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Mariana Palma

[DEBUT] DYAN make me think that ST. JAMES must be the patron saint of melty guitar riffs

Take advantage of the opening grooves of “St James” to text your next appointment that you will be a bit late. It’s up to you if you want to mention that you will be delayed by extended stares into the potted plants on your window sill as your eyes are slowly caught in the infinite patterns of the wallpaper reaching up to the ceiling and into the back of your mind. Then that guitar solo will either break you from the trance or dig you even deeper. Putting you behind the wheel of your own wobbly buggy bouncing down that dusty road toward a happier tomorrow.

DYAN’s debut album Looking For Knives comes out July 29th. I have had it on repeat for the past few months. It is absolutely stunning in its diversity, depth, and power. Hold on for more DYAN soon…

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Kaspian Shore 2

[PREMIERE] Adam Jensen – “Numb” + Video

Take a deep breath and a comfortable chair because this one is not the dance-party Adam Jensen delivered with “Sandcastles”. New track “Numb” is just has catchy as its predecessor, but with a much mellower tone that slips under the skin. Here we dig a bit into Jensen’s darker side and you only have to skim his bio on Soundcloud to see how dark it has gotten. But he has come through to the other side and has beautiful music to show for it. I’ll gladly take “Numb” on repeat than live through the events that created it. Cheers to brighter days ahead for Jensen and for all of us enjoying his musical hot streak.

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Siena Summers

EXES – “18” + “twentythousand”

EXES says it best herself:

This one goes out to everyone still hung up on 18 yr old summertime flings.

Oh to be young again and drift off into the eyes of another. Seeing none of their flaws and only the good… Catch the hot-off-the-presses “twentythousand” below for more EXES goodness.

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[GIVEAWAY] Princeton’s ‘To the Alps’ 7″ Vinyl Giveaway

Princeton's 'To the Alps' 7

If you have been following The Burning Ear for years then you know I love me some Princeton. And if you are a Vinyl Moon member who refers a friend then you might get their LP Remembrance of Things to Come in your next shipment. So yeah, I love spreading the good Princeton vibes which is why I’m stoked to be partnering with Hit City USA to give away of Princeton’s 2011 “To The Alps” 7″ single. It was a limited pressing of 500 colored 7″ vinyl, released March 29th, 2011, exactly 5 years ago today. So we’re giving away 5 copies!* The band is no longer active but have been rumored to be plotting a few reunion shows… This is the perfect way to get hyped for them. Read more

Rywolf video

[PREMIERE] Rywolf – “Like You” Video

When I posted about Rywolf’s killer debut dance jam “Like You” back in August I paired it with a great photograph from Signe Pierce. That got a ball rolling that connected Signe and Rywolf and ended up in the photographer art-directing the video for Like You. Needless to say I’ve been pretty stoked since I heard the news. And now, seeing the final product, even more so. A home run on all fronts, the “Like You” video touches the heart (and legs) of anyone who just wanted to leave it all on the dance floor. Dive in a bust a move of your own in the final scenes.

Casey Gray

LANY – “Where The Hell Are My Friends”

Sometimes you go outside and your city has changed. Or it has changed you. Or you need a change. LANY knows it. (Bryce Vine too) And damn do I know it. But thankfully LANY’s latest is the perfect jam to crank up loud as you roll around town solo, revisiting your favorite taco spots and sunset vistas and slowly remembering why you love this hellhole.  Read more

Ghostbeard and Patch Whisky

Bryce Vine – “Los Angeles”

Spend enough time here in L.A. and you’ll eventually start having the internal debate over whether this manic city is a bright and vibrant land of excitement or cesspool of all things smooggy aired and foggy brained. Bryce Vine knows what I’m talking about. And I’d go give him a hug to console him but I think he lives like 4 miles away and that would take an hour in traffic, soo….  Read more

Luke O’Sullivan

Worn-tin – “In A Week”

What happens when a 19 year old guy records an album in his shed out back? Good question. A better one would be what happens when that shed leaves its foundation behind in favor of a better view of the trees it has only known as neighbors. Don’t look down. Don’t close your eyes either.  Read more

Shan Jiang

JMSN – “Cruel Intentions”

As the sun drifts away and you stand facing the night its time to make a decision about the next few hours. Will you be breaking hearts or mending them? Never an easy choice. And even harder to do either right. Let JMSN spend 6 minutes helping you decide. 

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Caitlin Hackett

[PREMIERE] Satchmode – “Undertow”

Every dance party has an eventual comedown. Usually its an current you want to avoid getting caught in as you distract yourself with sunrise breakfasts and misjudged advances. This time try getting washed up in Satchmode’s “Undertow” and find yourself at peace as your body and mind finally relax.  Read more