Owen Gatley

Controller – “Flame”

Forget about parental advisories for foul language of violent subject matter, what people really need are warnings about music lowering inhibitions to do crazy shit like run with the bulls or ride a motorcycle along a beachside cliff or strip down and dive off that cliff. That is the kind of warning that needs to be on Controller’s new death-defying rock ripper “Flame”. I’ve listened to it 4 times in a row now and am worried I may need to hide my car keys from myself…  Read more

Thomas Lamadieu

Elijah Ocean – “New York City Coffee” + Bring It All In”

Drinking hot coffee is a precarious endeavor when sitting still, but something about constant motion of the big city calls you to move and drink at the same time. Its not easy but it must be done. Burn your lips and keep moving, you got things to do! But when you get where you are going take a second to kick your feet up and enjoy the caffeine buzz with the soothing strumming and mouth harp of Elijah Ocean and his timeless grooves.

New York City Coffee

Kevin Garrett – “Control” – “Coloring”

Music for… slowing down and letting the day hit you one moment at a time. “Coloring” beautifully evokes the best parts of James Blake. Smooth and full of soul, Kevin Garrett’s voice is one I gladly sit back and soak in, letting it wash the tensions away.

Location: Pittsburgh / Brooklyn

Future: Just these two songs so far. But I sense big things.

Royal Tongues - The Balance

Royal Tongues – “Rollin’ On” [LIVE Wed. 1/21]

Music for… getting your anthem on with a bit of grit on the bottom end. Royal Tongues follow up their killer debut jam “The Balance” with this bouncy rump shaker of a jam that I cannot wait to see live tomorrow. Thats right LA, they are playing the final Blind Date at Bootleg with some other killer TBE bands.

Location: Buffalo, NYC, LA. But tomorrow, just LA.

Future: More jams I hope, but first tomorrow: Blind Date at Bootleg. Details and flyer below. Come flex with Brown Shoe, Saturn City, and Waterbed as well. INFO HERE.


Listenbee – “Save Me”

Music for… making up your own rain dance to celebrate the downpour we have been receiving here in drought-ridden California.

Location: Doesn’t say anywhere. However, Listenbee is on NYC label Lokal Legend so there is that.

Future: A follow up to this debut jam, and hopefully soon!