[PREMIERE] Sam Padrul – “Why Do I Do” (Ft. Jason Gaffner)

YOSKAY YAMAMOTOLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Yoskay Yamamoto [via]

On of our favorite dance floor fire starters, Sam Padrul, is back with another foot mover. This time with smooth vocals and relationship contemplation courtesy of Jason Gaffner. You know how sometimes people recommend that you just dance through your problems? Jason has decided to flip the script and now has us dancing through his problems for him. He is outsourcing his romantic catharsis to hips around the world. And I’m damn happy to help out.  Read more

[TICKET GIVEAWAY] The Griswolds & Urban Cone @ The Toubadour 6/30

The Griswolds press

If you have ever seen The Griswolds live then you know that the EP above doesn’t do them justice. These Australians bring a damn rocking party. And they are bringing it to Los Angeles tomorrow night with Urban Cone. The show is sold out but we have a pair of tickets to giveaway!


  1. Post about the show on Facebook and/or Instagram (double your chances!)
  2. In the post, name which Griswolds song you most want to hear live.
  3. Make sure to tag @thegriswolds and @theburningear.

The winner will be chosen and notified Tuesday June 30th at 12pm.

Favored Nations – “Always”

Low BrosLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Low Bros [via]

Just when you thought today was gonna be a splintery piece of plywood kind of Monday, Favored Nations just transformed your business into more of a funkadelic floating pool party situation. Just don’t be late because your girlfriend is already there and the band is making her a second grapefruit margarita and she doing that happy dance of hers…

“Always” is from upcoming album The Great Unknown. Also quite unknown is that Favored Nations singer, Morgan Phalen, fronted one of my all time favorite bands Diamond Nights, as well as guesting on a Justice song. I’m very happy to have him back.  Read more

Sun Drug – “Easy In Your Attitude” (+ Video)

Josh JeffersonLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Josh Jefferson [via]

If you have this jam cranked up and you are staring in the mirror and your recognize what you see then the volume isn’t loud enough. Sun Drug’s debut jam is that kind of paranoia-inducing guitar rock that blurs your vision and makes you question all the times you obeyed the speed limit. Dive into the video for “Easy In Your Attitude” and enjoy the band’s own world of dissolving reality.

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Among Savages – “If You See Her”

Kim KösterLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Kim Köster [via]

“some people gotta turn the world inside out”

“can’t take the wild out of a woman that makes the world sing”

As kids we are worried about unwanted monsters under the bed coming to steal us. Then when we grow older the real dangers are the monsters we actually invite into our homes. Beware.  Read more

Beauville – “Letting In” (Prod. by NoMBe)

Paolo ČerićLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Paolo Čerić [via]

If you listen close to the soul and beauty in Beauville’s voice you can actually hear the sound of your girlfriend’s heart melting for him. That’s why you gotta treat your lady at least as nice as he sings about in “Letting In”.  You gotta love her just right. (Probably even more than “just right” to be safe) But, how you ask? Listen to this jam with your eyes closed enough times and you will just know how.

Gonna take her to the water and jump right in
Roll like the waves that kiss the wind
When letting go is the same as Letting In
I take her to the water and jump right in

Letting In (Prod. by NoMBe)

Freedom Fry – “21”

Wes21Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Wes21 [via]

Life is full of delightful surprises. Sometimes you are a bear just walking through the woods totally not expecting to find an RV packed with treats. Sometimes you are just going to see a band you heard was great and not expecting to have your gleeful cheers captured on their awesome new dreamy folk rocker.

“21” was recorded with the help of the audiences we had during the first three nights of our residency at The Echo in LA. The first night they provided the handclaps, the next the group vocals, and for the grand finale they gave us the most stretched out scream we’ve ever heard.

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eLLe beLLe – “Knock On The Light”

Benedetto DemaioLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Benedetto Demaio [via]

“Knock On The Light” is a good song for getting your hands dirty to. Dive into some dishes or sweep out the garage and before you know it you are air-guitaring and singing along to the big parts. There are more than enough grooves going on here to distract you from the chores at hand. Just keep it on repeat and don’t lose the beat.  Read more