WATERS – WHAT’S REAL (w/ “Got To My Head” + “Over It”)

Cinta Vidal AgulloArtist: Cinta Vidal Agullo [via]

The main reason I have been keeping an eye on Waters since they formed is that frontman Van Pierszalowski has a killer Polish last name like me. The reason I even know his name is he used to be in the awesome Port O’Brien from way back in the early days of TBE. Even with all that going for them I couldn’t get excited by Waters. Singles began rolling out almost a year ago and each one felt too rough and tumble for my usually synth-massaged ears. But then something totally amazing (and totally logical happened)… I listened to the full album. And I was blown away. Suddenly all the grit and rawness of those songs felt exactly perfect because there was context and cohesion. Like seeing just one ninja turtle or just one Little Racal. Just odd and a little frightening. Then you see the whole gang and its a different (and epic and exciting) story. That is Waters’ debut album What’s Real.

Listen closely to songs like “Got To My Head” and “Over It” and you may just hear your inner 90s middle-schooler jumping around his room and screaming along as he accidentally knocks copies of Weezer’s blue album and Nirvana’s Nevermind off his comic book display shelves. I sure did. Now pardon me while I put on the blue vinyl of What’s Real and do just that.

WATERS - Got To My Head

Lostboycrow – “Say You Want Me”

Alex GarantArtist: Alex Garant [via]

Just say you want me too

Such a simple request yet it really holds all the weight in the world. A demand for just a few words of reciprocation that could shift the balance of the world and set the cosmos right and true. Lostboycrow wraps the words with his lush vocals and slips them between oddball pop production that would make it hard to resist such a simple request if I was on the receiving end.

Say You Want Me

Kin Cayo – “Shot The Sun Down”

Miranda LorikeetArtist: Miranda Lorikeet [via]

If you are not into Kin Cayo by now, then I just don’t think you will ever fully appreciate hashtags like #islandvibes or #indiecoconut or #steeldrumsforpresident.

Forget the money, we got the honey
We’re bound to no land, starting our own dance

Shot The Sun Down

Elijah Ocean – “New York City Coffee” + Bring It All In”

Thomas LamadieuArtist: Thomas Lamadieu [via]

Drinking hot coffee is a precarious endeavor when sitting still, but something about constant motion of the big city calls you to move and drink at the same time. Its not easy but it must be done. Burn your lips and keep moving, you got things to do! But when you get where you are going take a second to kick your feet up and enjoy the caffeine buzz with the soothing strumming and mouth harp of Elijah Ocean and his timeless grooves.

New York City Coffee

[MP3] OutKast – “SpottieOttieDopaliscious” (Rad Stereo Remix Ft. Spencer Ludwig)

Laylah AliArtist: Laylah Ali [via]

So, we know that OutKast are the business. We know their jam “SpottieOttieDopaliscious” is a classic. We know Rad Stereo deliver the remix goods. We know Spencer Ludwig can lay down some damn fine horns on a track. So let this Monday remix serve as a celebration of all the greatness that we already know rolled into one fine jam that will make this day a bit better and brighter for us all. And the crowd goes wild!

OutKast - SpottieOttieDopaliscious (Rad Stereo Remix Ft. Spencer Ludwig)

SIVIK – “U Got”

Jenny MorganArtist: Jenny Morgan [via]

And now the latest in our continuing struggle of Friday night decisions sponsored by SIVIK. Last time we stayed in with the attic mice, but this time SIVIK seems to be whispering right in our ear with a hushed tone that just drips with anticipation for bright lights and bad decisions. Time to dust off the party shoes because its gonna be all kick-spins and hip twists tonight!

U Got

AMAN – “Low Hum”

Caterina RossatoArtist: Caterina Rossato [via]

Aman continues to weave smooth groove landscapes that invite the mind on a journey through memories of past loves, lives, and landscapes. Its a song that compresses time in a way that only dense emotions can do. The lyrics are about what he is willing to do in the future but clearly sung by a man that has done it before.

Aman - Low Hum


Made In Heights – “Forgiveness”

Gizem VuralArtist: Gizem Vural [via]

Some songs are so good its not enough to just tell your friends about them, you have to build a floating book spaceship to float around the city abducting people from their beds so you can play the music loud in a special sound chamber. Its just the best way to share a jam like this.

“Forgiveness” comes from Made In Heights’ next full-length album slated for release May 26


The Palms – “Revolution” + THE PALMS EP

Laura E KennedyArtist: Laura E Kennedy [via]

If you want to talk about swagger then there is an argument to be made for its origins in punk music and leather jackets long before it emerged in hip hop culture. Since I’m not here to argue I’ll leave it to The Palms to combine both those vibes into beautifully infectious indie-swagger-hip-pop jams that I’ve had on repeat the last week or so. Their debut EP is out now so dive in below. Weaving together the better elements of The Neighbourhood with hints of Ratatat, “Revolution” is my favorite jam… at the moment.

They only have 99 likes on Facebook but that won’t last long. Read more

Pretty Sister – “California Girl”

SET DESIGN Rachel Thomas and Sandra FreijArtist:Rachel Thomas and Sandra Freij [via]

Call me biased, call me in love, call me vitamin D saturated, but I wholeheartedly agree with this throwback jam, its sounds, and its overall sentiments.  Thanks to Pretty Sister for laying down our Summer anthem for us.

Pretty Sister - California Girl