RYWOLF – “Like You”

Signe PierceLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Signe Pierce [via]

If sports cars were powered by bass-lines then “Like You” would be a dayglo Lambo with exhaust pipes kicking out confetti and a disco ball hanging from the rearview. But you wouldn’t be allowed inside because there would be a sock hanging off the door handle and those tinted windows working double duty.  Read more

MOTION CNTRL – “It’s On You”

Jeff HuntingtonLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Jeff Huntington [via]

Breaking up is never easy to do. Neither is losing some cash when you are broke. But if you break it off with a lady and then you had better not expect that money back. Or that time back either. All is fair in love and war. Including writing songs about your no good broke ass self.  Read more

Dead Times – “Lightness”

pepedsgnLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: pepedsgn [via]

When the world gets heavy you need to keep the things that fill you with lightness around. Somehow Dead Times wrote this new song from the point of view of me hearing their new song and singing to them about it. Not sure how they did it but its pretty badass. A great way to ease into the week.  Read more

Quilici – “Big Glass House”

Aimee Bee BrooksLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Aimee Bee Brooks [via]

Quilici is kind of obsessed with forever. But when you got such a good thing going on, who is going to argue? First it was the pool of love that went on for infinity. Now he wants Summer to last forever. I solidly support both of those things being stretched until the end of time. Stretched so tight that they make an eternal trampoline we can jump on while cranking Quilici jams loud.  Read more

Pr0files – “I Know You Still Care”

Lauren BrevnerLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Lauren Brevner [via]

Finally, this Pr0files live favorite is out for the whole world to hear and love (and fear) as much as I do. “I Know You Care” sounds like all your ex-girlfriends formed an indie synth band in the same abandoned warehouse where they have their séances. The lyrics are meant to prick at that part of brain they all know is true. In fact, we all know its true. Stop caring already! It only makes them stronger!  Read more

EMM – “Avalanche”

Rebecca YanovskayaLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Rebecca Yanovskaya [via]

Drift along with the slightly haunting grooves of “Avalanche” and you may not full grasp what Emm means when she says she will refuse to break. Take a look at that single art below and its pretty clear she means business. Emm is tapping into some real experiences to turn them into gorgeous dark-pop. Get into it or get out of her way.  Read more

[NEW BAND] LoveGun – “No Weight” + “There She Was”

Olga Bastian and Mikkel Jul HvilshøjLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Olga Bastian and Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj [via]

These two tracks from brand new Los Angeles band LoveGun just rescued your pool party playlist from another tired Top 40 addition. LoveGun are working with some killer hooks and sunny riffs to craft indie pop jams perfect for this warming weather. Roll those windows down and put em on repeat. But check back in with your computer eventually because I hear here are more songs in the pipeline.  Read more

Prints – “I’m A Wolf”

PAULĖ GULook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Paulė Gu [via]

I don’t care how timid and shy you are, if the guitar from this Prints jam grew legs and came out to the bars with you as your wingman you would be a damn wolf. Its a fact. Six string swagger like this is a fine thing. Turn it up and sing it loud. And next time, don’t be such a puppy. Be a damn wolf.  Read more

Kisses – “A Groove”

Scott AlbrechtLook & Listen! // Visual Artist: Scott Albrecht [via]

Don’t let the name fool you, this new jam from Kisses has more than just a groove. “Many Grooves”, “Groovefest” or “Bikini Disco Groove Party” would have all been appropriate titles as well. But I’m not one to nitpick the finer points when I’ve got to dust off the roller skates and brush up on my synchronized handclap routine before the weekend. Time to dance!  Read more