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Boh Doran – “Rainbow” + BØRNS “Electric Love” cover

“Please explain what angels mean to you?” is a great question to ask anyone you meet when you wake up from a post-swim nap in an alternate textile based reality that is both exciting and a little itchy. Speaking of alternate realities, dive deeper in Boh Doran’s with her stripped back cover of Børns “Electric Love”. These two songs are all we have so far but I’m liking where they are headed.

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NoMBe – “California Girls”

Smokey, sexy, and with that crisp beat that we have come to expect from TBE fave NoMBe. “California Girls” has all the things we love, but then it has a whole lot more as the song cracks apart, releasing a surging beast of a jam. Just as I was naming his debut track “Seminole” one of the most underrated tracks of the past 6 years, “California Girls” was topping the HypeM charts. Great to see him getting the attention he deserves! Read more


Max and the Moon – “Harps”

Sounds like… the opening track to a summer mixtape that you didn’t know you were making until right now. There will be wilder party tracks on the mix, but there won’t be a better anthemic Passion Pit-esque opener to ease people into the warmth of the sun.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: Dive into more MATM jams here.


Breakfast – “Boris”

Music for… flexing your slo-mo goofball dance moves on the city streets but keeping your fingers crossed that you don’t run into this creepster again. You are just trying to groove out, man.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: Only 1 other track out so far. More please!

Whitney Fierce – “The Night Air”

Music for… putting your headphones on at work, closing your eyes, and imagining you are walking slo-mo through da club, the strobe flash hanging an extra beat each time, enough to illuminate some wild eyed expressions and even wilder dance moves. Who are these people? How did you get here? Are your feet even touching the ground right now? Who broke your car window?

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: Wake up and get back to work! (sometime)

Flor – “Back Again”

Music for… those of us who grew up on Phoenix’s seminal “If I Ever Feel Better” and the complex emotions of growing up, feeling hurt, but knowing you will come out ok on the other side and you would really like it if that cute girl/guy you just met would hold onto your number and not let your momentary depression get in the way of any future magic. We have all been there. And now Flor has delivered the 2015 dream-pop  update. Its almost enough to make me wish I was going through some heartbreak just so I could have an excuse to keep this on repeat all day. Good thing I don’t need an excuse!

Location: Hood River,  Oregon. California.

Future: Your soundtrack to Facebook stalking photo albums from 2008.

Human Touch (Formerly GNTLMN) – “Black Tongue” + LIVE tonight @ The Spare Room

Sounds like… the band (and Blind Date alums) GNTLMN are as fond of changing their name as they are of crafting dreamy cloud-pop that descends like a blinding fog, distorting everything you thought you knew about the room you are in. Leaving you with no choice but to lay on the floor and use your hands as airplanes, flying them above your drowsy head. Just soaring and floating.

Location: Los Angeles, CA +

Future: Catch the newly christened Human Touch tonight at The Spare Room. 10pm and its a free show!


Molly Moore – “Natural Disaster”

Sounds like… the kind of sweet sounding, bitter infused, dark pop that you crank in the car cursing out exes by singing along at the top of your lungs. Work through those demons. Molly has, and look how great that came out sounding.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: A couple more jams at her Soundcloud.

Miami Horror – “Love Like Mine” feat. Cleopold

Sounds like… Miami Horror finally stopped putzing around and dropped the funked up dance groover I hoped they had been working on since 2010’s Illumination. Crank it! This album art doesn’t feature legs for no reason! Use ‘em!

Location: Melbourne / Los Angeles

Future: New LP All Possible Futures is out April 21st.