Etam Cru

TWINKIDS – “Dreamer” + “ACBTY”

These first 2 tracks from TWINKIDS are a gorgeous intro to a duo I’m very excited about. 1 part J-Pop songwriter and 1 part collegiately trained classical pianist, their disparate worlds collide in this weightless and moody magic. Keep em back to back and on repeat.  Read more

Joanne Nam 2

Party Nails – “No Pressure”

because tonight I only move in slow motion
holding on tight
some people find it easy to let go
but I can’t give you up

For those days you feel all alone in a strawberry field of other couples’ bliss, there is the new juicy jam from Party Nails to comfort you and your open admission of your own predictability. Hey, consistence counts for something. Especially if you can admit it out loud. And even more especially if you can write a killer song about it.  Read more

Karolis Strautniekas

NoMBe – “Kemosabe”

ain’t it shockin love dies
only skulls and bones left
and these laws apply
till the end of me

NoMBe latest groove is a true tale of romance and intrigue. Set-ups and soft hearts. Plenty here to close your eyes and watch the tale unfold on the back of your eyelids as the song repeats through the afternoon.  Read more

Simon Cooper

Bay Ledges – “Mango”

True heartbreak is never as easy as the movies make it seem. Before you can shatter a person’s sense of self and perspective on their life with you, there are life experiences to rack up. But before you can share those sunsets and sideways glances you’ve got to get in the door. And to open that door there are few better ways than a direct and honest song stating your intentions. Mom always said, honesty is the best policy and TBE faves Bay Ledges agrees. Time to open up the china shop of your heart and let the bull in the front door.  Read more

Camille Chew

Nvdes – “Fela”

With Halloween quickly approaching you are gonna want to step up your game immediately. Crank up Nvdes new jam “Fela” and get into a voodoo dance groove mood that will hopefully inspire you are your skeptical pet rabbit to find some gems deep in your closet that you can thrash together into some semblance of a costume.  Read more

Nicolas Dehghani

White Sea – “Never A Woman”

A night out in the big city can make anyone feel far from a woman. You’ve gotta get suited and booted for the constant battle with yahoos and chumps at every turn. Throw this new White Sea jam in your arsenal and arm yourself with some major grooves. Plus, the ripping guitar solo power-up at 2:10!  Read more