Jocelyn Hobbie

Bee’s Knees – “Love Will Never Do” (Janet Jackson cover) Feat. Scavenger Hunt

There are a lot of things to love in the world. That boy across the street. That girl at the gym. Fresh popcorn. Artisanal honey from free range (and spirit) bees. So grab onto a thought of whichever strikes your fancy most and space out with these sweet sounds from two of TBE’s favorites in your ear.   Read more

Letha Wilson

Midnight Divide – “Torn”

Everyone enjoys a bit of tropical bliss but sometimes you need something a bit more heavy to push you through a tough day. Some concrete guitars and drums to swing around your head, clearing out all the cobwebs and dusty furniture. Ahh, yes. Better. Now we can keep moving forward.


Vanessa McKeown

[DEBUT] Coast Modern – “Hollow Life”

The best thing about the weekend is completely detaching your brain from anything that matters and just vegetating through your body’s basic functions. But that kind of existence only lasts so long before you want a little more kick from life. Coast Modern’s debut jam is the perfect anthem for peeling yourself off the couch and slowly stumbling into a more ambitious chapter. But lets just take it one step at a time for now. Its only Monday.  Read more


Wrabel – “I Want You”

For those of you not escaping the city’s orbit this weekend, Wrabel has a few nights of heartbreak and sorrow he is willing to share. At least you can blast “I Want You” and dance out the tears together. He seems like a dude who would definitely get down with a hair-dryer-as-microphone session. Whatever it takes to take your minds off the one with your heart in their hands.  Read more

Pr0files Postcards

Pr0files: The VINYL MOON Interview

When you have been running a blog as long I’ve been doing The Burning Ear you see a lot of bands come and go. Grab your ear and then give it right back as they drift along the various paths life sets up. If you are lucky, you get to catch these bands as they reform into new projects down the line. Tacking on the extra years of life experience and refined vision to create something even greater than before. And so it was with great joy when I first heard about a project that featured Danny from one of TBE’s favorite bands, Baby Monster. The new project was in major infancy but there was something very magical there. Well, you already know what I mean if you have heard Pr0files’ debut jam “Call Yourself A Lover”. And here we are. Years later and with a handful of fog-filled dance parties under my belt I’m proud to present a Pr0files jam on the first edition of Vinyl Moon. It was a long time certainty on my end. I’m just glad they said yes.

Vinyl Moon: Volume 1
Artist: Pr0files
Track: “Forgive”  Read more

Timothy Hyunsoo Lee

Howls – “Krusht”

Beware the song that loves you as much as you love it. The song that stares back longingly as you drift into its haunting grooves. Thats the song that doesn’t just get stuck in your head but may be trying to get stuck in your life…

Come On EP by Howls out Oct. 23rd via BUDDYHEAD Records.  Read more

Edith Waddell

Babe – “Baby You’re Right” (Touch Tone Remix)

As if Babe’s original wasn’t catchy enough, Touch Tone has done the remix equivalent of the hottest person at the club grabbing your hand and dragging you onto the dance floor. Once your head stops spinning you realize your having a damn good time and don’t much care that you left your half full beer at the bar. The glint in this hottie’s eyes says there are bigger things at stake…  Read more

LBC postcards

Lostboycrow: The VINYL MOON Interview

Lostboycrow only had 2 tracks released when I first heard of him. But just a few listens to “HiyHiy” and I knew I wanted to feature it on Vinyl Moon. That was in January. What a treat its been to watch Lostboycrow evolve from then to the impending powerhouse he is today. Half a dozen songs later and each one reveals a new layer to this deeply layered artist. And then there is the live show…. just go. But first stick around for our Twitterview with the man himself below.

Vinyl Moon: Volume 1
Artist: Lostboycrow
Track: “HiyHiy”  Read more

Tanawat Sakdawisarak


First of all, I pity the fool that can’t whistle because you are going to bee feeling pretty left out of “Top” about 15 seconds in. This debut mega jam demands that you join along with all your whistling, dancing, and jumping around skills turned to 11. Find a sturdy table to jump on, an open window to pump your arm out of, an unwitting stranger to shake your hips at. Before you know it you’ll have your spirits lifted from the bottom to the top. I’ve been looping that ride at least 5 times in a row now.  Read more