Vinyl Moon Launch Party TOMORROW (Saturday 8/29) in Los Angeles @ The Satellite

Our recent mixtape vinyl record club VINYL MOON is teaming up with the awesome Saturday indie dance party Dance Yourself Clean to celebrate the release of VINYL MOON: Volume 1. We will be listening to the record, diving into the artwork, enjoying surprise performances by a few of the Volume 1 artists, and generally have a grand old time. If you have never been to Dance Yourself clean you are in for a treat.


Schedule of Events:

  • 9-10pm: Volume 1 vinyl listening party
  • 9-10p: Vinyl Moon Happy Hour
  • 10p-2a: DYC dance party
  • 11pm: Surprise performance by a Volume 1 artist
  • 12am: Surprise performance by another Volume 1 artist

I hope to see you there tomorrow!

Conrad Roset


Opus Vitae followed up their stellar debut jam “Hold On” with a finger lickin good video for earworm “I’ve Been Wrong”. And now we finally have a full EP that adds the tender “Sail Away” and jangly “Hold Me Closer” to the mix. As a whole, the EP is a stellar opening statement for one of the more underrated bands killing it in LA these days. Such killer guitar work bouncing around ripping drum parts. There is something fresh yet timeless in this indie rock. And I’m looking forward to more.

Read more

Steve Kim

The Palms – “Breaking (In The Summer)”

If you are doing it right, Summer should be full of hot days, long nights, jangly pop songs, and a bit of lusty heart break. Perhaps you are living own tale of sexual discovery under the ocean breeze? Foggier memories reveal even foggier motivations as you navigate the treacherous waters of the rest of your life.  Read more

Ruben Sanchez

Story of the Running Wolf – “Electric”

The lords of lasers and late nights are finally back with a loooong awaited follow up to “Stratospheric”. Time to mount whatever fantastical steed your are riding these days and head for the clouds so you can catch glimpse of the glowing drum sticks and reflective spandex that make SOTRW’s live shows so epic. Then take the scenic route back to earth with “Electric” cranked high and your eyelids hanging low. Its been a good night.

“Electric” is the title track from the upcoming EP available 9.9.15  Read more

Marcos Navarro

Tower – “Teenage Miracle”

Time to roll up the black jeans and stake down the beach towels because Tower just descended on this beach party with a raging Slurpee high and are ready to cause a ruckus. With a jam like this there is no reason to beat em so I recommend we join them for a bit of a sandy mosh fest.

Pre-order the 7 inch that also features “Can’t Vibe” on B2SCI hereRead more

Dadu Shin

Swimm – “Belly”

If you spent the better part of your Sunday nursing 2 sore feet and 1 head then you might relate to Swimm’s “Belly” and it’s near universal talk of late night stumbling through cities and minds that should be a lot more familiar than they seemed. Let a couple spins of “Belly” cure what ails ya.

“Belly” is from the Beverly Hells EP out 8.28.15  Read more


Def – “Fine Line(S)” . Feat. Alex Isley

At some point towards the end of “Fine Line(S)” Def says quietly “dance like nobody is looking”. It is so subtle it is easy to miss it. Its also easy to ignore it since you were already dancing for about 5 straight minutes anyway. With percussion sounding like its coming through a tunnel from an under water dimension, its hard to keep your limbs in check. Add on those crisp snaps and Def’s irresistible flow and its all over. You are already sweating. Roll with it.

Be sure to get into Def’s whole Neon Summer album.  Read more

Rune Fisker

TÂCHES – “Eat Your Friends” (Ft. Shoffy)

Now here is a jam that will make even the brokest among us feel like that public buss is the most swagged out whip this side of the express line that used to get us home a lot faster. Hell, listen to “Eat Your Friends” too many times on repeat and you may find yourself sitting in the disabled reserved seats which you never do (because its wrong). TACHES and Shoffy are like two little devils breakdancing on my shoulder as I contemplate a list of irrational decisions going into this Friday evening…  Read more

Sammy Slabbinck

[PREMIERE] COLLAJ – “Lose Control”

Our man Collaj has never shied away from his sexual side but “Lose Control” puts a more straightforward approach on his mission statement. And after seeing “Lose Control” live a handful of times the past year I’m honored to help deliver this musk scented love letter to panties everywhere. And on a Friday no less! Time to peck out an SMS tour your own “brand new Bugatti” and set up a date this weekend. Then just imagine Collaj and I right there with you singing “Lose Control” in your ear the whole time.  Read more