Ryan Heshka

Dreamers – “Drugs”

Chicks and trips. Trips and chicks. Plus the occasional burrito. That’s how I imagine the NYC lives of TBE faves Dreamers. Now I’ve got to get myself to another one of their live show to sing along to “Drugs” with a room full of rowdies. That will be fun.  Read more

Aykut Aydogdu

MAINLAND – “A Bit Out Of Time”

This new one from Mainland is about as effortlessly infectious as it it gets. As deceptively loose as it is catchy. Just the right kind of melancholy guitar groove for the impending Winter creeping around the corner. Get into it.  Read more

Ella & Pitr

Grassfight – “Please Don’t Tell”

In keeping the grand tradition of their NYC hometown, Grassfight shamble along that  fine line between chaos and fun. “Please Don’t Tell” is lose in all the right places while still being stuck on repeat (and stuck in my head). I recommend immediately putting this on your “can barely walk but would still like to sing along” playlist.  Read more

Maria Ines Gu

SOFI TUKKER – “Drinkee”

f you haven’t flung your keyboard to the floor and whipped your office mate into a frenzy of arm twirls by the time “Drinkee” hits the 3 minute breather section then you aren’t doing it right. Rewind, start again, and remember to catch your breath at the appropriate time or you might pass out from fun.  Read more


Equal – “Shakedown” (feat. Seja)

The weekend is here and its time to lay claim to what is yours! To get out into the world, with a horn fueled soundtrack in your ears, and dominate downtown with a strut and shake that will be felt across the river. Shakedown” is a silly song to write about because it demands its attention out doors; pouring from balcony windows and rusty ghetto-blasters. So while I break it down over here, you can dive into it’s inception story if you want…  Read more

Owen Gatley

Controller – “Flame”

Forget about parental advisories for foul language of violent subject matter, what people really need are warnings about music lowering inhibitions to do crazy shit like run with the bulls or ride a motorcycle along a beachside cliff or strip down and dive off that cliff. That is the kind of warning that needs to be on Controller’s new death-defying rock ripper “Flame”. I’ve listened to it 4 times in a row now and am worried I may need to hide my car keys from myself…  Read more

Thomas Lamadieu

Elijah Ocean – “New York City Coffee” + Bring It All In”

Drinking hot coffee is a precarious endeavor when sitting still, but something about constant motion of the big city calls you to move and drink at the same time. Its not easy but it must be done. Burn your lips and keep moving, you got things to do! But when you get where you are going take a second to kick your feet up and enjoy the caffeine buzz with the soothing strumming and mouth harp of Elijah Ocean and his timeless grooves.

New York City Coffee