The Outer Vibe – “Fionna” // Soey Milk

“Fionna” jumps from surf rock to disco grooves to sexy French jazz in less than four minutes, and I’m not bummed about it. Let The Outer Vibe’s newest track seduce you – that tasty horn solo is worth the indiscretion alone.

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The Outer Vibe – “Sweet to the Rind” + “Pink Moon” // Luke Pearson

There is a party going on in my head and you should really join! These two new jams from The Outer Vibe have got me so pumped for hopefully seeing them live again soon. Ever since I missed them at SXSW I’ve been consoling myself with mini dance parties of “Sweet To The Rind” and “Pink Moon”. It’s a fine back to back playlist combo.

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Jake McMullen – “Falling” // Eiko Ojala

Get ready for some feelings, because “Falling” is full of them. Jake McMullen feeding right into my wavelength on this one. More of this tender groovy magic please!

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The Outer Vibe – “Why Don’t You Listen?” // Charlie Hawks

Look, I can’t speak to the inner working of the relationship in the song here but I damn well know that it’s impossible to talk much when you are dancing as hard as one does at a The Outer Vibe show. I caught them live last week and the impressive dance moves spilled from the stage to the crowd. Their jams have been on solid repeat since them. “Why Don’t You Listen?” is on their Surf Disco Compacto EP which I already have on CD in the car I’m borrowing this week. The EP features 3 other tracks not currently online. So I suggest you keep an ear out in Los Angeles for me blasting it full volume. Or just catch The Outer Vibe on tour now and get your own copy…

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MONA – “In The Middle” // Martin Wittfooth

Few things get the blood pumping like walking around with MONA blasting in your headphones. I pity the fool that cuts in front of me on the sidewalk because I will literally air-guitar him into oblivion. I’m so stoked MONA is back. Dive into their new EP here.

Leagues – “New Money” // Thibaut Gleize

Leagues wanted to make you laugh…. so I’ll let these two wieners do it for him.

BIYO – “Seasons” // Yoshida Waka

The supremely funked out grooves in “Seasons” have me traveling to some weird alternate sky worlds in my mind. Join me please.

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KAPTAN gets the NUMBERS on the wall spinning

Let me count the ways to get lost in this new one from Kaptan. Actually, let me shut up and let Kaptan count through them himself. I’ll be over here blissing out to this synth groove goodness.

Kaptan’s “Numbers” is available now via the awesome South by Sea Music.

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[DEBUT] Bassh – “Body”

Bassh are advising that we listen to our bodies but I’d much rather use my body to listen to their music. Perfect for these early rays of shun warming the Winter air outside.  Read more

Moon Taxi – “Make Your Mind Up”

Thursdays are not for for making slow decisions. The weekend is quickly approaching and you gotta sort yourself out! Are you staying in? Going out? Make your mind up! I know what my mind is made up on, the fire horn parts in this Moon Taxi jam! No need to ponder their awesome level. Perfect 10. Press repeat. That’s a wrap.  Read more

Ruelle – “War Of Hearts

i can’t help but be wrong in the dark

because i’m overcome in this war of hearts

Ladies and gentlemen! Man your battle stations! It’s T-minus 8 hours until the battle begins. The enemy lay in wait just over Weekend Ridge and we engage at dusk. This is not a drill, it will get messy, you will be tested. But keep your chin up and back straight. You are a warrior damnit! Ruelle here will be your battle captain.  Read more

[MP3] Jon Santana – “Open”

Open is your mind as you descend into an unknown world. Open is the hatch as you pull yourself from the landing capsule. Open is your mouth as you pant your way to the crest of the nearest ridge. Open are your eyes as you take in the deep wonder of the horizon. Open is the world in front of you as you dance your way back down the mountain.  Read more

Vinyl Thief – “Middle Of The Night”

Vinyl Thief pose two of the most important questions one can ask: “Who’s gonna hold me?” and “Who’s gonna hold you?” They are questions at both trivial and deeply important. Questions that are inextricable tied to the days darker hours. Questions that when answered, are done so by the “middle of the night” and when not answered, are wondered in the middle of the night”. Its a lot of things for a tired brain. If only there were someone to hold while we do it…  Read more

Lost Arctic – “The Fight”

Music for… indulging that pop leaning sweet tooth but with just enough fuzzed grit to keep things funky. Kinda like a lollipop that fell behind the couch. Except without the trip to the sink to wash it off. And I think there might even be a kazoo in there which is awesome.

Location: Nashville, TN

Future: This is only Jason Keary’s debut jam as Lost Arctic but of the musical vibes in Nashville are anything to go by, I’m expecting a lot more.

ELEL – “40 Watt”

Sounds like… church music for disciples of big drums and good times. Sing along and sing loud! You will feel good, no, great!

Location: Nashville, TN

Future: “40 Watt” is the first single from debut album “Geode” out in 2015 via Mom+Pop Music.