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Sarah Elise Abramson

FALQO will SOMEDAY make you realize the value of getting WILD & feeling FREE)

Your Saturday just got a lot brighter. Put on an extra pair of shades and enjoy it.

‘Someday’ opens with Wild & Free’s funky guitar licks and smooth summery vocals, as they’re met with Falqo’s infectious disco beats, showering percussion and some incredibly funky bass-lines courtesy of Touch Sensitive.

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Martine Johanna 1

FREEDOM FRY may sweat but it SMELLS LIKE flowers one TEEN gives another in the SPIRIT of romance

This one goes out to anyone who ever had a crush on a girl who went to the Lycee a few blocks away in 1994! (anyone else…? anyone…?)

The fact that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” can work in French with a disco & reggae influence is a testament to how great Kurt Cobain’s melodies were. We were playing this cover during our set at SXSW and people kept asking about it so we decided to record it. Here it is.

Also catch the great new video for “Shaky Ground”

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Lois van Baarle

DYAN on repeat for DAYS UPON DAYS of dangerous dancing

Tighten up your shoelaces because DYAN’s new single “Days Upon Days” gets my feet moving quick and has me considering the kind of street parkour that should certainly not be attempted with large headphones or a body that can’t even touch its own toes. But after a proper stretch then its let loose all the new inspired dance moves.

The debut LP Looking for Knives is out July 29th. Mark the calendar.

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Mariana Palma

[DEBUT] DYAN make me think that ST. JAMES must be the patron saint of melty guitar riffs

Take advantage of the opening grooves of “St James” to text your next appointment that you will be a bit late. It’s up to you if you want to mention that you will be delayed by extended stares into the potted plants on your window sill as your eyes are slowly caught in the infinite patterns of the wallpaper reaching up to the ceiling and into the back of your mind. Then that guitar solo will either break you from the trance or dig you even deeper. Putting you behind the wheel of your own wobbly buggy bouncing down that dusty road toward a happier tomorrow.

DYAN’s debut album Looking For Knives comes out July 29th. I have had it on repeat for the past few months. It is absolutely stunning in its diversity, depth, and power. Hold on for more DYAN soon…

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Kaspian Shore 2

[PREMIERE] Adam Jensen – “Numb” + Video

Take a deep breath and a comfortable chair because this one is not the dance-party Adam Jensen delivered with “Sandcastles”. New track “Numb” is just has catchy as its predecessor, but with a much mellower tone that slips under the skin. Here we dig a bit into Jensen’s darker side and you only have to skim his bio on Soundcloud to see how dark it has gotten. But he has come through to the other side and has beautiful music to show for it. I’ll gladly take “Numb” on repeat than live through the events that created it. Cheers to brighter days ahead for Jensen and for all of us enjoying his musical hot streak.

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Siena Summers

EXES – “18” + “twentythousand”

EXES says it best herself:

This one goes out to everyone still hung up on 18 yr old summertime flings.

Oh to be young again and drift off into the eyes of another. Seeing none of their flaws and only the good… Catch the hot-off-the-presses “twentythousand” below for more EXES goodness.

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