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[PREMIERE] DYAN – “Of Love” Video (+ School Night L.A. show)

Regular readers know that DYAN absolutely stole my heart last year with their stunning and immensely repeatable debut album Looking For Knives. Now, after great press from NPRBillboard, Kick Kick Snare, & Indie Shuffle, (plus over a million Spotify plays of the album’s title track) it seems the rest of the world is taking proper notice! Today DYAN returns with their first video from new single “Of Love”, the tender and stripped back sleeper favorite from Looking For Knives. The video is a fantastic pairing to the music as it takes us on a visual adventure high above the frozen earth below. As if watching the world we live in through a lens of either hazy memories or wistful longing. It’s never quite clear with DYAN. That why it’s so perfect.

The video was directed by the amazing visual artist Sinziana Velicescu who shot DYAN’s album and single artwork as well as did photography for Vinyl Moon Volume 012.

Los Angeles, come see DYAN at School Night this Monday! Details below. RSVP for free entrance here.

DYAN - School Night - 170123la_insta

DYAN - Looking For Knives

Eric Bonhomme

Mondo Cozmo – “Higher” // Eric Bonhomme

Mondo Cozmo knows what it means to dance his damn ass off and “Higher” shares that with us. A perfect soundtrack to plotting your own dance attack on unsuspecting fools down at the bar.

Cam Floyd

Esbie Fonte – “Pools” + Video Premiere // Cam Floyd

Move too fast and you might miss it. Like a stunning sunset reflected in a rain puddle, you may miss the beauty in Esbie Fonte’s “Pools” if you aren’t paying attention. If you aren’t keeping your eyes and heart open to the tender voice singing to you from the other side of the water. So slow down this Friday. Breathe deep and soak this in. The weekend will come soon enough. For right now there is “Pools”.

Of the song, Esbie says:

Written in Cornwall, England on a rainy night, “Pools,” confronts the very genuine love of someone residing many miles away in America. The “someone” in the song is a childhood love who lingers painfully into the present.

“Pools” was recorded in Fonte’s home city, San Francisco, California – vocals in Fonte’s apartment closet vocal booth, and piano on a Steinway at Hyde Street Studios. A field recording of children splashing around in water is layered with various analog sounding synths reminiscent of a vintage record. Esbie elaborates:

The video is shot around Los Angeles and Laguna Beach capturing a down-tempo and cinematic atmosphere filled with symbolism of universally relatable feelings – feeling trapped and hopeless, but eventually breaking free, letting go, and as the video showcases, literally emerging from the “Pools” of one’s own confines.

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Elly Liyana Ruslan

Quiet The Pilot – “Stick Around Some” // Elly Liyana Ruslan

Everybody has a story. The trail they took to put them where they stand today. Quiet The Pilot tells a bit of his story in “Stick Around Some”. Put another log on the fire and crack another beverage. I’d like to hear it again.

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Shimada Sanami

Scavenger Hunt – “Slow Dancing” + L.A. Live Show // Shimada Sanami

Scavenger Hunt returns! “Slow Dancing” is the perfect tender jam to start the year off in the direction of love and grooves. The track is part of the Shapes and Outlines EP wich was also released with a full remix EP. Get into that too!

And as if that all wasn’t enough, Scavenger Hunt returns to the stage tomorrow in Los Angeles!

LA, This Thursday (1/12) is our live return and we’re pulling out the stops with horns and all the lights! Special guests The Midnight and Saro. Be there: – The Resident (DTLA)

Scavenger Hunt Live Jan 2017

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Adam Hillman

NVDES – “I Want To Make Out At The Gay Club” // Adam Hillman

This one goes out to the fun friends. The ones you immediately call when you know it is a night out. The ones that no matter what happens in the darkness, the morning’s breakfast will still be colorful.

I absolutely love me some NVDES and the killer Life with Lobsters EP is finally OUT NOW. Get into it. And get into an unreleased NVDES track on VINYL MOON Volume 008.

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STAL – “Tricky Game” // Julie Heffernan

Waking up in a dystopian future where you live in trees and have to save civilization one hand-made birdhouse at a time is going to feel weird no matter what… so best to have the right soundtrack to keep you sane (and battle ready!)

STAL just celebrated their migration from Paris to Los Angeles with the release of a whole EP of instrumental cinematic gems called Cinephilia. Get into it. Then dive into their back catalog.

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Shallou x RKCB – “Slow” // Ana Maria

This is the what dreams are made of. Two TBE heavyweights collaborate on a track and it melts right through my speakers. I could definitely get down with a whole EP of jams like this.

Vinyl lover rejoice because both RKCB and Shallou were featured on Vinyl Moon! Volume 001 and 002 respectively. Drool as necessary.

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Magic Bronson – “What a Week” // Dane Patterson

Couldn’t be a more fitting song to groove out with as we wrap up this crazy year. Just gotta make it through this week before getting into full holiday offline mode. Heck yeah.

Get into more great Magic Bronson jams here.

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Jason Gaffner – “Murder In The First Degree” // Mike Biskup

Turn the town upside down with this jam from LA’s Jason Gaffner. #fridayvibes

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Mating Ritual – “How You Gonna Stop It?” // Jack T. Cole

This party sucks but where else you gotta be tonight

Some nights you aren’t ready for the city and some nights the city isn’t ready for you. The next time you’ve got your jacket, shoes, and spirit all on point and rest of the town is dragging their feet crank up some Mating Ritual and make your own fun. “Hoy You Gonna Stop It?” is the title track from the upcoming 2-part LP from the former frontman to Pacific Air. Listening at the right volume will increase your badassness by at least 3 points. Or at least that what my current swagger is telling me…

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DUX – “Future” ft. Stan Carrizosa // Thomas Hedger

Sometimes you just need to jump in a pool. For the times when a real one isn’t available, dip your mind into this refreshing audio adventure from DUX. Feels better already, doesn’t it?

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Luka Sol – “Stay” // Nimasprout

Cheers to Luka Sol for lifting us off the ground with this supremely sweet groover. Whatever world this jam takes you to, don’t expect to touch the ground sny time soon…

Be sure to check out Luka Sol’s fantastic track “Unknown” on VINYL MOON Volume 011.

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Elephante – “Plans” (feat. Brandyn Burnette) // Alise Kra

Another example of Brandyn Burnette’s damn fine vocals on this jam that is perfect for giving thanks to good music, great friends, and loving family in all its forms. Whatever kind of holiday traffic you encounter this weekend, it will be made all the easier with “Plans” cranking at top volume.

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mAsis – “Covered” + “Knees” // Eric Louie

I can’t remember much but I know the sunset was blazing and the wind felt good on my neck. Trying to think too hard hurts right now but mAsis makes it feel a bit better. They usually do.

Get into more mAsis here and check out their fantastic jam “Good Life” on VINYL MOON Volume 012.

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