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Shoko Ishida

Raveena – “Johnny It’s The Last Time” // Shoko Ishida

“The last time” is always easier said then done… except if you are talking about Raveena’s new jam which is easier played on repeat than stopped. Johnny, give her some space. We need some time with Raveena for a while.

Catch up with Raveena’s previous jams “Something’s Gotta Give” and “You Give Me That”.

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Lindsey Carr

Sofi Tukker – “Hey Lion”

It’s new Sofi Tukker. WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO SAY? Ok, there is this…

“Hey Lion” is like a sonic snack. It’s not like “Drinkee” or “Matadora,” which were made as vibration journeys. “Hey Lion” is like the opening chant to Soft Animals… we want to welcome people into our version of this animal-world, where strength is soft and nobody is boss.”

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Dreamers at Roxy

[LIVE] TBE Presents DREAMERS & THE ARKELLS @ The Roxy 3/10

New York City AND Canada are about to invade Los Angeles as the excellent Dreamers and their tour-mates Arkells hit the Roxy on March 10th. We’ve been huge Dreamers fans since we fell in love with “Wolves” and got to see it live in NYC a few years ago. I can’t wait to hear the rest of their new EP live! And really looking forward to catching Arkells live as well.


And get prepped!

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DREAMERS Press Photo 2

To Celebrate Dreamers’ New YOU ARE HERE EP They Made a Special Playlist for Us

Dreamers just keep getting better. From their killer debut single “Wolves” through a sweaty NYC live show I’ve been waiting for them to drop a proper release for a while now. So I’m pretty stoked to have their full debut EP, You Are Here, up above for your streaming pleasure. As if the music itself wasn’t enough reward for the wait, the band has made a special playlist for TBE readers. Dreamers’ own Nick Wold dives into some of their influences and favorites during the making of the EP. Now pardon me while I go find my good headphones…

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Ryan Heshka

Dreamers – “Drugs”

Chicks and trips. Trips and chicks. Plus the occasional burrito. That’s how I imagine the NYC lives of TBE faves Dreamers. Now I’ve got to get myself to another one of their live show to sing along to “Drugs” with a room full of rowdies. That will be fun.  Read more

Aykut Aydogdu

MAINLAND – “A Bit Out Of Time”

This new one from Mainland is about as effortlessly infectious as it it gets. As deceptively loose as it is catchy. Just the right kind of melancholy guitar groove for the impending Winter creeping around the corner. Get into it.  Read more

Ella & Pitr

Grassfight – “Please Don’t Tell”

In keeping the grand tradition of their NYC hometown, Grassfight shamble along that  fine line between chaos and fun. “Please Don’t Tell” is lose in all the right places while still being stuck on repeat (and stuck in my head). I recommend immediately putting this on your “can barely walk but would still like to sing along” playlist.  Read more

Maria Ines Gu

SOFI TUKKER – “Drinkee”

f you haven’t flung your keyboard to the floor and whipped your office mate into a frenzy of arm twirls by the time “Drinkee” hits the 3 minute breather section then you aren’t doing it right. Rewind, start again, and remember to catch your breath at the appropriate time or you might pass out from fun.  Read more