (Only feel a little bit sad that you missed out on both of them on Vinyl Moon…)

Josan Gonzalez

Magic Bronson – “Run Run” + LIVE SHOW Monday 1/18 @ The Satellite

Two of my favorite mad scientists, Magic Bronson, are emerging from their lair of sounds every Monday in January to make us feel weird/wonderful at The Satellite. This Monday’s love-fest will include their new jam “Run Run” as well as a performance by Nicky Blitz. So abandon your own lair for an evening and come fill your ears with magic. See you Monday.




Leonie Bos

B00TY – “Loosen Up”

The holidays can be rough enough. Nobody likes it when you get all uptight. So take a cur from party-starters B00ty and chill the F out, loosen the F up, and treat the next few weeks as your personal dance bootcamp. Their killer video for “Loosen Up” has a lot of moves you would do well to perfect by new year’s eve.   Read more

Tristan Eaton

Ben Bostick – “My Country”

There is a lot of country I don’t know. There is a lot of this country I don’t know. But damn if I’m not enjoying Ben Bostick’s version of both. Get into his whole debut EP here.

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Tristan Eaton [via]



Jiwoon Pak 2

Alge – “Diamond Inseams”

When I call back all of the times
I borrowed my strength from you
You’re a portrait, frozen in time
It was all by design for true

Less than 700 plays on this gem. But like any rare stone, that’s only going to go up in value.

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Hunter Hunted – “New Christmas”

Despite what it feels like in sunny Southern California, I hear it is actually the holiday season. Next week is many people’s last days at work/school before heading off to spend time opening presents and baking cookies. Fellow Los Angelenos Hunter Hunter have apparently been feeling the same confusion about spending holidays in the sun and even wrote this beautiful song about it. But “New Christmas” has a second deeper meaning when put into the context of our warming planet and its affect on all the animals that live here. Its not just us who are confused by warmer temps this time of year. Polar bears everywhere are confused by warmer temps all year round. The touching video below for “New Christmas” showcases a lot of lovely polar bear play but a shockingly small amount of any actual ice or snow. It’s for these bears that Hunter hunted have dedicated “New Christmas”. Please enjoy the song and consider donating something to the cause via the links below. Thats the true holiday spirit.

To learn more and donate, please visit: