Salt Cathedral – “Always There When I Need You” // Mako Miyamoto

Rumor has it that pumping Salt Cathedral anywhere with a water slide will make you that much faster. We can’t confirm whether that counts for everything from slip ‘n slides to water parks, so I guess you’ll just have to try it out everywhere you go. No matter where you play it, “Always There When I Need You” will take you to your own little tropical corner of summer.

For those summer nights, float along to Salt Cathedral’s “No Ordinary Man” from VINYL MOON Volume 012: Still. Life.

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Julietta – “Runaway” // Sam Bosma

The sparse arrangement on “Runaway” gives plenty of space to Julietta’s lovely lyrics, assuring the listener that they’ve nothing to worry about, because she’s willing to lay it all on the line for you. You can’t scare her off easy. Not even with THOSE dance moves. So keep on doing the sprinkler and the shopping cart – Julietta (and The Burning Ear) loves you just the same.

In fact, Julietta’s even willing to show you how to dance on “Beach Break”, featured on VINYL MOON Volume 021: Pink Portals. Is there anything she won’t do?

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Alexander F – “Call Me Pretty” // Kangmin Kim

Alexander F is a music nerd’s wet dream. Led by Alex Toth of Rubblebucket, the project’s self-titled album features members of Perfect Pussy, Here We Go Magic, Celestial Shore, and Skaters, was co-produced by Delicate Steve, and mixed by John Congleton and Claudius Mittendorfer. This track’s features none other than Kimbra, who adds another spectrum in an already technicolor burst of art-rock energy. Embrace the mania in “Call Me Pretty” and its bonkers music video below.

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Wildlife Control – “Gizelle Pt.1” // Jem Creswell

“Giselle Pt.1” comes from the soundtrack of More Than T, a film focused on the lives of seven transgendered and gender nonconforming people. Even without the visual component it was composed for, “Gizelle Pt.1” is grand, sweeping, and full of hope. Just what I would expect from TBE faves Wildlife Control.

More Than T premieres on Showtime this Friday 6/23 at 7pm ET/PT. You can listen to the rest of the soundtrack below:

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Psymon Spine – “Lines and Lines and Lines End” // Casey Weldon

Rarely do you hear a song leap from afrobeat to indie folk to jangly garage rock in its first minute alone, but Psymon Spine have them all on display with “Lines and Lines and Lines End”. What’s more, it all comes back together in the sing-along breakdown before one last technicolor, mosh-worthy chorus. Roll down your windows and crank the volume for this one.

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2Beeps – “Something Special” // Guy Laramée

Songs that can take you back to childhood are hard to pull off well, but 2beeps has me thinking about waterparks and orange slices with “Something Special”. Take a moment to forget about your bills, the car repairs, and that upcoming work deadline, and rediscover that sense of wide-eyed wonder you forgot.

get into the whole Little Lights EP here.

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Charles Fauna – “Abandon” + “Hypnosis (Brothertiger Remix)” // Shok-1

Double trouble from Charles Fauna!

Charles Fauna is the pool, Brothertiger is the raft, and you’re invited to float with them both. Brothertiger takes the syncopated rhythm of the original but douses it with vibe and lush arrangement, resulting in a spacious, sparkling remix. You’d think the isolated themes in the lyrics would conflict with some of the shiny synthlines, but instead the whole thing feels, well, hypnotic.

Get into even more of Charles Fauna (formerly Paideia) with “Restless Child” from VINYL MOON Volume 014: From The Window.

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Ben Phipps – “Don’t Wake Me Up (ft. Mike Ruby)” // Loic Locatelli Kournwsky

Your next big “hands in the air as if you just don’t care” moment comes soundtracked by Ben Phipps and Mike Ruby. This love song (or battle cry?) to New York City stomps forward with purpose and determination, but manages to have a lot of fun while doing it. Highly recommended for listening when you’re on the M Train to your next big break – just be ready for weird looks when you start singing along.

For those wanting a more relaxed commute, Ben Phipps has you covered with “Don’t Look Back (ft. Ashe)” on VINYL MOON Volume 012: Still. Life.

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Sulene – “Haunting” // Maxim Shkret

What starts out as a breathy pop song bares its teeth once it launches into the chorus. Lots of crunch and fat, gritty synth turn what could have been a subdued, demure post-breakup lament into a battlecry.

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Stalking Gia – “Siren” // Jules de Balincourt

A sweet song with malicious intent, Stalking Gia tucks her threatening lyrics between swooping underwater pads and a gentle groove. She sings “Never trust love,” but I’m putting all my trust in the funky bass during the chorus.

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