Nona – “Otherways” // Gustavo Barros Rocha

Until The Strokes get their act together and put out something enjoyable I’ll be blissing out to Nona’s scrappy jam “Otherways” as I float through the streets of NYC.

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Tim Suby – “k goodnight” feat. Jessie Reyez // GSULF

“the truth is i miss you”

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. So does a heavy hangover…

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Soul Catalyst – “Scenic Route” Ft. Felish // Julie Alice Chappell

“lets do it again”

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Slow Shiver – “In Blue (Drive By Delivery)” // Matthew Simmonds

Sometimes life’s most special moments happen in strange places. Locations you are just passing through become the home for a beautiful memory. If only you could take those places with you. Put them in your pocket and revisit them at will. In the meantime, the stunning “In Blue (Drive By Delivery)” seems to be able to take me back to just about anywhere I want if I close my eyes hard enough.

This is the debut original track from Slow Shiver but you can get more your life via the beautiful track with Anoraak below as well as under his previous incarnation as Valente.

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Kauf – “Key to Life” // Loris Cecchini

Don’t zone out or you’ll miss the chance to step through the door and into Kauf’s world of sonic ripples and textures. Just relax and reach an arm through. He will be gentle, I promise.

“Key To Life” is the 3rd cut from debut album Regrowth due early 2017.

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Rival Cavves – “Controlled” // Bailey Saliwanchik

Rival Cavves know that even a fool with a heart of ice like yourself has some dance moves hidden away somewhere. Break em out with “Controlled”! Then recover (emotionally) with the healing powers of “Slow”.

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Isle & Fever – “Dime Piece” // Jerkcurb

In the immortal words of the lizard man who whispered in my ear last night at the lounge club: “Who needs another dime when you slowly lose your mind…” He has a good point. I’m going to discuss more with him later at the beach with Isle & Fever on blast.


Follow Isle & Fever on Spotify. Vinyl EP Release on Stratford Ct this summer.

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Clint Soren

Calvin Markus – “Wake” ft. Jade Puget” // Clint Soren

This one is for Sunday mornings light on memories yet heavy on thoughts. Nothing to do but hydrate and power through. And perhaps play these jams on repeat a bit.

Years Ltd. is an ongoing series of music by Calvin Markus (also in ) and released by Endless Others, a label started by Clint Soren who also did the artwork for VINYL MOON Volume 003. Calvin Markus’ band Dead Times was also featured on VINYL MOON Volume 007. So a lot of our favorite talents going on here.

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Scott Listfield 2

Wild & Free – “Life On Jupiter” // Scott Listfield

Making first contact on another planet is gonna be nerve wracking no matter how good an astronaut you are so get your touch-down playlist sorted so your swagger in on point for those first few steps. Cheers to Wild & Free for providing just the right track.

Also check out Wild & Free on VINYL MOON Volume 004 which has some copies left.

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Kelly Bjork

Groves – “Swim” // Kelly Bjork

Towel off with Groves after taking a dip or two in the warm waters of “Swim”.

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Karen Reyes

The Gifted – “YSKBN (featuring Jamie Jackson)” // Karen Reyes

Strap in and hang on for this high speed chase through the grooves of The Gifted on this collaboration with Jamie Jackson of Hot as Sun.

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Telmo Miel

ROY – “Thunder” // Telmo Miel

For days when the sun doesn’t shine as bright as you hoped it would and you are left hanging out with more of yourself then you expected.

Free download here.


Jonas Burgert

BRANDYN BURNETTE would like to STATE some things I’M down to believe IN. Especially the INNER CHILD in me.

Half of this song was written when I was a kid.
The other half was written recently.
After all that time, this is the state i’m in.

Brandyn’s words above about “State I’m In” say things better than I could.

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Andy Burgess

MACKENZIE THOMS will DO friday right by ME and ALL my needs for spinning a jam AGAIN and again

Pardon my while I park this right here and dip inside for a few. I got some apologizing to do. And maybe some other things… Don’t wait up.

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Haruko Mori

DYAN have me LOOKING deep into dreamstates FOR adventures so i’d better put down any KNIVES

Every time I listen to this song I’m taken away. Lifted right out of my body and sent on a journey. I can’t promise it will take you to the same places it takes me but if your headphones are on just right and the volume properly blocks the outside world then you’ve got 6 minutes of traveling to do. Enjoy it. I sure as hell will be.

I was lucky enough to see DYAN perform their first live show ever last weekend and it was a beautiful thing. Also, “Looking For Knives” is the title track off of DYAN’s full length debut which is out July 29th. Get on it! (And check out some of the story behind this song over at Popmatters)

Previously on TBE: “St. James” and “Days Upon Days”

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