O Mer – “Icarus” // Joseph Loughborough

A song for when: there’s a stranger in your heart

For more O Mer, check out his brilliant track “Now I’m Alive” on VINYL MOON Volume 09.

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Salt Cathedral – “Fragments” // Ricky Allman

Another beautiful gem from the world of Salt Cathedral.

why you gotta take the long way
keep on arguing the wrong way
calibrate your love the right way
don’t just sit there
and watch it drain

You can catch their stunning “No Ordinary Man” on VINYL MOON Volume 012 and keep an eye out for big SXSW announcements from both them and me that may actually be the same event…

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Flamingosis – “Long Distance” // Eli Gabriel Halpern

Its the weekend and you’ll do what you want! Even if it is hollow inside. Don’t let anyone tell you how to be a vector. Flamingosis and I have your back (and your soundtrack!)

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Hypoluxo – “Fronts” // Lonac

If The National are a bit to polished for you then get into their slightly scrappier kin Hypluxo whose debut album If Language is a fantastic soundtrack for winter daydreaming.

Catch the video for my favorite track “Fronts” below.



Hayes Peebles – “Home” // Mariana, a miserável

They say that home is where the heart is but maybe home is just wherever you can crank up Hayes Peebles full volume and kick up some dust with a bit of a two-step you have been working on?

Hayes Peebles’ new EP Ghosts will be released on February 10th

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Black Coast – “Feel Something (feat. Remmi)” // Tatiana Suarez

Here is a voice to soothe your aches and pains. Between Black Coast’s stripped back production and Remmi’s raspy croon, my frayed nerves are calming with each passing glitchy beat. One more spin and I’ll feel even better.

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Hannah Gill & The Hours “Change In Blue” // Sustai Ulanbaagen

Feeling anxious this week? Crank up some “Change In Blue” and let Hannah Gill’s killer vocals give you some strength. Exactly what I need on repeat right now.

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Stray Echo – “Pavement” (Sofi Tukker Remix) // Marilyn Minter

“I want your wheels on my pavement” is be the best metaphor I’ve heard all year. Yes, funny to say in January, but even better to say when we are toasting its lasting success as this song blasts next new years eve.

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The Dig – “Bleeding Heart (You Are the One)” + “Simple Love” // Lui Ferreyra

Press play. Feel electric. Repeat. 2017 is going to be a good year. We’ve got the music to prove it!

New LP from The Dig, Bloodshot Tokyo, is out Feb 3, 2017. Stream or Buy here.

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Prinze George – “Lights Burn Out” // Katja Angeli

Beautiful stuff meant for zoning out to on repeat as your spirits slowly soften and the world feels heavier yet more manageable all at the same time.

Get into Prinze George’s gorgeous full LP Illiterate Synth Pop on Spotify.

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John Splithoff – “Sing To You” // Andrew Hem

Listening to John Splithoff right now has me floating away as far as my headphone cables will let my body venture. (pro tip: see him live for a whole nother adventure. Prepare to sweat…)

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Sorcha Richardson – “Lost” + “Ruin Your Night” // James Jean

For all of us who have been smitten with Sorcha Richardson since her debut song “Petrol Station” last year the wait for new music has been a long and patient one. Lucky for use she now has 3 new songs out that reveal more of her gentle voice and minimal production. She has stitched her heart on her sleeve and its beautiful stuff.

Get Sorcha Richardson’s debut song “Petrol Station” on VINYL MOON Volume 005.

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Twin Wave – “Roll With It” + “Matador” // Jakub Rebelka

When the apocalypse comes sooner than you expect and half your team doesn’t make it through the first wave and your weapons are on the fritz sometimes you just have to turn up the Twin Wave in your cyborg earpiece and roll with it.

Brooklyn’s Twin Wave make the kind of gloom-rock grooves that are perfect for these ever-shorter days and colder nights. “Matador” (below) is perfect for dancing your way through some fresh heartbreak.

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Sam Himself – “Out of Love” // Sanja Marusic

I’ve been quietly loving this song for weeks but with Leonard Cohen’s passing last week Sam Himself’s deep baritone strikes an extra deep chord. I have a lot of fond memories of listening to Leonard Cohen growing up. Now listening to “Out Of Love” on repeat I feel hopeful for many future years of listening to Sam Himself.

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tamper – “A New Fire” // Edouard Sepulchre

It’s a tense day so take some time to drift off with the wonderful tamper and their new EP which is out now. “A New Fire” is my killer calming jam at the moment. Get into other TBE fave “Bought and Sold” as well… and Vinyl Moon members should keep an eye on their mailbox this week…

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