Tudor – “Nova Ray” // Michael Aaron Lee

This weekend, get into the good kind of tension with Nova Ray…

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Andrea Silva – “Waltz” // Christoffer Relander

Time to collect some of your sorrows and let Andrea Silva bottle it up with some of hers as we sing along to “Waltz” and all feel better at the end.

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Luu – “Don’t Like You I Love You” // Meredith Marsone

You’re just like the songs in my dreams

There are a handful of delicate grooves from Luu online but this love song is my favorite. A love song mixtape secret weapon.

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NoMBe – “Young Hearts” // Julien Brogard

NoMBe and his guitar continue breaking hearts and taking names with the follow up to “Wait”. Get into the video below.

ohh is there something that you need to have? if it’s indispensable,
something I can get arrested for, you got it, shorty say the word,
hell & bloody murder, ain’t no mountain high & hurdles are
unheard of your worth it
so teach me how to be all that you want

Heart “Young Hearts” on HypeM. Stream “Young Hearts” on Spotify

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Magic Bronson – “Nervous” // Susa Monteiro

Look, you just have to be careful playing Magic Bronson too loud. The last time I turned these guys up to 11 the volume didn’t come down until a cop tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to remove my sweat soaked luchador mask before demanding I extinguish the palm tree fire raging behind me… (Still not sure how that happened. I blame “What I Did”)

But with all that said, I’ve got “Nervous” cranked to 11 right now and have no qualms about it. Neither should you.

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[PREMIERE] Nicky Blitz – “Dynamite” // James Jean

If you have been paying attention these past few years then you already know that Nicky Blitz is dynamite. Now, for his debut label track he is making sure everyone knows by writing a song about himself… but pretending its about a girl. That is some Nicky Blitz clever shit. Love it. I can’t wait to hear more from this tiger.

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Oliver Riot – “Neurosis” // Richard A. Kirk

Take a moment to reflect on your imperfections with the tender sounds of Oliver Riot in your ear. “Neurosis” is fantastic and haunting and luckily there is more where it came from. 2 full EPs out now.

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STAL – “Get Out” // Joel Rea

If you were vibing hard to STAL’s instrumental cinematic jams a few weeks back then brace yourself for the wave of riffage that is their full band sound. “Get Out” crunches hard right out of the gate and doesn’t stop until you are moshing into your couch cushions. So nice to see such range from these guys!

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Raener – “Miles 2” // Ben Skinner

Raener’s “Miles 2” starts out like recent Bon Iver… but then gets so much better.* Things get delightfully weird and haunted as horns drift in and vocals drop out. Raener so beautifully blend so many things that I can’t help but keep playing “Miles 2” on repeat and discovering new layers with each spin.

*Especially when you see that this track long predates any releases from 22, A Million.

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Brandyn Burnette – “Escape” // Syd Bee

Another fine jam from Brandyn Burnette. “Escape” is an aptly titled trip through dark corners and darker thoughts. Listen with your spirit animal.

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NoMBe – “Wait” // Anne Laval

The weekend is a jungle so when things get a bit hairy make sure to turn up NoMBe and act cool but also laid back like his killer guitar work.

Heart on HypeM & keep an eye out for more tracks from his upcoming debut LP. Plus, check out NoMBe’s “Seminole” on VINYL MOON Volume 003.

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[PREMIERE] DYAN – “Of Love” Video (+ School Night L.A. show)

Regular readers know that DYAN absolutely stole my heart last year with their stunning and immensely repeatable debut album Looking For Knives. Now, after great press from NPRBillboard, Kick Kick Snare, & Indie Shuffle, (plus over a million Spotify plays of the album’s title track) it seems the rest of the world is taking proper notice! Today DYAN returns with their first video from new single “Of Love”, the tender and stripped back sleeper favorite from Looking For Knives. The video is a fantastic pairing to the music as it takes us on a visual adventure high above the frozen earth below. As if watching the world we live in through a lens of either hazy memories or wistful longing. It’s never quite clear with DYAN. That why it’s so perfect.

The video was directed by the amazing visual artist Sinziana Velicescu who shot DYAN’s album and single artwork as well as did photography for Vinyl Moon Volume 012.

Los Angeles, come see DYAN at School Night this Monday! Details below. RSVP for free entrance here.

DYAN - School Night - 170123la_insta

DYAN - Looking For Knives

Mondo Cozmo – “Higher” // Eric Bonhomme

Mondo Cozmo knows what it means to dance his damn ass off and “Higher” shares that with us. A perfect soundtrack to plotting your own dance attack on unsuspecting fools down at the bar.

Esbie Fonte – “Pools” + Video Premiere // Cam Floyd

Move too fast and you might miss it. Like a stunning sunset reflected in a rain puddle, you may miss the beauty in Esbie Fonte’s “Pools” if you aren’t paying attention. If you aren’t keeping your eyes and heart open to the tender voice singing to you from the other side of the water. So slow down this Friday. Breathe deep and soak this in. The weekend will come soon enough. For right now there is “Pools”.

Of the song, Esbie says:

Written in Cornwall, England on a rainy night, “Pools,” confronts the very genuine love of someone residing many miles away in America. The “someone” in the song is a childhood love who lingers painfully into the present.

“Pools” was recorded in Fonte’s home city, San Francisco, California – vocals in Fonte’s apartment closet vocal booth, and piano on a Steinway at Hyde Street Studios. A field recording of children splashing around in water is layered with various analog sounding synths reminiscent of a vintage record. Esbie elaborates:

The video is shot around Los Angeles and Laguna Beach capturing a down-tempo and cinematic atmosphere filled with symbolism of universally relatable feelings – feeling trapped and hopeless, but eventually breaking free, letting go, and as the video showcases, literally emerging from the “Pools” of one’s own confines.

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Quiet The Pilot – “Stick Around Some” // Elly Liyana Ruslan

Everybody has a story. The trail they took to put them where they stand today. Quiet The Pilot tells a bit of his story in “Stick Around Some”. Put another log on the fire and crack another beverage. I’d like to hear it again.

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